13 Best Small House Plans to Build in 2023

Nov 19, 2022

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Small House Plans Are The New Dream

Owning your own home is still a part of the American dream…but that dream has gotten a little smaller lately. Small homes have become increasingly popular in the US, for a wide variety of reasons.

The big one is cost: everything is more expensive now, so saving money on your home and the work that goes into it is a smart move. The other thing to consider is that many families are smaller and starting later, so it’s smaller households. Lastly, the idea of being happier without the need for a ton of stuff.

The American mindset of needing to have the most and the best is changing to focus on personal development and experiences. With smaller houses comes more freedom and flexibility. 

There is a wide array of small house plans that you can purchase and use for your own little dream home! Each of these small home floor plans would give you foundation, floor, electrical, and more! You can choose from a single build, or a set, as well as add on additional features. When you buy one of these designs, you gain the right to make any little changes you’d like to make it the perfect home for you.

Let’s take a look at 13 of our favorite small house plans that you can purchase to build.


13 Best Small House Plans

680 Square Foot Modern Home with Porch

1 bd – 1 ba – 680 SqFt

This design is for a 1 bed 1 bath single-story home that features a porch that runs along the front of the house. With multi-slide stacking glass doors giving you plenty of access outside, you can enjoy the view from almost anywhere in your home. While it’s only 680 sqft of heated space it will feel like a cozy space perfect for spending quality time with whoever you’re with!


modern farmhouse small house plans

Modern Farmhouse Cabin with Upstairs Loft

1-2 bd – 1 ba – 989 sqft

This cute home is a 1-2 bed 1 bath design with a loft that you can either use as the second bedroom or turn into a little relaxing nook. The farmhouse style is very popular and on-trend, and there’s a 3-side wraparound porch for a gorgeous view of your property. Even better, the nicely sized fireplace in the great room makes this 989 sqft cabin the perfect design. Especially for those who are all about comfort.


smart sized one bedroom small house plans

Smart-sized One-bedroom Home

1 bd – 1 ba – 500 sqft

If you are looking for a cute home that you can fit and build anywhere, this 1 bed 1 bath plan may be perfect for you! At only 500 sqft, you can make this pocket-sized home a reality in any space. With its vaulted ceilings and spacious layout, you will feel like you have all the space in the world. Make the inside of this little design all your own and enjoy the freedom of your wallet from the costs of a larger home.


Tiny Two Bed Cottage small house plans

Tiny Two Bed Cottage with Cozy Front Porch

2 bd – 2 ba – 750 sqft

Perfect for a starter home or for those looking to downsize, this 2 bed 2 bath design plan features 2 stories, a semi-open floorplan for the bottom floor, an attic space next to the upstairs bedroom, and a cute little front porch to enjoy. With 750 sqft of space to make your own, you can create the perfect place for your little family.


Cozy Vacation Retreat small house plans

Cozy Vacation Retreat

1 bd – 1 ba – 576 sqft

If you’ve always dreamed of building your own little getaway cabin in the woods, then this is the build plan that you should check out. This 1 bed 1 bath cottage style cabin features a cozy covered porch, cathedral ceilings for that extra spacious feel, and plenty of kitchen space. There’s also a fireplace for those cool nights when it’s time to cuddle up and wind down. At 576 sqft, you can find the perfect patch of woods to place this cabin that will be perfect for your personal vacation spot.


2 Bed Tiny Cottage House small house plans (1)

2 Bed Tiny Cottage House Plan

2 bd – 1 ba – 782 sqft

If you are looking for 782 sqft of storybook cottage perfection, you’ve found it with this design plan. Featuring 2 beds and 1 bath, this little home has such a perfect style for anyone who loves the classics. The outside uses stucco and stone for that cottage look and has a sweet little porch. Inside you’ll find a corner fireplace, a vaulted master bedroom, and a kitchenette perfect for anything.  Live out your fairytale dreams in this dreamy home.


compact tiny cottage small house plans


Compact Tiny Cottage

1 bd – 1 ba – 395 sqft

For those free spirits that want to live the truly tiny home life, this 395 sqft build plan may be the one for you. With its vaulted ceilings, you’ll still feel like you have plenty of space. There is no wasted floor space in this design, either so everything has its place and purpose. Along one wall are your kitchen and laundry, and the bedroom has a walk-in closet to give you extra room. The double French doors out to the backyard will add that little touch of class, so embrace the tiny home lifestyle with this design and spend your money where it really matters.

