The “Helena” 2 Story Modular Home Tour

Sep 2, 2022

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Bonnavilla Homes “Helena” 2 Story Modular Home Tour

Today’s 2 story modular home tour is the “Helena” by Bonnavilla Homes. Bonnavilla Homes is a regional builder that serves the midwest. They have some of the most unique floor plans that I have seen that set them apart from any other modular home tour that I have done. The “Helena” is my favorite of their floor plans because of its unique exterior design.

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We recently visited Accolade Homes of Calhan in Calhan, Colorado that had one of these beautiful models available for us to tour. If you are interested in the model in this modular home tour, it is available in several other states as well. Colony Homes are available in CO, ID, IA, KS, MN, MO, MT, NE, NM, ND, OK, SD, UT, WI and WY.

2 Story Modular Home Tour floor plan

The “Helena by Bonnavilla Homes Features:

  • 1826 square feet of space
  • Three bedrooms
    • Master bedroom: 16ft 6in X 13ft 6in
    • Second bedroom: 12ft 6in X 11ft 2in
    • Third bedroom: 12ft 6in X 11ft 2in
  • 2 bathrooms
  • Unfinished 2nd floor
  • Large Master Suite
  • Approximate Price: $271,000

Exterior Of This 2 Story Modular Home

The outside of this two-story modular home is amazing. It has a tremendous amount of curb appeal, which stems from the beautiful dormers that sit atop this home, as well as, all the windows and lines throughout the home. Starting from the entryway there is a beautiful, round bump out which has a whole bunch of windows coming from the dining room area.

2 Story Modular Home Tour exterior front

Right next to that, near the doorway, there is a cute little porch, which is just very inviting. I love this spot! Going down the side of the home, again, you will see the beautiful dormers up on the second floor and a tremendous number of windows. These windows peer into both the living room and the two bedrooms down on the main floor.

2 Story Modular Home Tour exterior alternate

As you work your way around to the backside of the home, you will notice a side door that leads out of the utility room. Here you could easily add a two-car garage. It would also give this home so much more curbs appeal! The actual rendering in the brochure shows this and it looks amazing. 


 Moving Inside This 2 Story Modular Home

As you step through the front door you were immediately greeted with views of both the living room and a slight glimpse of the kitchen. However, immediately next to the door, there is a nice built in, which has several hooks and some cubbies up on the top, as well as, below the bench.

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Opposite that, there is a coat closet with a nice wood shelf and would hanging dowel.

The Living Room

Then of course, it opens into this beautiful living room with several windows. There is a nice spot to put, either a fireplace or a lovely entertainment center right in the middle of these two windows.

2 Story Modular Home Tour living room

Also, the living room itself is quite large and you can fit several different pieces of furniture in here and arrange them in a number of ways.

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The Second Floor

Just beyond the living room, you will see a set of stairs that leads up to the second floor. Up at the top, it is wide open, going from one end to the home all the way to the other. You could add a couple more rooms up here, as well as, a bathroom.

2 Story Modular Home Tour 2nd floor

One of the things that I do love about it, is that the dormers are usable space. So you could turn them into nice little reading nooks or just cute little windows inside of each of the rooms. 

The Kitchen 

Moving back downstairs, just off the living room, you will find the kitchen. In the middle of the kitchen is a large island with several spots for seats on the living room side, and then on the opposite side, there are a whole bunch of cabinets and drawers. All of which are soft close! Which I appreciate.

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In the middle of the island there is also a range with a beautiful drop-down range hood over the top. You know, it just adds a little bit more character here in the kitchen. It is also something that is a little different than what we usually see.

2 Story Modular Home Tour kitchen

Beyond the island, there is the main counter surface which is an L shape. On the short side, there is space for the refrigerator and plenty of cabinetry, both on the uppers and the lowers.

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On the long side of the counter you will find a beautiful under mount sink sitting just below a window. I think this would look phenomenal set out on a piece of property somewhere so that you can take in these beautiful views as you are finishing the evening up. 

 The Dining Room

On the front side of the kitchen, towards the front of the home, there is the dining room. Here, I love the bump out, which has just got this nice round curve to it, and it allows beautiful views from every angle with all the windows.

2 Story Modular Home Tour dining room

There is also a nice sliding glass door, so that if you wanted to add a little porch you could do that. You would have easy access to flow from inside the home to outside the home and back. 

 The Laundry Room

In between the kitchen and the stairway leading up to the second floor, you will find a hallway that leads back down to the secondary bedrooms, laundry room and master bedroom. The first order that you come to is on the right, and it is the utility room.

2 Story Modular Home Tour laundry room

Here, there is washer and dryer hookups, as well as, a nice washbasin. There is also a nice deep closet and the furnace. To the back of the utility room, you will find the doorway that leads out into, either a future garage or carport. 

 Secondary Bedrooms and Bathroom

Just past the utility room, also on the right-hand side, there is the first full bathroom. This bathroom features a single vanity, a toilet, and a shower and tub combo. Then, beyond that, the hallway opens into a wider common area which allows access into the three bedrooms.

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Next to the first bedroom, sitting just up underneath of the stairwell, is a large doorway that would lead down into your basement should you have a basement type foundation.

2 Story Modular Home Tour bedroom

The two smaller bedrooms sit right next to each other. They are mirror images of each other (kind of). They sit on the front of the home with a beautiful window in each. There are nice sized rooms measuring in at approximately 12ft 6in X 11ft 2in and feature a nice step in closet. 

 The Master Suite

All the way at the end of the hall, you come to the master bedroom, which, again is a spacious room measuring in at approximately 16ft 6in X 13ft 6in. It is enough space for a large king size bed, a dresser and some nightstands.

2 Story Modular Home Tour master bedroom

This room does sit all the way at the back of the home, but it has a couple windows that help bring in a little bit of natural light to the space. On one side of the room, you will notice a nice deep walk-in closet. It also has wood shelves and plenty of hanging dowels. 

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Then on the opposite side of the room, is the en-suite. This bathroom features a beautiful double vanity and several cabinets that are perfect for all your linens.

2 Story Modular Home Tour master bathroom

At the back, there is a little toilet nook. Like a little alcove with a partition wall that separates it from a beautiful soaking tub that is it is also at the back of the en-suite. Just behind the door as you enter the bathroom is a beautiful, tiled walk-in shower. It has a nice glass door and beautiful stainless fixtures. 


Final Thoughts On This 2 Story Modular Home Tour

As we come to the end of another incredible 2 story modular home tour, let us know what you think! The “Helena” has tons of curb appeal and I am in love with the exterior look. Id love to add a garage and have the porch wrap all the way around to the sliding glass door.

Thank you so much for stopping by and go through this 2 story modular home tour with us! We hope you have a fantastic day and look forward to seeing your beautiful face in the next one!