15 Chic And Modern Kitchen Ideas To Elevate Your Cooking Space

Feb 8, 2023

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Elevate Your Cooking Space with These Chic And Modern Kitchen Ideas

Your kitchen is the heart of your home. If you’re looking to refresh and update your kitchen to reflect the newest designs, then researching the latest chic and modern kitchen ideas is an excellent place to start.

While plenty of modern kitchen ideas are available out there showcasing creative uses of colors, modern appliances, and functional design, narrowing down exactly what direction you want to take that will bring your kitchen into the present day can be tricky.

To help you out, we’ve put together 15 chic and modern kitchen ideas to elevate your cooking space. Using these modern ideas will help bring contemporary vibes to your kitchen space while adding efficiency and personality to your home.


15 Chic and Modern Kitchen Ideas

Continue reading to explore chic and modern kitchen ideas that combine style and function to create a cutting-edge space.


1. Try using a chic color combination

Color brings warmth and character to a kitchen, but how can you get a modern look? White color never fails. You can also blend a few colors into your kitchen design for an elegant look.

blue kitchen with pink accents

Chocolate brown, dark green, deep red, navy, plum, and black are all in vogue and can be combined with lighter shades. Mid-blue and blush pink are also trending. You can also use accent shades if you don’t want to commit to many colors.


2. Don’t be cheap on flooring

As you know, the kitchen is a high-traffic area in the house, and the flooring must be durable and easy to maintain. Fortunately, there are many aesthetic and hardwearing options to ramp up the functionality and style of your kitchen.

green kitchen with bamboo floors

Concrete, bamboo, terrazzo, and hardwood are all durable materials that can give your kitchen a modern look. Add underfloor heating for a luxury touch, so whatever flooring material you decide to use will never be cold underfoot.


3. Choose a quality kitchen cabinet

Kitchen cabinets dictate the style of your kitchen. Therefore, go for a high-quality material for a modern kitchen design. Reclaimed wood is commonly used for kitchen cabinets and works perfectly in a high-shine finish.

Cabinet handles can change the look of any kitchen, so don’t be scared to try high-end material. Brass or matte black handles are excellent choices as they are both on-trend. Go for a brushed finish and pair it with toned cabinetry to let the kitchen stand out.


4. Go with a quality faucet

Satin brass and matte black are the latest trends for faucets. Along with copper or gold, these are more likely to bring luxury and modern design to your kitchen. Your faucet doesn’t need to match your kitchen cabinet but must complement, so go for what works with your sink.

modern kitchen faucet

Pull-down spray faucets can make a statement, but curvy bridge-style faucets perfectly blend with chic and modern kitchen designs. Sensor-operated faucets that release boiling water are expensive choices but are perfect for chic and modern kitchen design, where functionality makes life more comfortable.


5. Make backsplashes a focal point

Backsplashes are trending, and replacing upper cabinets with open shelving. As a result, shielding the backsplash area is trending. You can decide to use a costly material, as it’s just one wall section, but to create a stunning focal point, make sure it goes up to the ceiling.

industrial kitchen with backsplash

Resin, marble, copper, wood, and quartz can be used in different shades. Finish the area off with an extractor hood to compliment your backsplash.


6. Choose statement lighting

The kitchen lightings are essential, but their positions are vital. Plan your kitchen lighting at the start of your project so you won’t disrupt the newly finished ceilings and walls. Try to keep the kitchen lighting to a minimum by using different fixtures that dimmer switches can control.

moody kitchen with black cabinets and light fixture

Position a sculptural light above the dining table to attract the eye, and pair it with stunning pendant lights or wall lamps above areas such as the cooker or sink to highlight each zone.


7. Incorporate warm wood elements

Wood is a material that can add warmth and sophistication to any kitchen space, giving your kitchen an upscale feel. For instance, wood cabinets stained and finished in a rich shade can create an elegant look.

round kitchen with wood accents

Adding wood floors will also help to create an inviting and warm space in your kitchen. Finally, consider adding wooden beams to the ceiling if you want to take things further. These details will give your kitchen a modern look.


8. Add artwork to the kitchen

Artwork can add a small pop of color to a modern kitchen. Depending on your kitchen size, add one to three art pieces on the walls, such as a short photo series or abstract art, to get a chic and modern look.

colorful kitchen with art accents

Stick to simple frames or frameless art to keep with the modern theme. Similarly, avoiding art with intricate detailing or added ornamentation is best.


9. Match and mix your storage options

Try incorporating a variety of drawers if you don’t have enough storage space in your kitchen. This will allow effortless storage for cookware of all sizes and shapes.

kitchen with light pink and pot rack

Consider adding open shelving to display your kitchen essentials. For homely touch, opt for an integrated island book-end to free up countertop space and allow your most loved cookbooks to be displayed for an extra layer of personality.


10. Make space for seating

Almost all modern kitchens have seating. While many of us will prefer table-style seating at one end because it’s a comfortable setup for family meals, those with the smallest space can accommodate an overhang of worktops and bar stools.

modern kitchen with brick floor and lots of seating

You can also incorporate smart designs and appliances into the kitchen for a veritable tech hub, such as hidden charging points and power sockets.


11. Add in a wine cabinet

In the past, wine cabinets were considered a luxury, available only to those with big kitchens and budgets. These days, there’s something to suit every scheme and size.

lilac kitchen with wine racks

Wine coolers built into a kitchen are excellent, as they will free up space in the worktop and the refrigerator while keeping your wine in the best condition. If you enjoy entertaining, guests can help themselves with a cup of wine while you get on with the cooking.


12. Suspend chandeliers on the ceiling

Chandeliers add a touch of elegance to your kitchen that is difficult to achieve with standard light fixtures. They draw the eye’s attention to create the illusion of more space.

lemon kitchen with chandelier

Suspending your chandeliers from the beams can add even more depth and dimension to your kitchen if you have a coffered ceiling.


13. Spruce up your sink with moveable panels

The kitchen sink has a hole where the faucet protrudes. While no kitchen can go without having a sink, there are ways to make the sink less intrusive and more functional.

removable drying rack on sink

Get moveable panels allow you to place them wherever you need them, whether directly over the sink or on the side. While the faucet can usually be distracting because it is above the surface, you can use a retractable faucet that disappears when you’re not using it.


14. Splurge on marble countertops

A beautiful marble countertop will take your kitchen to an all-new modern level. Not only will a marble countertop keep your kitchen clean, but marble is also sturdy enough to withstand cooking abuse.

kitchen with marble countertops

You can take marble even further, like installing it on your countertop with a waterfall style, where the marble extends over the edge of your countertop toward the floor.


15. Go for large windows

Large windows help bring the outdoors in and make your kitchen feel more spacious. Try installing large if you have enough space for a stunning view. With large windows, you will enjoy the fresh air and natural light you admire.

kitchen design with large windows

When searching for large window ideas, you can opt for the sleekest option to ensure a modern kitchen. Window shutters can help control privacy and light levels, giving you the perfect space and contemporary finish.


The Bottom Line

As you can see, many options exist if you want to update and refresh your kitchen, from updating materials and finishes to bringing in color and illumination. Once you’re done, you will fall so in love with the new look of your kitchen, and you will never regret spending money to modernize it.

So, decide what’s suitable for your home and give your kitchen that chic and modern look it deserves.

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