#1 Hottest Mobile Home Layout On The Planet! Others Take Note!

Sep 8, 2022

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Adventure Homes Nailed This Mobile Home Layout

When it comes to the most incredible mobile home layout, Adventure Homes knocked it out of the park with this stunning floor plan. It hits almost every key point I continuously here about with exception of the en-suite. Beyond that… this is PERFECTION! This model that we are walking through today is model number “6702PHD”. It is a glorious example of the fine single wide mobile homes that are being built by Adventure Homes.

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We recently visited Preferred Homes in Grand Rapids, Michigan that had one of these beautiful models available for us to tour. If you are interested in this home, it is available in several other states as well. Adventure Homes are sold in CO, IL, IN, KY, MI and TN.


Adventure Homes Mobile Home Layout

mobile home design floor plan

The “Eagle by Adventure Homes Features:

  • 1760 square feet of space
  • Four bedrooms
    • Master bedroom: 15ft 8in X 12ft 8in
    • Second bedroom: 12ft 0in X 12ft 8in
    • Third bedroom: 10ft 8in X 12ft 8in
    • Fourth bedroom: 10ft 8in X 12ft 8in
  • 2 bathrooms
  • Family Room w/fireplace
  • Large Kitchen w/ pantry
  • Approximate Price: $145,000


Mobile Home Exterior Design

The outside of this amazing double wide does not give any hint as to what awaits us as we step inside of this beautiful mobile home layout. The exterior of the home is done up in a beautiful grey vinyl siding with really nice white framed windows and white shutters.

mobile home design exterior

On the front of the home there are several faux beams that in case the windows coming out of the front living room. There is also some nice, white board and batten siding sitting just below it.

As you work your way around to the side of the home, there is a doorway leading out from the utility room. This could lead into what we could only hope to be either a garage or carport.

Then as you move around to the back of the home, there is a sliding glass door that leads out of the dining room. There are also several windows peering out of almost every room in the house…almost.


Mobile Home Interior Design

Stepping inside this magnificent mobile home layout, you were greeted with the first formal living room. This room sits just from the front entryway, with several windows looking out into the front of the home.

mobile home design living room

It is a nice generous size with plenty of space for several seating arrangements. A perfect way to greet your guests upon them arriving to your residence. 


The Master Bedroom

To the right of this main living room, you will find a small hallway with a coat closet, that eventually opens into the master suite. The master bedroom sits up towards the front of the home as well, with two beautiful windows. It measures in at approximately 15ft 8in X 12ft 8in. There is enough room in here for several pieces of furniture including a large king-sized bed.

mobile home design master bd

Now the one cool thing that I do like about this master bedroom, as opposed to other master bedrooms that we have seen, is that it has two closets. On one side of the room you will find a large step in closet. 

Adventure Homes Just Built The Coolest Looking Single Wide Ever!

Then on the opposite wall, closest the en-suite, you will find a small door, which I would only imagine could hold some more formal type garments.


The En-Suite

Next to that, you do find the en-suite. The en-suite features a single vanity with a large built-in sitting right next to it.

mobile home design master bedroom

It also has a shower and tub combo with two benches and in the back corner you will find a toilet. 


The Kitchen

Back past the formal living room, behind a small wall and to the right, is the kitchen. Now the one thing I know that everybody is going to love about this kitchen, is that it is hidden from the line of sight upon entering the home.

However, when you do walk around the corner you are greeted with several countertops ands a heap of cabinetry.

mobile home design kitchen

Along the back wall, there is a peninsula that wraps around in an L shape for even more counter-space. Here you will find a beautiful stainless sink sitting just below the back window, the dishwasher, along with the stove and range hood. 

Sitting in the middle of the kitchen, there is a smaller island yet a functional island. There is no sitting around this island, which can only mean that it is meant for business. If you need extra prep space, that is what this island is for.

There are some cabinets on the front side, so you do have the option of additional storage.

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On the opposite wall, there is another small counter space and the refrigerator, as well as, plenty of cabinets surrounding both. Then, to the left of this, there is a doorway that leads into the pantry. 


The Utility Room

Just beyond the kitchen there is a doorway that also leads into the utility room. Here you will find the furnace, the water heater, and washer and dryer hookups.

mobile home design utility room

There are also some cabinets that sit up above the washer and dryer. Back towards the side door there is also a beautiful built-in with plenty of hanging hooks and cubbies both on the top and on the bottom. 


The Dining Room

To the left of the kitchen, you will find the dining room space. It is a large area with plenty of room for a great big dining room table. It also features a beautiful light fixture hanging down over the top of it. There is also that sliding glass door which we discussed on the outside of the home.

mobile home design dining room

Just behind this, there is a little bit of room if you wanted to add a hutch or buffet style table. That way you can show off a few of your nicer dinning wear. 


The Family Room

Moving through the dining room, you will enter the family room. Now I am sure this is going to be most everyone’s favorite spot! It is a great big space with two large windows looking out the back of the home, but it also features a beautiful fireplace.

mobile home design family room

The fireplace is accented by a stone surround, a flush stone hearth, and this nice, thick wood mantle. It also has a beautiful accent wall that goes all the way up to the ceiling. 


The Secondary Bedrooms and Bath

Past the family room, there are three bedrooms and another bathroom, which are all the way at the far end of the house.

The first of the three bedrooms sits at the back of the house and it is the larger of the three, measuring in at approximately 12ft 0in X 12ft 8in. It does have a window looking out towards the back of the home and a cute little corner closet sitting off to the side.

mobile home design bedroom 2

The other two secondary bedrooms sit up towards the front of the home. The first one on the right-hand side measures in at approximately 10ft 8in X 12ft 8in, with a nice step in closet.

The one on the left-hand side measures in at 10ft 8in X 12ft 8in and has a large step in closet.

Then finally, dividing the two, you will find the second full bathroom. This bathroom features a single vanity, a toilet. Then back behind the door, you will find a shower and tub combo. 


Final Thoughts On This Mobile Home Design

This is definitely the best mobile home design on the planet! I love how this mobile home is open but breaks up the line of sight from one room to the next. The only thing I feel it missed on was the en-suite. What do you think? Let us know down in the comments!

As always, we hope you have a fantastic day and look forward to seeing your beautiful face in the next one!