11 Easy DIY Patio Furniture Ideas for a Cozy Outdoor Retreat

Mar 9, 2023

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 Create a Cozy Outdoor Retreat with 11 Easy DIY Patio Furniture Ideas


Is it time to add some new patio furniture to your outdoor retreat? If you are on a budget or enjoy DIY projects, we have some DIY patio furniture ideas to spark your creativity.

To create outdoor furniture, you don’t need a lot of carpentry skills and materials. You can create cozy DIY patio furniture with upcycled and easy-to-find materials.

So, grab your hammer, nails, and drill, and check out these 11 easy DIY patio furniture projects!


The easiest DIY patio furniture projects


Most of the following DIY projects use old wooden pallets. Some use wooden crates and old end tables.

Before diving in, let’s talk about where you can find these materials.

Wooden pallets work well for DIY projects because they have a lot of nailed wood already in place. This makes assembling DIY patio furniture easier.

You can buy wooden pallets from wholesalers or online from sellers. But, if you are persistent, you may be able to find them for free.

Ask around at local businesses to see if they have any old pallets they are going to throw away. You can also use social media to search and find people who may be giving pallets away.

Wooden crates are usually sold at home improvement, department, and craft stores.

For old furniture like end tables, try thrift stores and yard sales.


#1 Cinder Block Seating


DIY patio furniture cinder block seating


This easy DIY patio furniture project takes cinder blocks and 4×4 lumber. To create the seating, arrange the cinder blocks in the way that you want.

You can create seating with backs or a bench. Stackup more cinderblocks for arms, or go without.

Once you have the right configuration, measure and cut your 4x4s. Then, you can paint the lumber with a fun color or stain it to look more natural. You can also paint the cinder blocks.

After painting, make sure to treat the wood with a sealant to prolong the life of the wood.

Next, add some outdoor cushions like this one in fun colors and patterns, and enjoy your new DIY patio furniture!


#2 Crate Modular Seating


DIY crate modular seating


Modular seating is a great way to have functional furniture. You can move your pieces around to create whatever look you need or to accommodate your guests.

If you want to create your own DIY patio furniture that is modular, try using wooden crates. These are already put together into a rectangular shape. So, there is little cutting or measuring involved.

Stain or paint your crates to match your aesthetic. Then, add a cushion on top. You can put several together for a sofa or separate them for individual seating.


#3 Crate Coffee Table


DIY patio furniture crate coffee table


You can also use wooden crates to create an outdoor coffee table. This DIY patio furniture project will take a little more skill than the previous one, but it’s still easy.

Take 4 wooden crates. Arrange them together with the open side out, if you want storage. Or, put the open side in if you want a more closed look.

Screw or nail the crates together. Stain or paint the table. Then, enjoy! You can even add wheels to this DIY patio furniture at the corners to make the pieces easier to move.


#4 Pallet Seating


Patio furniture pallet seating


Another easy DIY patio furniture project is to create wooden pallet seating. With this project, you’ll need several wooden pallets.

Cut the pallets that will make the seat in half if you want more traditional seating. For larger seats, keep them full size.

You’ll need a good circular saw if you choose to cut the pallets.

Then, place two pallets (or half pallets) on top of each other to create the seat. Secure them together with wood screws. Then, put a whole pallet on the back. Screw it secure.

Continue this process until you create the piece of your desired size. Paint or stain the wood, add cushions, and you’ll have the perfect DIY patio furniture.


#5 Simple Canvas Hammock


Backyard canvas hammock


Relaxing in a hammock can be a great way to spend a leisurely afternoon outside. Hammocks are a simple DIY project you can complete in the afternoon.

You’ll need several yards of outdoor-safe canvas fabric. You can use drop clothes like these.

You’ll also need large eyelets and grommets with the applicator tool and nylon rope.

Make sure your rope will fit through your eyelets. You’ll need several yards.