Exclusive Mountain Micro House small house plans


Exclusive Mountain Micro House Plan

2 bd – 1 ba -640 sqft

Packing a big mountain-side vacation home feel into only 640 sqft, this 2 bed 1 bath cabin style home with vaulted ceilings is perfect for a small family. With a master bedroom and a tucked-away second bedroom with bunk beds, you’ll have plenty of personal space. The living area is wide open with a spacious kitchen, a media wall, and a large, covered deck outside, perfect for gatherings of any kind.

One Bed European Cottage small house plans

One Bed European Cottage

1 bd – 1 ba – 899 sqft

This 1 bed, 1 bath cottage style design will give you the perfect place to rest your head if you love a European-inspired design. With 899 sqft to personalize, vaulted ceilings, and an openconcept living area, you will have plenty of space to enjoy yourself. A covered patio right outside the kitchen area will give you extra room to entertain, too. Luxuriate in your spacious master bedroom or in front of the living room fireplace and relax, knowing you’ve got your perfect small home.

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Tiny Home Plan with Corner Porch small house plans

Tiny Home Plan with Corner Porch

1 bd – 1 ba – 456 sqft

Looking for a porch with a home attached? We have the design for you. The corner porch of this 1 bed 1 bath home takes up roughly ¼ of the 456 sqft of this floorspace. So make sure to make it your own and enjoy it! A functional kitchen area takes up the back wall of the living space. While the spacious bedroom is where you will find the washer/dryer units tucked away.


Beach Lover's Dream Tiny House Plan


Beach Lover’s Dream Tiny House Plan

1 bd – 1 ba – 533 sqft

Living in a beach town (or wishing you were) and want to celebrate that with your small home design? Look no further. This 1 bed 1 bath beach cabin is 533 sqft with 2 stories. The first story is the living space, with a wraparound porch, an efficient yet functional kitchen space, and plenty of windows. The second story is the bedroom loft space, big enough for a queen-sized bed and with lots of closet space!


Two Bedroom Contemporary Retreat with Wall of Glass small house plans


Two Bedroom Contemporary Retreat with Wall of Glass

2 bd – 1 ba – 776 sqft

If you love the idea of wide open views in your home, check out this 2 bed 1 bath design plan. Sitting at 776 sqft, this build includes plenty of windows and sliding glass doors for an airy feeling. The vaulted ceilings are extra-high over the living space, and a wood stove will keep the whole house cozy and warm. The master bedroom will also have sliding glass doors leading outside, perfect for sneaking out to look at the stars.

Dramatic One-Story House Plan small house plans

Dramatic One-Story House Plan

2 bd – 1 ba – 936 sqft

For a dramatic and modern 2 bed 1 bath home, this 936 sqft build plan is perfect. With stone and metal accents on the outside, this small home will pack a big punch of curb appeal. Almost every room has access to the outside with sliding glass doors, and the wraparound porch design highlights that fact. The large fireplace in the living area makes for a gorgeous focal point. However, you and your loved ones can spend plenty of time hanging out at the central island in the kitchen. The laundry is even tucked away perfectly in the bathroom with the linen closet.

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Final Thoughts On These Small House Plans

Now, if none of these particularly strike your fancy that is ok! We have so many more excellent options on our site that you can look through; these just happen to be some of our top choices.
As we mentioned before, smaller homes are becoming more and more popular here in America as people start to rethink their lifestyles, environmental impact, and more.
With our plans, you can get all of the starting information you need to get the ball rolling on your new home. We hope you find something that you absolutely love on our site. Pick your build plan out and get started on your small home dreams today!