6 BEST Industrial Home Decor Style Tips for Small Apartments

Apr 6, 2023

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Industrial Home Decor Style for Small Apartments


While the industrial home decor style originated in large warehouses, it doesn’t mean this design should only exist in this setting. Yes, you read that right! Industrial design is possible for small apartments, too! While it may not be time to celebrate just yet (we still have some work to do), we can still get excited.

Decorating a small apartment can be challenging. Especially when you are aiming for a certain aesthetic with a minimalist design, while still maintaining a functional living space.

Well, the good news is an industrial home design is a perfect choice for compact apartments. Industrial design combines simplicity and functionality with a unique look.

The industrial design that we know and love was first inspired by real industrial spaces like factories and warehouses. The most notable characteristics are its raw aesthetic and functional design.

By sticking to raw materials like brick walls and using multipurpose furniture, this style can be easily carried out in your apartment. Not only does industrial design create the illusion of more space, but it is also very easy to maintain.

Now let’s talk about the best tips for bringing an industrial home decor style into our own small apartment.


6 Tips for Implementing an Industrial Design in a Small Apartment


When it comes to the basics of industrial design, achieving this style in your apartment is all about embracing raw materials and practicing minimalism. Of course, there are ways to also personalize this design.

Check out these tips below to help you create an industrial-inspired space that’s both functional and stylish!


1. Embrace Raw Materials


Industrial Home Decor Style for Small Apartments


One of the key elements (dare I say, the most important element) of industrial design is its use of exposed materials. Whether it’s concrete flooring or large metal beams, leaving raw elements of a room visible creates the necessary foundation of an industrial home.

These elements are especially critical when you are designing a sense of industrial charm in a small space. Embracing the natural materials of your space makes your apartment feel larger and more open.

If your apartment only comes with white walls (like most do) you can put up temporary wallpaper to add different elements. Here is an authentic brick wallpaper I found on Amazon.


2. Include Metal Accents


Metallic home accents for industrial home decor


Including metal in your furniture, lighting, and home decor is an easy way to bring your space to life. Not only does it look great with the exposed walls and flooring, it also adds a touch of edginess to the overall design.

Typically, copper, brass, and blackened steel are the most common options other designers use. This is a fantastic element to use because it can be a statement piece or as a subtle accent.

Metal is great in an industrial home because it provides a shiny finish that adds texture to an industrial space. These accents can also reflect light and bring brightness to a room as well. This is especially useful in small apartments where natural light may be limited.

It’s not only great for the eyes though, this material is tough too. It can withstand daily wear and tear which makes it great for a functional home.

Overall, using metal accents in an industrial-style home can add character, texture, and practicality to the design. A cost-effective way to add metal in your home is to use simple lamps like this one.


3. Use Distressed Wood


Distressed wood home accents for industrial home


We all know wood is never going out of style. And in this design, these rooms are in desperate need of unfinished, raw wood.

Whether it’s in the form of a reclaimed wood table or a wooden accent wall, wood will enhance your space. Distressed wood works well in small spaces because it will add both texture and character without taking over the room.

If you look at the foundation of an industrial home, it is built with cold, hard materials like concrete, metal, and brick. So incorporating distressed wood adds that much-needed touch of warmth and softness. The natural tones are an added bonus because it creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

Thankfully, wood is a versatile material that can be used in a variety of ways. Consider using it for flooring, walls, furniture, or even in your home decor.


4. Bring In Multipurpose Furniture


Multipurpose furniture


If you are opting for an industrial-designed apartment, it’s essential to use multipurpose furniture to make the most of your space. We both know industrial-style homes are all about functionality and practicality which makes multipurpose furniture the perfect design element!

Not only does it meet industrial design at its core, it also helps achieve minimalism in the space. (We’ll talk more on this in the next tip.) By eliminating excess furniture and focusing on pieces that serve multiple functions, you can establish a more clutter-free apartment.

Spoiler alert, this will also be a great money saver when it comes to furniture shopping. Now, instead of buying multiple pieces of furniture, you can invest in a single piece to serve multiple purposes.

And over time, when you feel the urge to redesign your space (as we all do), you can easily convert your furniture. If you woke up one morning and wanted to take the books off the bookshelf and put up home decor items instead, you should!


5. Incorporate a Minimalist Design


Minimalist kitchen design


While minimalism can be an interior design choice on its own, it is also a key character trait admired in the industrial-styled home. Opting for minimalism can have several benefits too.

The most obvious benefit is how this design can help free up space in a small apartment. Sometimes you just want a little extra room to do yoga on the floor, right?

When I first started looking into minimalist designs, I immediately realized what the hype was about. When you start taking away the “extra” home decor items, you can finally allow the raw elements of a home to take center stage.

Instead of being overwhelmed by clutter, thinking “I need to take a duster to that, don’t I?”, you get to appreciate the beauty of the exposed brick walls and metal fixtures.

Another great benefit of minimalism is your home only holds furniture or decor that is functional and practical. You no longer have to wonder why you still have this or that, because with minimalism everything you have serves a purpose. This equally creates more breathing room and makes the space feel larger.


6. Turn on the Lights


Industrial home decor lighting


While lighting is an important aspect of any design, it is particularly helpful in creating an industrial feel in a small apartment. Industrial-style homes often feature raw, exposed materials that become the centerpiece of the home. An easy way to draw attention to them is to use your lights to spotlight the materials.

I find so many creative lighting ideas on Pinterest, but here are some good ones. Try using pendant lights with metal shades to draw attention to the metal fixtures in the space or using track lighting to highlight the textures and patterns in brick walls.

You don’t want your apartment to feel cold or sterile due to their emphasis on raw materials though. This is why designers use the lights with the intention to create a cozier atmosphere too.

For instance, warm-colored bulbs are used to create a more mellow glow in a room and floor and table lamps are used to form pools of light that make a space feel more intimate.

The lighting itself isn’t the only useful takeaway from this tip though. Like we talked about the benefits of multifunctional furniture being great for a small industrial apartment, the same can be said for multifunctional lights.

The lights you use can also serve as industrial home decor. For example, you can use a statement pendant light to create a focal point in your living room while it also serves its primary purpose of providing light.

Try playing with different types of lighting fixtures and placements to create a visually dynamic space that’s true to the industrial aesthetic.


Final Thoughts


An industrial home decor style is a great choice for small apartments. The way it combines simplicity and functionality with a modern and authentic look is what I love most about this design choice.

The good news is that by embracing exposed materials, using the right lighting, multipurpose furniture, and minimalist design, anyone can achieve an industrial look.

With these tips, you can create an industrial-inspired space that’s perfect for your small apartment, and enjoy the benefits of a functional and stylish home.