15 Tips for Every Budget to Add Value to Your Home

Jan 25, 2023

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15 Tips for Adding Value to Your Home

Home improvements are an easy way to add value to your home. Thankfully these improvements don’t have to be as drastic as a total-home renovation to see the value.

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Simple updates like freshening up your curb appeal and decluttering your home are budget-friendly tasks. Here are 15 Tips for Every Budget to Add Value to Your Home.


1. Invest in Outdoor Living Space

Investing in an outdoor living space is arguably the cheapest way per square foot to add value to your home. Over the past few years, more homeowners invested in outdoor living spaces. Whether it be a new deck, patio, or just reviving an existing space, the demand for outdoor amenities isn’t going anywhere. To revive an existing patio, we recommend power washing and adding a firepit and patio furniture.


2. Update Fixtures and Finishes

Updating fixtures and finishes is a cost effective way to add value to your home. A general rule of thumb is to select finishes that will appeal to 90% of the population.

This assists in a higher resale value of the home since it appeals to a larger number of potential buyers. If you aren’t looking to sell, it is still best to update your fixtures and finishes every few years. Small refreshes help to make an older space look new again.


3. Freshen Up Your Curb Appeal

Taking time to freshen up your curb appeal does wonders for your home’s value. Here are a few tips to freshen up your curb appeal each season.

Spring: The spring is a great time to mulch flower beds, pull weeds, and refresh window boxes and potted plants. Just a few spring tweaks invigorate your home’s curb appeal.

Summer: Summertime is the easiest time of the year for curb appeal. The sunshine is out and casting a welcoming glow onto your home, and everything is in bloom. Plant hardy perennials like daffodils or incorporate hanging baskets with pansies, petunias, or zinnias to make the most of summertime curb appeal.

Fall: Fall curb appeal maintenance includes keeping sidewalks and the driveway clear by raking leaves. Decorate your front porch with pumpkins and other fun seasonal decor.

Winter: In the wintertime, adding curb appeal is a tad more complicated than in the spring, summer, and fall months. Easily increase curb appeal by keeping your sidewalk and driveway clear of snow. You can also incorporate seasonal decorations like wreaths, lights, and potted evergreens.


4. Increase Energy-Efficiency

Unless your appliances are on the fritz, replacing large home appliances for more energy-efficient models is not something people willingly do. Thankfully, there are smaller ways to increase energy efficiency and save money.

Installing a smart thermostat improves efficiency and functionality. On average, this quick upgrade also saves you money on your utility bill.


5. Add Closet Built-ins

Custom closets see a higher return on your investment than other home renovations. The great thing about adding built-ins is it can be as budget-friendly or expensive as you like. If you’re handy, you can purchase and install a wire shelving kit. If you have a larger budget to work with, you can also hire someone.


6. Convert a Basement to a Living Area

Basements are one of the most underutilized spaces in a home. If you already have a finished basement serving as just storage space, converting that space into an alternative living area is a breeze.

It is as simple as adding functional furniture and an entertainment space. If you have a walkout basement with a kitchenette, that space can become an income-generating short-term rental.


7. Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

Adding a fresh coat of paint is a quick and easy way to add value to your home. Even if you aren’t ready to dive into repainting your entire home, you should still touch up any scratches or imperfections on your walls every year.

Make a weekend project of it, find a good podcast, and tackle it one room at a time!


8. Invest in a Fenced-in Backyard

Dog owners everywhere understand the benefit of having a fenced-in backyard. While a heftier project, well-built wooden fences with regular maintenance increase a home’s value. It is important to preserve the structural integrity of the fence with regular care and staining.


9. Refresh and Deep Clean Carpets

You would be surprised just how nasty carpets can get, especially if you are a pet owner. Take time to refresh and deep clean your carpets every few months. Regular carpet cleaning, beyond just vacuuming, helps preserve the longevity of carpets.


10. Refinish or Install New Flooring

While installing new flooring often isn’t budget-friendly, you can always refinish hardwood flooring to give your home a refreshed look. Refinishing hardwood floors increases your home’s value for less than installing new flooring.

Hardwood flooring has the highest resale value, so it makes sense to take routine care to reduce wear and tear.


11. Update Your Kitchen

A whole kitchen remodel will nearly always see a return on your investment. However, there are smaller, more budget-friendly updates to add value to your home. The first budget-friendly tip is to upgrade cabinet hardware and fixtures. Replacing cabinet pulls for new hardware is an easy DIY project.

Depending on which hardware you select, this project is very budget-friendly. Larger kitchen renovations include updating kitchen countertops and adding a modern tile backsplash.


12. Focus on the Foyer

First impressions matter! The foyer is the first thing people see when they walk into your home. For this reason, it makes sense to invest in this highly-trafficked area of the home. By adding a modern light fixture, a runner, and an entryway table, the foyer is ready to add value to your home.

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13. Declutter and Organize

Decluttering and deep cleaning are super important when you’re ready to sell your home. It is important that the home looks slightly depersonalized so potential buyers can envision themselves in the space. If you are not looking to sell, decluttering and organizing once each season is still a good idea. You may be surprised how much clutter you accumulate in just a few short months.


14. Deep Clean Your Space

Wash the windows, remove dust, deep clean the carpets, and get back to the basics. While this may go without saying, it is important to do a little deep cleaning every few months to keep your home in tip-top shape. Routine maintenance ensures your home continues to hold value over time.


15. Power Wash Your Home

How often you should power wash your home depends entirely on your home’s facade and location. In most cases, power washing your home once per year extends the life of your siding. Additionally, it helps your home’s exterior look renewed and refreshed.


Final Thoughts on Adding Value to Your Home

These tips are just some of the countless ways to add value to your home. Thankfully, these updates don’t have to be completed all at once. This list allows you to complete projects as your budget and needs permit. For instance, you can start with simple tasks like deep cleaning and decluttering. Tackling the easy, budget-friendly tasks first ensures you’re ready to tackle the grander projects later.

Additionally, these renovations don’t have to break the bank. You can update your kitchen counters in a cost-effective way by selecting laminate. These budget-friendly options still look as polished as granite, quartz, or marble.

So, what do you say? Are you ready to try out these 15 tips for every budget to add value to your home?