8 BEST Home Design Trends for 2023

Jan 3, 2023

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Home Design Trends for 2023

Accent walls, wallpaper, and gold accents, oh my! It may shock you to see some of the home design trends ready to take center stage this year. There will certainly be no shortage of color, patterns, and statement pieces as we venture into 2023. The biggest overarching trend? Twenty-twenty-three will be the year of personalization incorporated into each and every eye-catching finish and feature. As we head into the new year, here are the home design trends to look out for in 2023.


1. Accent Walls

Accent walls are a wonderful way to add a wealth of character to your home. They serve as a focal point and offer an unmatched opportunity to show off your personal style preferences. The best part is that they offer incredible flexibility to design how you best see fit. Looking for a bold focal point? Go with an eye-catching pop of color or intricate wallpaper. Prefer a subtle contrast? Opt for timeless picture-frame molding.

While accent walls aren’t necessarily a new trend, they are still making waves yet again in 2023. This popular home design trend is taking Pinterest boards everywhere by storm. However, this go-to design trend is getting a small facelift.

Now, not only will you see accent walls with eye-catching colors but also accent walls set apart with unique textured elements. Wooden trim, brick, or stone are three popular ways to add visual contrast to your accent wall.

The “​​Whitney” by T.W. Custom Homes

These design elements are the perfect way to anchor a room and offer abundant character. The more obvious accent walls are typically found in bedrooms, nurseries, and offices.

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However, subtle accent walls and designs make appearances in living, dining, and kitchen areas as well. One of my favorite ways to provide an eye-catching design is an accent fireplace that marries both texture and color.

The “Hamilton Estate” by Cardinal Crest Homes

Choosing the right wall to highlight may sometimes be a challenge. A trick to help you succeed is to select the wall that immediately captures your attention upon entering the room.

Oftentimes, this wall already encompasses a design element such as a bookshelf or fireplace. A general rule of thumb is that only 10% of the room should be the accent color.

The remaining 90% should feature a neutral color. By selecting a wall that already captures your attention, it ensures the room doesn’t become too overpowering.


2. Wallpapered Powder Rooms

Wallpapered powder rooms transform an otherwise purely utilitarian space and raise it to a whole new level. A powder room is a perfect opportunity to experiment with showstopping wallpaper. From a practical standpoint, you don’t have to deal with humidity caused by a bathtub or shower. From a design standpoint, powder rooms are typically smaller and can easily be elevated with minimal resources. Even on a budget, a wallpaper powder room is doable!

The “​​Whitney” by T.W. Custom Homes

The “Whitney” floor plan by T.W. Custom Homes includes a beautiful powder bathroom. The understated wallpaper adds warmth to the space. The blue-washed vanity and colored glass vessel sink work together in conjunction with the wallpaper to make this an elevated space.


3. Gold Accents

Go for the gold! What’s old is new again with gold accents making a resurgence in homes. In 2023, warmer design tones will take center stage. You may notice golden accents delicately on display in the “Whitney” by T.W. Custom Homes powder bathroom featured above. Gold touches impart an overall warmer presence in the home versus cooler silver finishes. These accents ground the room and tie the room together beautifully.


4. Multi-Purpose Interiors

Multi-purpose interiors unsurprisingly rose in popularity in 2020. Guest bedrooms became at-home office spaces and basement rec rooms became at-home gyms. Creativity was fully on display and homes acted as chameleons to supply individual family needs.

With expectations for your home heightened, it comes as no surprise that multi-purpose design is still top-of-mind. In 2023, rooms are serving cross-functional needs and making the most of every square foot. Now is the time to consider a room’s potential outside of its assigned use.


5. Formal Dining Room

While open-concept living is still very much a home trend for 2023, formal dining rooms are back in fashion. Simply put, many are ready to invest once again in a dedicated space for intentional family meals. No longer are families interested in the kitchen island serving as the dining room table, study space, and breakfast bar.

The “Napa” by Infinity Homes

If your home has an open-concept floor plan don’t worry! There is a solution where these two seemingly conflicting layouts can peacefully co-exist. The “Napa” model by Infinity Homes perfectly executes a formal dining experience in an open-concept home. Instead of physical walls outlining the dining space, an overhead light centers the space while a rug provides a natural separation.


6. Sustainable Design

When you’re building a custom home, there is ample opportunity to focus on sustainability. Building an energy-efficient home not only reduces your environmental footprint but it also cuts down on monthly utility costs. Many people may automatically think of solar panels when they hear sustainability.

However, there are dozens of ways to design sustainably when building a home, from the insulation to the appliances.

Sustainable Design Tips

  • Choose a prefabricated home. Prefab homes typically produce less waste since it is easier to gauge how much material is necessary. Furthermore, since the supplies are not stored at the build site, there is less likelihood of items being stolen or damaged.
  • Construct with recycled materials whenever possible. Items like reclaimed wood and bricks make beautiful accent pieces.
  • Always ask the builder what steps you can take to build your home to ensure energy efficiency. Proper insulation and ensuring windows and doors have efficient weather stripping are vital.


7. Natural Stone Slabs

Bye-bye subway tile, hello natural stone slabs. Yes, you read that right! The waterfall kitchen island has finally met its match. While subway tile will always offer a timeless look, natural stone slabs are making waves in modern kitchen designs. The natural stone slab backsplashes provide seamless flow, making it preferred over grout-tiled backsplashes.

Picture via Decoist

Natural stone slabs provide unmatched luxury to your kitchen by offering a vision of a single, continuous backsplash. This minimalist approach adds approachable flair to contemporary kitchens. Bonus points if the backslash matches the countertops.

Believe it or not, this upscale finish doesn’t require a hefty budget. The majority of the cost is based on the type of stone selected and the amount of space you choose to cover.

For stone, the price varies greatly between marble, granite, and Calacatta quartz. Additionally, adorning a smaller area such as the space between the range and hood is far more attainable than a full kitchen design.


8. Statement Lighting

Lighting now isn’t just for practical utility, it is also becoming a statement opportunity. In 2023, we expect to see more statement light fixtures than ever. Think intricate chandeliers, modern pendant lighting, and backlit mirrors.

The “Stratford” by Nies Homes

The “Stratford” floor plan by Nies Homes beautifully incorporates an ornate light fixture with recessed lighting. These elements also effortlessly flow with the natural light pouring in from the oversized windows.


Final Thoughts

While some of these home design trends carry over from 2022, there are some exciting new trends on the horizon for 2023. Statement lights will rise in popularity while pre-existing trends like accent walls will begin taking on a new form. I look forward to seeing how personal style is incorporated into these trends to create dream homes.