5 Simple DIY Garden Projects to Boost Your Curb Appeal

Mar 14, 2023

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5 Simple DIY Garden Projects to Boost Your Curb Appeal


It’s springtime, and you are ready to for some DIY gardening projects. This year, you want to focus on boosting your curb appeal, so you can have a showstopping home.

To boost your curb appeal, add some DIY garden projects that emphasize your house’s design. Focus on window boxes, house numbers, and decorative planters to frame the front of your house. Then, add hose storage and a fun walkway to complete the look.

Check out our 5 simple DIY garden projects to make your neighbors wonder how your house looks so good.


How to boost your curb appeal


As someone drives by your house, the first thing they see is the front of your house. The front door, windows, mailbox, and walkway provide a first impression.

To boost your curb appeal, frame the front of your home with these DIY gardening projects. They will add color, uniqueness, and style to your home.


#1 Build window boxes


DIY garden projects flower boxes


The front windows of your home are like the eyes of the house. They draw the attention of lookers-on. So, spruce up your windows with this DIY gardening project: window boxes.

You can add window boxes to your house in many ways. You can build your own boxes either out of wood or old pallets. Measure your window and create a rectangular box shape with your materials. You may choose to add a liner to the box to extend the life of the wood and prevent rotting.

Or, you could use a ready-made container, such as this long, galvanized bucket. If you choose to use a ready-made container, don’t forget to add drainage holes.

Once you’ve made your window box, then you can add it to the front of your house. There are some specialized hooks you can use to attach a window box. You can mount them to your house under your window.

Another option is to attach window boxes to the railing around a deck using hooks that hang over the rail. Either way, add some brightly colored, trailing flowers. Watch as the cascading blooms complete the look of this DIY gardening project.


#2 Make your house numbers stand out


Make your house numbers stand out


House numbers are so ubiquitous, you don’t even think about them. Yet, will a little creativity, you can take your house numbers to the next level.

For this DIY gardening project, the sky’s the limit. One example you could try is to take large clay planters and paint your number on them. Then, sit the planters on your porch or patio. You could stack them or sit them side by side. Either way, this will be an easy way to display your number.

You could also take a wall planter. Either use stickers, paint, and stencils, or vinyl decals to add your house numbers on the side of the planter. Now, make sure there is a drainage hole on the bottom. Finally, add soil and some gorgeous flowers. This is a great way to make your house numbers stand out and add some curb appeal.

This DIY gardening project has many variations. Another option you could try is to create a wooden sign with your house numbers on it that you place over a box planter with flowers.

Experiment with a variety of colors and styles to create the most impact.

If you want to go super simple, take smaller buckets, and drill holes in them. Then, add your number to the front of them with paint or stickers. Next, take a piece of lumber and attach the planters to the lumber. Then, hang it up near your door.

No matter how you tackle this DIY gardening project, it is sure to increase your curb appeal.


#3 Frame your doorway with decorative planters


DIY home decor decorative planters


Your door is often one of the most central parts of the front of your house. Framing your door with decorative planters will draw the eye toward this focal point.

Large planters can be expensive, but you can make them yourself. This DIY gardening project is perfect for beginners and experts alike.

If you are a beginner, one way you can get that luxurious large planter look for less is to use trashcans. You can get tall kitchen trashcans in many colors for much less than a planter.

Drill holes in the trashcan. You can paint the outside of the trashcan with textured spray paint to make it look more expensive. Or, you could build a wooden frame around it with 2x4s and screws. You could even wrap it in rope to create a rustic look.

A metal outdoor trashcan works well as a planter, too. Or, you could use a round trashcan for a different style. This DIY gardening project will save you money, look beautiful, and add curb appeal.


#4 Create unique hose storage


Creative hose storage


Garden hoses can be unsightly. You need to store yours away without it affecting your curb appeal. You can buy wind-up hose boxes or hooks that attach to your house.

But, if you want unique-looking hose storage, try this DIY gardening project.

You can buy a large planter and put your hose in it with a hole drilled into the side of it for you to pull the hose in and out. This is the simplest way to store your hose.

Or, you can take an old fence post (or buy one), paint it, and mount it with hose hooks. Then, dig a hole in your garden or near your house. Put some quick cement down to keep the post in place.

Finally, cover the cement with mulch. This will give you a unique way to hang up your hose. Functionality and beauty of the staples of this DIY gardening project.


#5 Design a fun walkway


DIY garden walkway


A walkway is another easy way to add curb appeal to your home. For this DIY gardening project, you don’t have to go out a buy a bunch of materials. Using what you have on hand can create a fun and inspiring walkway.

If you have old lumber, you can dig out a space in your garden or from your driveway to your house. Then, you can lay the lumber down as a pathway. To keep the path from shifting, make sure to add plenty of fill dirt or pea gravel between the wood.

You could also saw logs into wooden rounds to be stepping stones using the same concept.

You can also make your own stone pathway with a stepping stone mold and some quick cement.

If you have a lot of old pottery, you could even break it up and create a mosaic pathway. You can take the molds and place the broken pottery on the bottom before adding the cement. This creates colorful stepping stones.

A fun walkway will add whimsy to your home and make it look homier. This DIY gardening project is an easy way to boost your curb appeal.




You are sure to boost your curb appeal with eye-catching window boxes. House number planters and large planters will emphasize your home’s focal point. Unique hose storage and a fun walkway will give your home functional beauty.

If you are ready to add some flare to the front of your house, try out these 5 simple DIY gardening projects.

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