10 Simple Indoor Decor Ideas for a Patriotic 4th of July

Apr 8, 2023

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 Indoor Decor Ideas for a Patriotic 4th of July


It’s time to fire up the grill, fill the cooler with drinks and ice, and bring out the 4th of July decor! Nothing beats watching the fireworks on a warm July evening. You are prepping for friends and family to come over. But, with your busy lifestyle, you may not have time for elaborate decorations.

If you want some simple indoor decor for the 4th of July, look no further! We have 10 patriotic decor ideas for a festive holiday celebration.


#1 Add American flag throw pillows


4th of july home decor throw pillows


One of the simplest ways to add some patriotic flair to your indoor decor is to add American Flag throw pillows.

There are so many different styles to choose from. You can usually find them in local shops as well as online.

You can go farmhouse-chic with these American Flag inspired pillow covers. These have the classic red truck and some patriotic sayings with a vintage look. You can pop these over your existing throw pillows for a quick and easy red, white, and blue accent.

For a more traditional stars and stripes pillow, try out this American Flag pillow cover.


#2 Hang festive wall art


4th of july home decor wall art


Another easy way to add 4th of July decor to your home is with festive wall art. You could add simple red, white, and blue accents with these metal old glory stars. They would look great in a formal dining room or above a sofa.

If you like metal wall hangings, these metal love, peace, and faith signs are fantastic. They would be perfect for decorating an entryway or bathroom with a little 4th of July style.


#3 Create a mantlepiece vignette


4th of July mantlepiece decor


A mantlepiece is a perfect place to add 4th of July home decor. You can go as over the top or as simple as your want.

Try styling the mantle with vintage items like old vases, lanterns, or candlesticks. These will be your red, white, and blue accents. Then, hang some red, white, and blue LED lights to add a little sparkle.

You could also go for a traditional pleated fan bunting. Another option is to accent the mantle with a triangle bunting in red, white, and blue.

If you have a large space above the mantle, you could even add a large 4th of July wreath to complete the look.


#4 Spread a patriotic tablecloth


4th of july home decor table cloth


There are several ways to style a dining table for the 4th of July. You can start by adding a patriotic tablecloth. This patriotic buffalo plaid style tablecloth isn’t too over the top. But, it still adds that hint of the holiday with the red, white, and blue coloration and the stars along the pattern.

If you don’t want to invest in a full tablecloth, opt instead for a table runner. There are so many styles and patterns to choose from. Try to go with something with a more basic design, like this one. Then, you can really go wild with the centerpiece.


#5 Make your centerpiece sparkle


4th of July table centerpieces


The 4th of July celebration is synonymous with fireworks. You can create a centerpiece inspired by these beautiful lights in the sky.

Take an old vase or jar, and add red, white, and blue accents. These could be floral picks, glittery stars, or even sparkly, grass-like picks. Tie a patriotic ribbon around it and voila! The perfect 4th of July centerpiece.

Another option is to get three of these white lanterns. Paint one red and another blue. Then, leave the last one white. These have a rustic look that isn’t too overdone but still screams patriotic indoor decor.


#6 Light patriotic candles


If you don’t want the traditional floral look, you could go for Patriotic candles. These 4th of July wooden tealight candle holders are beautiful and simple. They would look classic in the center of an entryway table.

They might also look good on a coffee table in your living room. You could even use them as a centerpiece for your dining table.

You could also opt for a cheaper alternative. Get three jars, and paint them red, white, and blue. You could even add little stick-on star stickers while you paint them. Then, when you remove the stickers, there will be little glimpses of the clear glass beneath.

Grad some tea lights, and put them in. Now, you’re ready to place these red, white, and blue accents anywhere in your home.


#7 Include 4th of July knickknacks


Patriotic home decor


There are all kinds of 4th of July decor pieces you can tuck into corners of your home for a touch of patriotism. For a farmhouse style, try this faux wooden book decor. It would look great on a coffee table or shelf.

If you are in on the gnome craze, there are gnome statuettes in red, white, and blue. These are cute tchotchke for an entryway table or even an open kitchen shelf.

This is really a chance for you to let your personality shine and add things that you like to your decor. You can go as simple or wild as you’d like with the style.


#8 Style a patriotic tiered tray


Patriotic tiered tray


Tiered trays are a great way to add holiday style to your indoor decor while not going overboard. You can create a tiered tray for any season–including Independence Day.

First, you’ll need a beautiful tiered tray. This one is white and looks good with most aesthetics. Then, add trinkets and signs to create a styled look. Consider candles, wooden beads, greenery, jars, and really anything that looks good.

Then, you can put the tiered tray on a table or shelf to display.


#9 Use mini American flags


American flag plant decor


You can get mini American flags in bulk and use them to add a bit of festivity to your indoor decor.

Put the whole pack in a vase already sitting on a table for a lovely, easy 4th of July centerpiece.

Push the sticks down into some of your indoor planters to make them more patriotic. You can really add them around anywhere in your home where you want a red, white, and blue accent.

They are an affordable and easy way to decorate your home in style.


#10 Shower your home with red, white, and blue


Patriotic shower curtain


You can also create an inviting 4th of July indoor decor in your guest bathroom. If your bathroom has a shower, this red and blue stairs shower curtain is festive and fun.

You can incorporate red, white, and blue bathmats or even festive soap dispensers to add a festive touch to a guest bath.

This is another easy way to bring Independence Day style into your indoor decor.




Ready to get your home decorated for the 4th of July? These 10 simple indoor decor ideas will help you out. These patriotic inspirations take little time to prepare and look great in your home. From the dining table to the bathroom, there are decor items for every room in your home.

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