Ultra Modern 5 Bedroom Home Design That’s Beyond STUNNING!

Dec 16, 2022

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Stunning 5 Bedroom Home Design by Infinity Homes

If you’re looking for a sleek, 5 bedroom home design with all the bells and whistles, look no further! Infinity Homes “Carolina” model is the one for you. This sprawling house is perfect for a big family, or someone who entertains often.

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I had the opportunity to tour this incredible home on a recent trip to Pennsylvania, and let me tell you! Infinity Homes is on a whole other level! If you are interested in this home it is only built in the Pittsburg area. However, that doesn’t mean you cant take this to your builder and use it for inspiration.


This 5 Bedroom Floor Plan and Price

infinity homes 5 bedroom home design floor plan

This home is the “Carolina” by Infinity Custom Homes and features:

  • 5203 Square Feet
  • 5 Bedrooms
    • Master Bedroom: 15ft 0in X 16ft 0in
    • 2nd Bedroom: 11’0″ X 13’9″
    • 3rd Bedroom: 11’2″ X 12’7″
    • 4th Bedroom: 11’7″ X 17’2″
    • 5th Bedroom: Varies
  • 6.5 Bathrooms
  • Stunning Kitchen
  • Covered Patio w/built in grill
  • Multiple fireplaces
  • Luxurious Master Suite
  • 2 Car Garage
  • Approximate Price At Time Of Tour is between $1,5 – $2 million as toured
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Exterior of This Five Bedroom Home Design

The outside of this beautiful modern model home features a sleek combination of vinyl siding and natural stonework, which is complemented by the contrasting black trim. On the front left-hand side of the house, you have a spacious two-car garage with a trendy wooden garage door. There is also enough room by the front door for a small sitting area.

infinity homes 5 bedroom home design

Around the right side of the home, you have several large floor-to-ceiling windows that look into the master bedroom, living room, and kitchen.

Behind the house, you can find a spacious covered porch, with two sets of french doors; One opens up to the master bedroom, and the other leads into the living room. This gorgeous space has plenty of room for an outdoor dining area.

Around the left side of the home, you can see more floor-to-ceiling windows peering into a spare bedroom or office space.


Inside This Five Bedroom Home Design

The first thing you see when you enter this home is a view of the grand entryway, with sleek maple wood floors and ivory white walls, and minimalist wooden stairs. On the right-hand side of the hallway is a set of modern barn doors leading to a small office area.

The Living Room The Dining Room

To the left of the entryway, across from the stairs, we are greeted by an open-concept living and dining room. There is plenty of space in the living area for a dining table, in addition to a large coffee table and sectional.

infinity homes 5 bedroom home design living room

The built-in shelves and fireplace mantel give you plenty of space to show off your favorite books and decor.

This room is so versatile in terms of decor and furniture style, I can just picture myself relaxing here in the evening, in the lap of luxury.

The Kitchen

Behind the living area is the stunningly modern kitchen, outfitted with an abundance of ceiling-height cabinets, a brand-new stainless steel stove, and space for an industrial-sized fridge. There is also ample room to the left of the island for a breakfast nook.

infinity homes 5 bedroom home design kitchen

In the middle of the kitchen sits a beautiful white quartz island. On the side facing the living room, there is space underneath for barstool storage, while the other side has several white cabinets for storing pots and pans.


Laundry Room

Across the entryway opposite of the living and dining area, there is the spacious laundry room, which boasts durable white tile and more glossy black cabinets than you could ever fill up. You will also find a sleek black washer/dryer set and a sink for easy laundering.

infinity homes 5 bedroom home design laundry room

This space also doubles as a mudroom, with a small locker section right next to the door, and a space for you to sit shoes and hang coats. This small spot really helps elevate the area and give it that little extra something!


