11 Best Kitchen Cabinet Colors for Your Home – 2023 Edition

Mar 1, 2023

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The Best Kitchen Cabinet Colors for Your Home


If you are looking at your cabinets and realizing they need a refresh, you are not the only one. Kitchen cabinets take a lot of daily wear and tear.

You may look at chipped paint and think about repainting your cabinets. You may even be considering a new color. But, how will you ever choose?

You can paint your kitchen cabinets any color, but certain colors tend to be more popular than others.

The following eight colors are the most popular kitchen cabinet colors people choose. Let’s dive into which kitchen cabinet colors suit different aesthetics to inspire you.


#1 White


White kitchen cabinets


White kitchen cabinets are the gold standard. Painting your cabinets white creates a clean, simple look. It is timeless.

This kitchen cabinet color works well with any look. Whether you have a neutral palette or a more eclectic color scheme, white is a great choice.

If you are looking to sell soon, white kitchen cabinets make the space feel contemporary.

You can pair your white cabinets with some fun hardware to liven them up. Look at these blue and white ones for inspiration.


#2 Green


Green kitchen cabinets


Currently, green kitchen cabinets are trending. Mint green or sage are great kitchen cabinet colors to choose from.

These colors bring a hint of nature into the kitchen. They are soft and bright. Try adding a white or patterned backsplash, such as this one for contrast.

Green kitchen cabinets also pair well with wood finishes. Consider replacing your countertops with butcher block to achieve the full effect.


#3 Blue


Nautical blue kitchen


Another popular kitchen cabinet color is blue. Usually, cool colors like this go well with nautical themes. They also give your kitchen a cozy, cottage look.

Lighter blues are perfect for comfortable, homey kitchens. Darker blues are bolder and more modern. Either color you choose, blue goes well with metal accents.

The warmth of color hardware is beautiful against the cool cabinets. Add task lighting and a decorative chandelier over the bar to complete the look.


#4 Black


Black kitchen cabinet colors


Black may not be the first color that comes to mind when you think of kitchen cabinet colors. Still, black can be a bold statement in a kitchen.

Since black cabinets are so dark, you are going to want plenty of warm light. Color contrast will also be necessary. Black can be very modern and sleek looking.

Pair your black cabinetry with a pastel paint color. Textured tile backsplashes are another great idea. This will add more layers for the eyes to follow.

You may want to go for lighter flooring and countertops to contrast with the black.


#5 Yellow


Yellow and bright kitchen


Brighten up your kitchen with yellow. Yellow is a warm, sunny color. It instantly makes a room more vibrant. If you are looking to lighten up a space, consider a lighter yellow.

For a bold look, try a mustard yellow. If you want a more retro cabinet color, darker yellow is the way to go.

No matter which yellow you choose. This is a color that will bring some vigor into the room.

You can pair lighter yellows with soft pastels and whites for a French country chic. Try adding some touches of nature with some moss balls in a dish on a table or bar.

If you go for a bolder, mustard yellow, contrast that brightness with blacks and shiny metals.

For a darker yellow, consider pairing that warm color with some reds. Check out this red pendant light for inspiration.


#6 Red


Red kitchen cabinet color


Red kitchen cabinets are a classic. Paired with black and white tile checkered tile, you’ll have a retro diner aesthetic.

This is super cute with some retro bar stools like these.

If you have windows in your kitchen, you can add playfulness with some checkered curtains.

But, you’ll want to add some modern touches to the room, as well, to keep it fresh and contemporary. Consider white subway tile backsplashes and marble countertops.


#7 Gray


Gray is a dependable color. This neutral kitchen cabinet color is great for most aesthetics. It doesn’t overwhelm you, but it creates a cozy space that looks modern.

Neutral grey cabinets pair well with bright white contrasts and dark flooring.

If you are afraid a lighter gray will show the everyday wear and tear more, try a darker slate gray. This will be a bolder look but it has the same power as the lighter gray.

Slate gray looks great with touches of silver like these brushed nickel pulls.


#8 Eggshell


Eggshell is an off-white color without the starkness of bright white. This kitchen cabinet color is traditional and comfortable.

You can pair eggshell with pastels or neutrals for a farmhouse look.

These cabinets look great with dark countertops and wood flooring. Eggshell is also better at hiding some of the normal scuffs and bumps cabinets get with daily use.


#9 Taupe


Neutral taupe kitchen cabinet colors


Taupe is an interesting color. It pairs nicely with natural materials like wood and brick. If you are considering a cozy, comfortable kitchen cabinet color. Taupe may be right for you.

You can add touches of elegance with bright white accents. You can also add modern chic with stainless steel hardware.

Bring the whole look together with light countertops and dark, wood flooring. Taupe can also pair well with a dark contrast. Black accents stand out against the taupe background.

Check out these wicker bar stools for inspiration to pair with your taupe cabinets.


#10 Natural Wood


Kitchen with natural wood cabinets


Don’t underestimate the beauty of natural wood as a kitchen cabinet color. You may think of wood cabinets and have flashbacks to those shiny, honey oak cabinets of the past. But, there are some nice ways to dress up natural wood.

You can choose some stains that don’t look as glossy. Darker wood finishes are warmer and more modern. These contrast well with medium blues and warmer tones.

Lighter stains will bring in more brightness. These are more cheerful and pair with pastels and white.

Add light countertops and some modern appliances, and natural wood can look modern.


#11 Two-toned cabinets


Two-toned kitchen cabinet colors


A more modern approach to kitchen cabinet color breaks separates the top cabinets from the bottoms. But, the possibilities are endless.

If you have a natural break in your cabinet space, you can paint one side one color and the other side another color.

You can do a light color on top and a dark color on the bottom. Or, you could do two lighter colors. You can even paint half of each individual cabinet two different colors.

Two-toned kitchen cabinet colors give you the opportunity to customize your kitchen space to your unique tastes.

This contemporary look is fun and puts a twist on the classic idea of how you approach kitchen cabinet colors.

Here are some winning two-tone combinations:

  • White and black
  • Sage and cream
  • Blue and gray
  • Greige and eggshell




When you are ready to change your kitchen cabinet color, consider the above suggestions. Many of these modern, bold, and cozy color choices go well with many different aesthetics.

Kitchen cabinets don’t have to be dull. You can use the color of your cabinets to make a statement. They naturally draw the eye, so use them as a focal point in your decor. Then, curate the details around them to make the perfect kitchen for your home.

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