The Carolina – Nies Homes INCREDIBLE 6 Bedroom House Plan!

Dec 18, 2022

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How to Find the Perfect 6 Bedroom House Plan?

There are many challenges that arise when finding the perfect home since everyone has different needs. Some people prefer a small, cozy house with several rooms while others prefer a larger, spacious house. If you’re looking for the latter, Nies Homes’ 6 bedroom house plan is a great option.

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With everything you need in a spacious yet cozy package, it’s the perfect setup for couples or families. Plus, since it’s such a popular floor plan, Nies Homes can build it for you quickly and easily!


Nies Homes “Carolina” Floor Plan and Price

floor plan

This home is the “Carolina” by Nies Homes and features:

  • 4324 Square Feet
  • 6 Bedrooms
    • Master Bedroom: 14ft 11in X 13ft 11in
    • 2nd Bedroom: 12ft 2in X 12ft 3in
    • 3rd Bedroom: 12ft 2in X 12ft 3in
    • 4th Bedroom (loft): 15ft 3in X 15ft 11in
    • 5th Bedroom (basement): 13ft 2in X 12ft 4in
    • 6th Bedroom (basement): 13ft 2in X 12ft 4in
  • 5.5 Bathrooms
  • Stunning Kitchen
  • Covered back deck
  • Beautiful fireplace
  • Luxurious Master Suite
  • 3 Car Garage
  • Approximate Price At Time Of Tour is between $1,100,000 as toured
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Exterior of This 6 Bedroom House

The outside of this beautiful two-story house features white and grey vinyl with some plaid design in one area of the house. On the front side of the house there is some nice greenery and long white path to entry.

6 bedroom house plan by Nies homes

As you work your way around to the right-hand side of the home, you will notice several windows peering out of both the dining room, living room and kitchen.


6 Bedroom House Interior Design

When you first enter this home off the porch, you are greeted with views into the living room, kitchen and dining room. There is a beautiful wooden floor that runs throughout all these areas including the living room.


The Living Room

The living room is the first area that you enter and it has plenty of space for furniture. It also offers plenty of different options when it comes to furniture arrangement. There are several windows within the living room that really help brighten the space up.

6 bedroom house plan by Nies homes living room

Overall, it is a super cozy feeling room with the perfect set up to rest and relax.


The Kitchen

Behind the living room you will find the kitchen. The kitchen is a nice size and has plenty of cabinets and counter space.

In the middle of the kitchen, you will find a long, rectangular island with nice quartz countertops and plenty of seats on the side facing the living room. On the kitchen side of the island, there’s a small sink and several drawers and cabinets. The dishwasher is also located adjacent to and below the sink.

6 bedroom house plan by Nies homes kitchen

You will find the stove opposite the rectangular island. This area also has copious cabinets and drawers so there’s a lot of storage space available.

To the right of the sink and dishwasher, you will find the refrigerator and a small counter space. There’s also the oven located to the left of the refrigerator. Splitting the refrigerator/oven section and stove section of the kitchen is a large storage area with shelves and cabinetry and a microwave, which also leads to a large pantry. The pantry has plenty of space for a heap of food, so you will never be left looking for somewhere to put all your groceries.


The Dining Room

The dining room has plenty of space for a nice-sized table. Surround the dining room are several windows, about five long, rectangular ones, which help provide tremendous amounts of natural light.

6 bedroom house plan by Nies homes dining room

There’s also a transparent doorway adjacent to the dining room which leads to the patio.


The Master Bedroom and Bath

Splitting the kitchen and dining room is the secondary room. The bedroom has plenty of space for a nice sized bed as well as a dresser and a couple of nightstands.

6 bedroom house plan by Nies homes master bedroom

There is also a nice-sized transparent doorway that leads to the patio and provides additional light into the room itself.

On the side of the bedroom directly opposite this doorway, you will find a bathroom. The bathroom contains a large vanity with two sinks. You will also find a section for showers with a shower head.

6 bedroom house plan by Nies homes master bathroom

Directly opposite the vanity, you will find a large closet. It is very spacious and can fit lots of clothes and other items.


Powder Room

Splitting the kitchen and living room, towards the front of the house, there’s a bathroom with a small vanity, which includes a sink, and toilet.


The Secondary Bedroom and Bath

Moving past the entry door and before reaching the living room area is a small section that leads to the tertiary bedroom.

6 bedroom house plan by Nies homes bedroom

This room has a nice window facing the back of the house. It is quite spacious with lots of room for a nice sized bed, dresser and one or two nightstands.

Directly opposite the window and adjacent to the doorway of the bedroom you will find a bathroom. It contains a large vanity with one sink and several drawers and cabinets.

6 bedroom house plan by Nies homes jack and jill bathroom

There’s also a closet with lots of storage space directly opposite the vanity. Moving past, you will see a toilet and bathtub with shower head.


The Tertiary Bedroom and Bath

We find another vanity and storage space when moving past and finally enter the quaternary bedroom. The bathroom is a share one between the secondary and tertiary bedrooms.

6 bedroom house plan by Nies homes 3rd bedroom

Like the other bedrooms, this one is quite spacious and can fit a nice-sized bed, dresser and one large nightstand with lots of room still left over.

The room faces the front of the house and overlooks the front yard.



Going upstairs from the living, you’ll enter a hallway which has lots of space with a cozy nook containing built-in desk and storage cabinets.

There’s also several windows which allow lots of natural light to emit into the hallway.


The Quaternary Bedroom and Bath

The quinary bedroom is incredibly spacious with lots of room for a queen or king-sized bed and large dresser. There’s enough room for additional furniture if you’d like to add some also.

6 bedroom house plan by Nies homes loft bedroom

There are several windows that emit natural light from outside.

The room also contains a large closet with lots of storage space for clothes and other items.

The bathroom has a large vanity with a sink, toilet and bathtub with shower head.



Heading downstairs you will enter the basement which is very large and spacious.

basement ideas

There’s a lot of room for furniture, pool table or any other recreational additions you’d like to make.


The Quinary Bedroom and Bath

You will also find a small room with enough space for a bed or other furniture. You can even convert it into a home office. There’s a small bathroom with a vanity, toilet and shower adjacent to it.


The Senary Bedroom and Bath

The final bedroom in this massive 6 bedroom house plan can be found in the basement with lots of room for a bed, dresser or other furniture. There’s a window that emits lots of light into the room. Adjacent to the room lies a vanity with mirror, toilet and walk-in shower.

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