15 Home Design Tips to Modernize Your Home’s Style In 2023

Jan 12, 2023

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Modernize Your Home’s Style with 15 Home Design Tips

If you’re itching to add updated flair to your home’s style without a full-blown renovation, you’re not alone. While home renovations are a significant undertaking, there are easy, cost-effective ways to modernize your home’s style. In this blog post, we’ll be sharing 15 design tips to help you modernize your home’s style.

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From furniture selection to color schemes, these tips will guide you in creating a home that is both stylish and functional. So let’s get started on transforming your home into the modern oasis you’ve always dreamed of!


1. Upgrade Kitchen Finishes

When it comes to modernizing your home, it is best to start with the highly-trafficked areas of the home. While the reasoning behind this may seem obvious, there are also financial incentives to consider. Investing in your kitchen and bathrooms is the best place to see a return on your investment. Even if selling is not top-of-mind, making updates over time makes an impact in the long run and is easier on your wallet.

Upgrading your kitchen and bathroom finishes is a great place to start. You would be amazed at the difference it makes to switch out something even as simple as cabinet hardware.

For 2023, black finishes, square bar pulls, and mix-and-match knobs and pulls are having a huge moment. Square bar pulls are pictured above and immediately elevate a sleek and modern kitchen design.

While these square bar pulls aren’t black, you can easily envision the beautiful contrast black cabinet pulls would make against the clean, white cabinetry.


2. Upgrade Bathroom Finishes

After your kitchen hardware is updated, it’s time to turn to your bathroom finishes. The first bathroom to focus on is your primary bathroom. While bathroom renovations increase a home’s resale value and elevate the space, there are smaller updates to do first.

Before swapping out your countertops for carrera marble, focus first on your fixtures.

Just as with kitchen design, black finishes are having a major moment. Brushed nickel faucets are a thing of the past. You may be surprised to see the immediate difference a matte black, high-arc faucet makes in modernizing your bathroom.


3. Refresh Walls

A fresh coat of paint works wonders to modernize your home aesthetic. Normal wear and tear leads to your wall paint fading in color. It is advised to repaint your home every 3-5 years. Chances are high your home is due for a new coat of paint twice over.

For 2023, warmer neutral tones are taking center stage. This is a change from previously-trendy, cooler gray tones. Accent walls are also here to make a playful statement.

These accent walls take on all forms and give you an opportunity to showcase your personality. For a minimalistic approach, opt for an accent wall that features complimentary tones to the rest of the walls. If the rest of your home is a warm white, opt for a blush/beige or a soft blue.


4. Replace Light Fixtures

Out with the old and in with the new! Light fixtures give an opportunity to incorporate modern design elements into your home. Switching out standard, basic light fixtures for intricate pendant lighting instantly helps to modernize your home.

Lighting can make a visual statement and showcase personality. If you’re not ready to make a big change, opt to switch out floor and table lamps. Opt for arched and tripod floor lamps or contemporary table lamps.


5. Invest in Decor

Investing in decor goes far beyond selecting eye-catching light fixtures. A quick decor refresh goes a long way, even on a budget. Updates as simple as displaying a new ceramic pot can immediately brighten floating shelves in a kitchen. Display cooking ingredients like herbs or fruits in a modern bowl to incorporate color.

6. Refresh Living Room Decor

Before you go out and invest in a new couch, there are smaller updates to refresh your living room decor. Something as simple as incorporating new throw pillows or a new area rug help to modernize the space.

Incorporate a pop of color to brighten an all-white space. Even something as simple as adding a new coffee table book makes a difference.

The above photo perfectly illustrates how to add warm, modern elements to a space with otherwise cool tones. Although the couch features gray tones that are decreasing in popularity, the log end table brings warmth into the space. The flowers, vase, candle, and books tie together the tones for a seamless flow.


7. Quick Powder Bathroom Update

In addition to kitchen and living spaces, the powder bathroom is often highly-trafficked by guests. For that reason, it makes sense to give the space a little extra attention. Quick and easy updates include switching out the vanity mirror and hanging artwork.

Never underestimate the impact of a pretty hand soap display. As silly as it may sound, an attractive hand soap dispenser over a plastic bottle adds home appeal. In the example above, a wooden tray showcases hand soap, candle, and perfume.


8. Upgrade Kitchen Countertops

Although a heftier investment, upgrading your kitchen countertops is a great way to reflect the times. Like all things, kitchen countertops go in and out of fashion. For now, it’s goodbye to busy Granite countertops and hello to polished, ultra-durable Quartz.

White countertops aid to a beautifully polished kitchen. The neutral finish allows the opportunity to play around with other aspects of the kitchen. Invest in eye-catching pendant lighting, or even paint the island with a subtle pop of color without fear of clashing with the countertops.


9. Refresh Landscaping

Refreshing your home’s landscaping is a fool-proof way to boost curb appeal. A lush front yard sets the scene for an inviting home year-round. Experts recommend at least mulching and weeding once a year.

If you do not consider yourself someone with a green thumb, opt for hearty evergreen shrubs and perennials. On the flip side, if landscaping is a passion, you can select to update landscaping seasonally. Planting annual flowers is a wonderful way to add color that flows with the season.


10. Embrace Greenery

Continuing on the theme of embracing your green thumb, plants should also extend to the interior.

Chances are you may know someone who takes their green thumb to the extremes. Don’t worry; we aren’t asking you to deck out every corner of your home with plants. Instead, choose low-maintenance house plants like philodendron to scatter throughout the home.

11. Remove Clutter

This is an obvious tip that is worth touching on. Removing clutter and organizing your space is a great way to modernize your home’s style. Getting rid of stuff allows you room to invest in updated decor.

Optimizing an owner’s entry is a great way to reduce clutter from the front entryway of your home. A built-in mudroom with a few cubbies is all you need.


12. Invest in Minimalism

While it may sound counterintuitive, investing in minimalism helps to modernize your home. Thankfully, minimalism can also be practical. For instance, instead of hiding away spices in highly coveted cabinet space, display them instead. By only displaying spices you use on a daily basis, you are reducing clutter and creating a smoother cooking process for your everyday life.

This kitchen takes a minimalistic approach while showing practicality with double ovens, endless counter space, and cooking elements on display.


13. Upgrade Flooring

Just like upgrading countertops, renovating flooring is another splurge investment. A trend we’re seeing is less emphasis on carpet flooring, and a preference for wood flooring throughout. Ditching carpet flooring also makes living with pets more practical.

Whether you select luxury vinyl plank flooring, engineered hardwood, or solid hardwood floors is up to you. Regardless of your selection, flooring helps to set the tone for the entire home. If you’re ready to invest in a larger project, upgrading flooring is a great project to take on.


14. Optimize Outdoor Living Space

Optimizing every square foot of your outdoor living space helps modernize your home’s style. By creating an indoor-outdoor flow, you’ll also see a high return on your investment. You certainly don’t have to go off and build a pool in your backyard. Simple updates like a fresh coat of paint on the deck or new patio furniture increases your interest in utilizing these spaces.

15. Embrace Natural Light

Embracing natural light is a home design trend prevalent in newly built homes. From an energy efficiency standpoint, a sun-soaked home can save money by reducing the need for internal lights. You can increase natural light throughout your home with strategically placing mirrors.

These tips to modernize your home’s style are just the starting point. There are endless ways to give your home the long deserved refresh it needs.

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