3 Best Copy AI Apps (And Why You Should Use One)

Sep 28, 2022

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3 Best AI Copywriter Apps

If you want to generate content in mere seconds, you should invest in a copy artificial intelligence program to suit your every writing need. These types of programs have risen in popularity over the years because of how they can help individuals and companies start creating in an unbelievably efficient way. 

What Is An AI Text Generator (AI Copywriter)

An AI text generator is a relatively new phenomenon in the world of content creation. These automated writing tools utilize sophisticated AI algorithms to generate text that mimics human language and style.

While AI copywriters still have some way to go before they can completely replace human writers, their growing popularity is a testament to their ability to produce high-quality work at speeds far exceeding those of traditional copywriters.

Whether you need website content, blog posts, or even unique email marketing messages, an AI copywriter has the potential to be your secret weapon for success in the digital age.

So, let’s look below to discover some of the best copy AI programs out there and how they can help you or your business today! 

Jasper AI logo

Jasper AI

Jasper AI is a professional AI copywriter based on industry best practices. Let’s look at it in more detail below. 


Jasper AI Key Features

Jasper AI can create high-quality copy for many different use cases. Users can choose from over a whopping fifty varying writing skills, including a text summarizer, paragraph generator, product descriptions, blog posts, SEO templates, and video descriptions, titles, outlines, and hooks! 

Another of this company’s key features is its art feature. You can use creative AI to transform your imagination into original images that match your brand message in just seconds. Simply write a prompt for Jasper, select your preferred styles, and generate some artwork! 

Next, languages are also a big thing on Jasper AI. This AI copywriter can read and write intelligent and creative pieces in over 25 different languages. While this doesn’t cover every language, it is inclusive of the most popular ones, so it’s likely that you’ll be able to make great use of this feature. 

Finally, Jasper prides itself on SEO integration. While writing content up to five times faster, it can also make this content keyword optimized. This will help you appear in the first page rankings on Google, making it perfect for brands on the hunt for enhanced exposure to online consumers. 


Jasper AI Pros and Cons


  • Page 1 rankings on Google 
  • Efficient, fast, and creative content can be generated in mere seconds 
  • Jasper covers a range of industry templates and writing skills to suit most people’s needs 


  • It doesn’t accommodate all languages, meaning that some people may be unable to make use of the language feature 
  • There is no free plan available, so Jasper may not suit all budgets out there 


Jasper AI Pricing 

There are different pricing packages available on Jasper AI, although you get a 5-day money-back guarantee with all of them. 

Starter: $40 per month 

The cheapest package is the Starter, which is ideal for those who are beginners to writing and do it as a hobby. 

In this package, you can access 35,000 words per month and over 50 artificial intelligence copy generators to create short-form content like adverts and product descriptions. You can also access chat support, 5 users, and support for over 20 different languages. 

Jasper ai pricing

Boss Mode: $82 per month 

The most popular package on Jasper AI is Boss Mode, a program ideal for content marketers and bloggers. 

With 100,000 per month, you can start to generate full-length AI content with flexibility and control. With this package, you can access all the Starter benefits as well as some additional perks. These include priority chat support, a Google Docs style editor, and compose and command features. You can also increase your limits on templates. 

Business: custom plan and price 

Businesses and collaborative teams utilize the business package. The billing options and word packages can be customized in this package, ensuring you get the most out of Jasper to suit your personal needs. 

This flexible package allows you to access premium technical support, onboarding and training sessions, and a dedicated account manager. 

It’s worth noting here that with each package, you can save 17% by purchasing annually rather than monthly. 


Why we like Jasper AI

What stood out to us about Jasper AI was the comprehensive support available to users. For example, it has contact support, a help centre for documentation and account-related functionality, a Facebook group, and plenty of blog articles about everything anyone would need to know about copywriting! The site also features live group lessons and Q&As to answer any other burning questions.

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Copy AI logo

Copy AI

Next up is Copy AI, a brilliant AI copywriter that delivers quality results in seconds. Take a peek below to discover more about this platform. 


