7 Tips for Decorating a First Home on a Budget

Feb 1, 2023

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7 Tips for Decorating a First Home on a Budget

Buying your first home is exciting. It’s even more exciting decorating a first home exactly how you’ve dreamed. Yet, you may find your budget is a little tighter nowadays. How can you decorate your first home in style while keeping the price down?

We have seven tips for decorating a first home on a budget to make your new space stand out.

Planning is a critical first step for decorating a first home on a budget. Using focal points, paint, thrift shops, and shopping around to make the most of your money.

Budget decor doesn’t have to be boring. Read on to find out how to get the most out of low-cost solutions to decorating a first home.

Tip #1 Make a plan for decorating a first home

Before jumping into decorating a first home, take a moment to plan. You will need to consider what furnishings you need and how much you can spend.

Planning before purchasing items will make you more purposeful with your decorating purchases. If you buy decor on a whim, it could cost you more. You may get less for your money.

It’s also a critical first step when you decorate to think about the look you want in your home.

Think about what look (or aesthetic) you want for your first house. Think about colors, shapes, materials, and designs. These considerations will help you decide your aesthetic.


Popular Aesthetic Types

Here are some popular aesthetics for decorating a first home:

  • Minimalist: This look emphasizes open space. The furniture should be functional. The colors are monochromatic with few patterns. There should be no clutter.
  • Bohemian: This freeing style decorates with artwork, throw pillows, mirrors, ottomans, and tapestries. It usually uses one bright color with monochromatic accents.
  • Scandinavian: This aesthetic uses lots of natural light. It emphasizes bright spaces, area rugs, and functional furniture. The colors are monochromatic with accent dark floors, pillows, and rugs.
  • Modern: This decor style embellishes with functional furniture and glossy cabinets. It uses neutral tones and has an earthy feel.
  • Traditional: This style decorates with marble countertops and antique furniture. It uses classic rugs, intricate designs, and carved wood to create a timeless feel.
  • Contemporary: This way of decorating goes along with whatever is currently in style.
  • Industrial: This aesthetic creates an edgy feel with painted steel, unfinished wood, and bricks. It uses a neutral palette.
  • Rustic: This aesthetic decorates with earthy tones, wood, stone, and dark accent colors. It has a homey, cozy feel.
  • Hollywood Regency: This style decorates the home with bold colors, silks, and velvets. It is 70’s glam meets royalty.
  • Retro: This aesthetic combines modern and old pieces from the 50s, 60s, and 70s. The style has mirrors, wood cabinets, ottomans, and low-lying furniture. Vibrant colors and floral patterns are essential to this decorating style.
  • Farmhouse: This trend decorates a home for practicality and comfort. The style features antiques and knick-knacks and uses materials such as wood, iron, and steel. The color palette is white, beige, and earthy tones.
  • And many more

Once you’ve decided on your decorating look, sort through your needs and wants list. Tally up the cost of each item. Then, start purchasing furnishings based on your budget and list.

Tip #2 Beautify a first home one room at a time

After you’ve decided on an aesthetic for your first home, start decorating your home one room at a time. Begin with rooms you frequent. These are the rooms you and your guests will see the most.

Usually, when you buy a first home, there are several rooms you’d like to renovate. If you try to decorate your whole house at once, it will drive up the cost. Yet, furnishing one room at a time will allow you to break up the cost of your decor dreams over time.

Also, by decorating one room at a time, you can tie all your decor ideas into one cohesive look.

In a first home, begin decorating your kitchen, living room, entryways, and bathrooms. These are the rooms of your home where the design will make the most impact.


Tip #3 Use paint to enhance a first home

Paint is a cost-effective way of decorating a first home. You can use paint to decorate in so many ways. Paint can make a space look new, add a splash of color, and add interest to the decor.

You can paint almost anything. Decorating a first home can be as easy as buying this special enamel paint to beautify old cabinets for a fraction of the cost of replacing them.

You can enrich chipped and faded furniture for less than it costs to replace them.

You can even paint countertops when decorating a first home on a budget. It’s pretty easy to get the look of marble countertops without spending money on marble. Paint helps you decorate your space with a high-end look without the high-end price.

Paint can add texture, as well. You can buy textured sponges and rollers to add designs to your walls.

Check out this textured paint roller for decorating your first home!


Tip #4 Embellish a first home with a focal point


Decorating a first home with a focal point in each room will be sure to make your designs cohesive. A focal point is a place in each room that draws your eye. Some rooms in a first home may have a natural focal point. A natural focal point can be a fireplace or an interesting architectural structure.

If you don’t have a natural focal point, you can add one to a room. Angle the decorations in the room toward the focal point to emphasize the design.

There are several items you can use to embellish a new home with a focal point, such as:

  • A picture
  • artwork
  • Large clocks
  • Metal signs
  • A mirror
  • A bold color on a wall
  • An existing architectural structure.

You can purchase many of these items for a relatively low price.

For inspiration, check out this mirror for decorating your first home on a budget.

Mirrors are great focal points in smaller rooms because they make spaces feel larger. A first home decorated with mirrors has an open feel.

You can also look at decorating a first home with this industrial clock for a relatively low price.

Use focal point pieces as the starting point for building the aesthetic in your room.


Tip #5 Adorn a first home with thrifty finds

You can buy pieces at thrift stores, estate sales, and salvage stores to decorate your first home. Think of going to these sales like a treasure hunt searching for unique and fun furnishings.

Even if it has a few chips, there are several ways you can update these pieces.

If you are crafty, you can reupholster fabrics on an old chair with trendier patterns to fit into your style.

You can always paint old furnishings. You could also add peel-and-stick tiles or wallpaper to furniture. This adds texture and interest.

Many of these antique finds can be your focal point. Unique pieces always stand out in any new home decor. When you find a focal piece at half the cost of a trendy furniture store, you’ll be jumping for joy.


Tip #6 Get deals for decorating a first home

Shopping around can make a huge price difference when decorating a first home.

Sometimes that beautiful basket you see in a high-end store is being sold for half the price online.

Also, some stores will offer promotions and coupons on decor items. Take advantage of those! You can also check out the discount aisles and closeout sections of stores for bargains.

Decorating a first home won’t happen overnight. It is alright for you to find these pieces here and there throughout the year.


Tip #7 Beautify a first home with a purpose

Beautifying a first house is fun and exciting. Yet, it is also important to decorate a new home functionally.

For example, if you choose a minimalist aesthetic, you have to keep clutter out of your home. If this isn’t something you can do, this may not be the right aesthetic for your new home.

Choosing decor pieces that don’t fit in with your lifestyle can cause frustration. Constantly replacing decorations and furniture will cost more money in the long run. So, try to choose items that are beautiful and practical.



Even on a budget, it is fun decorating a first house with your dream decor.

Remember, as excited as you are, it is important to plan out your design. Take your time decorating a first home to create the best space for you.

Use focal points and paint to get the right look. Shop at thrift stores, bargain aisles, and online to get the best deals for your first home.

With these 7 tips in mind, you are ready to go out and decorate your first home in a way that you will admire for years to come. Now check out these 15 Tips for Every Budget to Add Value to Your Home.