Master bedroom and Bathroom

Right down the hall from the laundry room, you will find a door leading to the master bedroom. This gorgeous room boasts vaulted ceilings with sleek black beams and maple floors. This room’s lofty ceiling height makes it the perfect place to put a prominent light fixture.

infinity homes 5 bedroom home design master bedroom

To the left, you can see the french doors leading out to the back yard, and above that a large black-trimmed window. There are also two full-sized windows on either side of the back wall. This room is more than spacious enough to house a king-size bed, as well as side tables and an ottoman.

On the right side of the bedroom, there are two doors, one leading to a luxurious walk-in closet. Past that door, you are greeted with a view of floor-to-ceiling cabinetry, as well as plenty of hanging rods and open shelving. This closet is perfect for storing and displaying your favorite clothing pieces, and it even has room for jewelry display cases.

infinity homes 5 bedroom home design master bathroom

The other door will take you to the sleek master bathroom. This bathroom features an extra-wide double vanity with an abundance of floating cabinets for storage. Right across from the vanity area, there is a gorgeous black freestanding tub, perfect for a deep soak at the end of a long day.

At the back end of the ensuite, you will find the toilet tucked away in its own little room behind a door. To the right of that, you have the shower, which has a rainfall ceiling-mounted shower head as well as a traditional shower head, and a handheld one.


Secondary Bedroom and Bathroom

If we go back to the entry hallway and head upstairs, we will find four doors, one leading to the secondary bedroom. Really, this can be considered a second master bedroom. It’s only of a slightly smaller size and has a connected ensuite, the only difference in this room is the lack of a luxury walk-in closet.

This room has one large window with black trim, and the doorway to the right leads to the ensuite.

infinity homes 5 bedroom home design bedrooms

This attached bathroom also has a double vanity, with two large mirrors and ample cabinet space. I actually prefer this bathroom to the last because of the lovely and unique diamond-shaped tile.


Third Bedroom

`The next door in that hallway leads to the third bedroom, which is larger than the last but does not have its own bathroom. However, it does have two large windows and enough room for a king-size bed and a small sitting area, with a table and chairs.


Fourth Bedroom

The next door leads to the last bedroom, I think this room would make a great guest bedroom. It has a shorter window on one wall, and a taller one on the other, which gives you a perfect nook to place a queen size bed.


Guest Bathroom

The final door in this upstairs hallway opens up straight to the guest bathroom, which is sleek and modest. The subway tile around the bathtub and the modern light fixtures really help this small room make an impression. This room would make a perfect guest or children’s bathroom.


The Basement

The basement is, in my opinion, the most impressive part of this home. If you go back to the main entryway, and head downstairs, you will wind up in the middle of the open-concept living/kitchen area. Yes, that’s right, this basement holds an entirely separate kitchen and living room!

Similar to the main floor, this kitchen has plenty of cabinetry, as well as its own oven, refrigerator, and slide-out microwave.

infinity homes 5 bedroom home design basement bar

Right in front of the kitchen is the living area, which has a sleek fireplace and plenty of floating shelves for displaying your belongings. This basement’s impressive size allows for not only a large sectional but also several large chairs and a fine coffee table.

Just past the living area down a small hallway, you’ll find a sizable bathroom. This one has a single-sink vanity, a toilet, and a shower with a sliding glass door. This is my favorite shower in the home, I just love how the warm tile compliments the black hardware.

Lastly, right across from the bathroom is a spacious home gym! This room has an egress window with a ladder in case of emergency on one wall, and a full-length mirror taking up the other. This room is styled as a gym, but could also be easily turned into a guest bedroom, or a large office space.


Final Thoughts On This 5 Bedroom House

If you’re looking for a sleek, modern home with all the bells and whistles you could need, the Infinity Homes “Carolina” model is right for you. This sprawling house is perfect for a big family, or someone who entertains often. The open 5 Bedroom Home Design makes this already spacious home feel even bigger, not to mention the neutral exterior is warm and inviting. If you are looking to expand, this is the home for you!

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