Copy AI Key Features

This program is suited for a range of professionals, such as blog writers, who can write content blogs up to 10x faster than they would manually. Furthermore, social media managers can use this platform to write higher converting posts to enhance their brand exposure, and email marketers can generate more engaging emails to potential customers.  

Copy AI is simple to operate. Firstly, enter your copywriting project into the system, whether this is a social post, blog post, email, or something else. Give the platform some context about your brand and product and allow the content generator to offer you various options for each of your campaigns. After this, use the editing tool to rewrite your content and polish it up before publishing! 


Copy AI Pros and Cons 


  • There is a free plan available, meaning you don’t need to enter any credit card details 
  • The site is very informative, including the offering of weekly live demos and blogs 
  • You can create content up to 10x faster 


  • It doesn’t cater to all languages, meaning that some users may find the platform less handy than others 
  • Users have to pay to access the Blog Wizard tool 


Copy AI Pricing 

There are different pricing options for Copy AI. 

Free Plan 

For starters, there is a free plan available! This means that users are able to generate content of up to 2,000 words per month with the 90+ free tools available. Free users get access to unlimited projects and 1 user seat. Those wanting to benefit a little more can explore a 7-day free trial of the Pro Plan. 

copy ai pricing

Pro Plan 

To get access to 40,000 words per month, the Pro Plan is $49 per month when billed monthly and $36 per month when billed yearly. This is the most popular plan that users opt for due to its offering of exclusive benefits. These include everything in the Free Plan, up to 5 user seats, priority email support, support with over 25 languages, the highly attractive Blog Wizard tool, and access to the latest features on the platform. 


Why we like Copy AI 

We loved the fact that there were so many helpful resources available to users on Copy AI. This included informative blogs, which strive to offer guiding content for individuals and businesses alike. The how-to guides and tips and tricks articles impressed us the most. 

Another helpful resource was the weekly live demos. Copy AI provides these live demos every single week to help guide people in everything related to business marketing. Some of the most popular videos included copywriting for beginners, blog writing in under 4 minutes, and simple overviews. 

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WordHero AI logo


Last but not least, we have to celebrate WordHero as one of the best copy AI programs out there. This program allows you to create AI-generated content with just a couple of clicks of a button. Let’s delve a little deeper into what WordHero can do for you. 


WordHero Key Features

WordHero’s technology can allow anyone to make unique social media posts, blog posts, emails, and other types of copy in barely any time at all. After all, its interface is incredibly straightforward to use and includes various features that simplify the writing process, including its language support section. 

Additionally, its Keyword Assistant enables you to embed target keywords easily into your content. This is ideal for any brand wanting more exposure and higher rankings on the top search engines. 

The different modes available on the site serve different purposes. The Generator Mode allows users to generate desired content quickly. Simply type in some keywords, and the WordHero AI technology does the rest of the work! In contrast, the Editor Mode makes the creation of content up to 10x faster, allowing users to create quality content with just a few clicks. 


Word Hero Pros and Cons 


  • There are over 100 languages supported on this site, making it incredibly inclusive 
  • Over 60 writing tools are available to help generate quality content 
  • There is no limit on how much content you can generate 


  • There is no free option, meaning WordHero won’t fit everyone’s budget 
  • The program doesn’t have an inbuilt plagiarism checker 


WordHero Pricing 

There are different pricing packages available on WordHero. 

$49 per month 

For just $49 per month, you can create unlimited content and access all the available WordHero writing tools. You can also use a long-form editor and write in up to 108 languages. If this isn’t enough, there is also priority support 24/7. 

wordhero ai copywriter pricing

You can access better value for money in the long run if you pay annually. This equals $348 per year, working out at $29 per month. 


Why we like WordHero

We like that WordHero is powered by something called GPT-3, an autoregressive language model with a staggering 175 billion parameters. This is the first of its kind, making the program stand out from its competitors as an original source. Proprietary artificial intelligence technology is also utilized on this site, so you can be sure you’re accessing a service on WordHero that you won’t be able to access anywhere else! 

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So, there you have it. Whether you want to generate content quicker, want to create higher-quality paragraphs, or simply want to explore what tools are out there, these programs are all exceptional examples to start with. 


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