5 Creative Ways to Decorate with Plants in Your Home

Feb 15, 2023

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Decorate with Plants in Your Home

Plants bring the outside in. They add cheer and a pop of green to your home. But, if you have a large collection of plants, it may be tricky to find the best way to display them.

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There are several ways to decorate with plants in your home. You can display them on bookshelves, create a bathroom retreat, and play with the way you hang them. You can also choose unique planters and use every nook and cranny to display them.

If you want inspiration for ways to decorate with plants in your home, check out these 5 tips.


Why decorate with plants?

Plants are not only beautiful but good for you. People who decorate with plants have lower blood pressure and better moods.

Certain types of house plants, such as English Ivy and Peace Lily cleanse the air. Other plants, such as Aloe Vera are excellent for their healing properties.

Plants also bring texture and color to your home decor. You can add interest to a wall display or dress up an otherwise barren corner. Plants can be focal points or contrasting pieces.

Decorating with plants in your home can fill dead space and soften angles. But, how do you make the most of your house plants in your home decor?


Things to consider when decorating with plants in the home


Plant shape

When you place plants in your home, consider the shape of the leaf. Some leaves are more angular, others rounded. Some plants have a more trailing habit while others are more upright.

decorating home with plants plant shape ideas

Plants can be bushy and take up a lot of space, or they can be compact. These factors will affect where you want to place them and what you want to pair them with.

Think about the designs and shapes in your home. Combine and contrast the patterns of your decor with the habits of your house plants.


Plant care

When thinking about how you want to display your plants, you have to consider the plant’s needs. Does your space have enough light? Can you reach the plant to water it?

decorating home with plants plant care

Wherever you display your plant, it should have the optimal growing space. So, you will need to plan out both an aesthetically pleasing display as well as a functional spot.

You will not want to walk a long way to supply water to the plant. So, make sure you place to plant close to a water source. Bathrooms and kitchens are great spots for houseplants.


Plant color

As with other aspects of decorating with plants in the home, the color of the plant is important to consider. House plants may flower at certain times of the year. Think of how these colors will look with your decor.

decorating home with plants plant colors ideas

Also, you can vary up the typical green by buying plants with colored foliage. These can add a unique color and contrast to your other plants and your home design.

Use the tips below to carefully plan how to decorate with plants in your home.

#1 Display plants on bookcases

Bookshelves can be a great place to display your house plants. If you have a bookshelf, place it near a sunny window. Then, put your plants on the bookshelf at varying heights. This is a perfect space to decorate with plants in your home.

A bookshelf can hold a lot of plants, so if you have a large collection, you can house most of them. Bookshelves come in many different styles. You can play with texture and color. Place books and other decor pieces between the plants for contrast.

Try out this rustic shelf to decorate with plants in your home.

Instead of a bookcase, you can also hang free-standing shelves to place your potted plants. You can play with putting these at different levels or in a straight line to get the best look.

Hang them vertically up your wall or horizontally for different styles. Decorate with plants using these floating shelves.


#2 Create a bathroom retreat

decorating home with plants master bathroom ideas

Plants grow well in most bathrooms. This is because bathrooms usually have a window with lots of light. Also, steam from a shower adds humidity to the air.

Orchids, air plants, and other humidity-loving plants thrive in a bathroom. So, decorate with plants in your home by creating a bathroom retreat.

You can add larger potted plants and trees, such as Ficas to add height to the bathroom. Or, you could place smaller plants on the vanity or a window seal.

If you have a large collection of plants, fill the bathroom with loads of plants. This will create the feel of a forest of the jungle.

Bathrooms are a great place to decorate with plants in the home.


#3 Hang plants at different levels

Not everyone has a lot of places to display plants on tables or shelves. If this is the case in your home, try decorating with plants by hanging them.

There are several creative ways to hang plants. You can suspend them from the ceiling by hooks. Or, try hanging the planters directly on the wall.

Macrame plant hangers, such as this one, are perfect for a home with a Boho aesthetic.

If you have a plant with a long vine, you can hang the vine around the room. Use the natural growth of the plant to create a line of interest within the room.

Hang plants at a variety of levels for contrast. High-up plants add height to a room. Eye-level plants become focal points. Decorating with plants can add interest at any level in your home.


#4 Choose unique planters

There are so many unique planters available. Match the planter to your style. If you want a rustic look, consider a basket planter.

decorating home with plants unique planter ideas

For a Hollywood Regency look, consider a planter with a gold finish to decorate with plants in your home.

There are also several beautiful ceramic planter designs. Larger planters can become statement decor.

If you have smaller plants, such as succulents, there are many lovely planters for them, as well. You can get planters shaped like faces, with your favorite saying, and in cute animal shapes. These planters come in every color and material you can imagine.

Decorate with plants in your home with this modern-style marbling planter.

Don’t forget to check that your decorative planter has plenty of drainage. A beautiful planter is all well and good, but if it keeps your plant immersed in water, your plant will soon die.


#5 Use every nook and cranny

The best part about decorating with plants is that you can fit a plant into places no other decor goes. Corners can become interesting and beautiful by decorating with plants in your home.

Plants are versatile. Smaller plants fit in cramped spaces to add a splash of color. You can add them to a display table or vanity with little effort. They fit on window sills and on top of mantle pieces.



If you want to decorate your home with plants, try adding them to bookshelves. Or, load your bathroom with greenery. You can also hang your plants, choose unique and fun planters, and use every corner to display them.

Plants not only add beauty to your home, but they also improve your mood and health. So, consider decorating with plants in your home.

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