Take the drop cloth, and cut it into a rectangular shape that fits the desired length and width you need. Hem the ends, if they aren’t already. Then, apply the eyelets on both of the short ends.

String and knot the nylon thread securely through each eyelet. Gather all the ropes together and tie them together with a bigger knot. then leave plenty of rope to hang your hammock.

This easy DIY patio furniture project will give you a relaxing place in your outdoor space.


#6 Pallet Swing


DIY pallet swing


A porch swing can be a great way to enjoy the outdoors. To create this DIY patio furniture, take a pallet and cut it in half using a circular saw.

Then, screw the two pieces together to form an l-shape. Next, you want to add hooks and a chain to your swing. This porch swing kit will make it easy for you to hang your swing from either the ceiling of your porch or a wooden base.

Don’t forget paint or stain!

This is a simple DIY patio furniture project you can complete in a day.


#7 Upcycled Beer Cooler Table


Upcycled beer cooler table


If you enjoy turning trash into treasure, you’ll love this DIY patio furniture idea. Go to your local thrift shop or yard sale. Get an old coffee table with a glass top.

This will be the base for your beer cooler table. You could even measure a small beer cooler you already have to make the project easier. Then, remove the glass. Paint and decorate the table as you like.

Then, place the beer cooler into the hole where the glass used to be. If it slides through, glue it with a strong adhesive or drive a screw threw the cooler and the wood.

This is a fun and easy DIY patio furniture project that will help you keep those drinks close at hand on hot days.


#8 Upcycled Checkers Game Board


Upcycled checkers game board


If you are lucky, you may have found two nice end tables at your local thrift shop or yard sale. If they are cheaper as a pair, buy them both! We have a second DIY patio furniture project using end tables.

For this one, if you got a glass top table, you may want to replace the glass with a piece of plywood measured to size. You will paint this in a checkerboard pattern with acrylic paints.

Or, you could use the glass and some stained glass paint to create a checkerboard pattern on the glass.

Measure the top and divide it into 64 even squares. Alternate painting the squares white and black. Then, get 24 round wood pieces. Paint 12 of them red and the other black.

Now, you have your very own checkerboard for the kids or social gatherings. This DIY patio furniture project is fun and easy.


*Note: You don’t have to stick to the classic red, white, and black color scheme. Mix it up to match your style!


#9 Pallet Coffee Table


DIY pallet coffee table


For an easy outdoor coffee table, try this DIY patio furniture project. Take two pallets. Screw them together. Paint, stain, and decorate them as you like.

Then, set the coffee table on your patio. Or, you could add wheels to the bottom four corners to make it easier to move around. Either way, this is a super simple DIY patio furniture idea.


#10 Pallet Potting Bench


DIY pallet potting bench


You can use a couple of pallets to create your own potting bench. This is a great DIY patio furniture project for your outdoor gardening supplies.

Use one pallet as the base. Then, build a small tabletop out of 2×4 to the width of the pallet. Attach two legs to the front for stability using the same 2x4s. Secure everything with screws or nails.

Then, attach the second pallet to the top of the table as the back. Paint or stain, as desired. You can add hooks to hang your tools.

This will give you a contained space for all your potting needs. A pallet potting bench is an easy and functional DIY patio furniture project.


#11 Easy Patio Chairs


Rustic patio chairs


For some fashionable DIY patio furniture, try making these patio chairs. To create these, you will need 4×4 lumber.

You will create 3 same-sized rectangles. Measure and cut your boards to your desired size. Screw the boards together. Next, paint or stain them as desired.

Assemble this DIY patio furniture piece. Place one of the rectangles between the others. Leave several inches towards the bottom for legroom and the top for armrests. Then, screw or nail the rectangles together.

If you want a backrest, you’ll need to add another piece of lumber cut to size at the top. This will screw into the back of the two side rectangles.

Just add cushions to complete the look!




These 11 easy DIY patio furniture ideas will have you enjoying your time outdoors with ease and comfort. You’ll be ready to show off your cozy outdoor retreat to all your friends.

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