9 Must-Have Home Decor Pieces for a Rustic Chic Look

Feb 6, 2023

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9 Must-Have Rustic Chic Home Decor Pieces

Do you love the rustic chic look? It is popular and with good reason. This simple look is timeless and cozy. The design combines both feminine and masculine elements to make a home feel lived-in.

There are 9 must-have rustic chic home decor pieces to get the perfect look. The smaller pieces include wood bead garlands, faux plants, and distressed lanterns. Larger pieces include a blanket ladder, window-shaped mirror, and galvanized metal wall decor. Other pieces to add are a wooden tier tray, mason jar sconces, and rustic barn doors.

Combine these 9 must-have pieces home decor pieces for a rustic chic look.


What gives home decor pieces a rustic chic look?

Rustic chic home decor pieces use natural materials. The design emphasizes unfinished wood, stone, and metal. A rustic chic home decor piece appears old while maintaining comfort and simplicity.

rustic chic home decor (1)

Distressed pieces fit in with the this style of home decor PERFECTLY! They make the space fill lived in.

The color palette is neutral–grays, tans, and whites. The aesthetic isn’t stale, though. The design layers shades of whites and off-whites to create warmth. These colors are often accentuated with pale greens and browns to break up the monotony.

Patterned rugs, throw pillows, and afghans add comfort and depth to the rustic chic style, as well.

With a collection of home decor pieces, you can create this look. Many people select areas of the home to create vignettes, such as a coffee table, an entryway, or a kitchen hutch. A vignette is a curated display in your home.

So, what are the must-have home decor pieces for a rustic chic look?


#1 Display wooden bead garlands

Wooden bead garlands are the first on our list of must-have home decor pieces for a rustic chic look. These beads are a simple and cheap piece to add to your design.

People usually display these wooden beads in bowls or on trays with other items. Place them on a wooden entryway or coffee table alongside some faux plants and books.

For inspiration, check out this wooden bead garland home decor piece for a rustic chic look.


#2 Faux plants add a pop of color to this style

To create that rustic chic look, you need to mix unfinished materials with pops of color. Faux plants are a home decor piece for a rustic chic look that brings a splash of color.

rustic chic home decor

You can add these as garlands, in a vase, or in an antique-looking milk pitcher. You can also have faux potted plants and topiaries that you set on display on shelves and tables.

Check out this lovely set of 3 faux plants in a tray. This display is a must-have home decor piece for a rustic chic look.


#3 Distressed lanterns add a rich rustic chic charm

To complete your rustic chic vignette, you need to add a distressed lantern. These are usually perfect for housing a white candle. They pair well with the wooden beads and faux plants on a coffee table or shelf.

rustic chic lanterns

The rectangular shape of the lantern contrasts with the roundness of the beads. The distressed metal frame emphasizes the leaf texture of the faux plants. Together, this trio is are must-have home decor pieces for a rustic chic look.

Check out this white distressed lantern for your rustic chic look.


#4 Rustic chic looks aren’t complete without a blanket ladder

If you are looking for larger pieces for your home design, blanket ladders are a must-have. Blanket ladders are usually either made from metal or wood. They come in many colors and styles.

rustic chic home decor blanket ladder

These rustic pieces are great for displaying your afghans or quilts. They look fantastic leaning against a wall or in a corner. The bright colors and patterns of the blankets will add contrast.

You can put other rustic pieces such as larger distressed lanterns next to the ladder.

Check out this blanket ladder as that perfect home decor piece.


#5 Hang window-shaped mirrors a must-have home decor piece

Mirrors make spaces look larger. They are also excellent focal points for a room. Window-shaped mirrors with distressed wood are perfect for a rustic chic look.

rustic chic home decor mirrors

These mirrors give the appearance of looking out of an old window. The square and rectangular shapes of the glass add depth to the design.

These mirrors come in a variety of sizes, colors, and finishes.

Take a peek at this must-have decor piece for a rustic look.


#6 Decorate with rustic chic galvanized metal wall decor

Metal is a great contrast to wooden home decor pieces. The shininess of the metal, along with its distressing adds layers of textures. It also stands out against the neutral palette of the walls and fabrics of the rustic design.

rustic chic home decor wall art

These galvanized metal wall home decor pieces come in many sizes and shapes. You can get them to look like old signs or in specific shapes.

This windmill design galvanized metal wall hanging is a must-have home decor piece.


#7 Add height with wooden tier trays

The key to an eye-catching display is to play with heights and textures. If you are building a vignette, select home decor pieces with varying heights.

For example, a tiered tray can elevate a faux plant or a picture frame. They are often made of wood or distressed metals. These can build different levels to your design.

Another feature of tiered trays is their versatility. You can change out the items on the tray with every season.

A two-tiered tray is a must-have home decor piece for a rustic chic look.


#8 Light up your home decor with a mason jar sconce

Mason jars are an easy way to create that rustic look in your home design. You also want to be sure to include adequate lighting in your display areas.

rustic chic home decor wall sconce

To combine these two ideas, these mason jar sconces are a must-have home decor piece for a rustic chic look.

The fairy lights within glow enough to illuminate a dark corner. These sconces create warmth in a vignette.


#9 Install barn doors to separate rooms

This must-have home decor piece for a rustic look is a little more involved than the rest. You can actually install a sliding barn door to separate two spaces.

rustic chic sliding barn doors (1)

The doors slide along a black, metal rod. Barn doors are great for separating a dining area from a kitchen or a living room. These are feature pieces, well worth the money.

You can get them either as double doors or single, based on your space. These barn doors are a must-have home decor piece for a rustic chic look.



We have listed 9 must-have home decor pieces for a rustic chic look.

These include the following:

  • wooden bead garlands
  • faux plants
  • distressed lanterns
  • blanket ladders
  • window-shaped mirrors
  • galvanized wall signs
  • wooden tiered trays
  • mason jar sconces
  • sliding barn doors

The rustic chic look is a warm, cozy design. It is easy to incorporate it into any home with the right pieces. This iconic look mixes natural materials, neutrals palettes, and cozy antiques.

There is something for everyone on this list. You can start with smaller pieces for a display or go bold with larger statement pieces.

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