9 Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas to Make a Big Impact

Feb 10, 2023

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 Make a Big Impact with These 9 Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Does your small bathroom feel cramped and outdated? Remodeling a small bathroom can be a daunting task. You may not be sure where to begin or what to change to make the biggest impact.

We will share with you 9 small bathroom remodel ideas to make a big impact.

These inspirations are sure to help you decide on the best way to remodel your small bathroom in style.


Ideas for a small bathroom remodel

Try out one (or all) of these ideas for a small bathroom remodel. Think about the aesthetic you want and how each piece will tie together before you start your remodel. Also, consider your budget. Many of these suggestions are customizable to your budget.


#1 Ditch the old bathtub

The first eyesore in a small bathroom is the manufacturer-grade bathtub. These tubs are cookie cutter and after a time they can become discolored.

Based on your budget, you can replace an old discolored, or oddly colored tub with a new one. Or, for a big impact, your small bathroom remodel could feature a unique tub.

Claw bathtubs are classic and stylish. They give a sense of luxury and often fit into small bathrooms.

Still, claw bathtubs aren’t the only unique shapes. You can find smaller round, oval, bowl-shaped, and even transparent square tubs.

If you never use a tub, and your small bathroom remodel needs to be more functional. Of, if you want to make a big impact in a different way. You could replace your manufacturer-grade bathtub with a shower.

You can find several small shower systems that make a statement.


#2 Upgrade the toilet

When you are completing a small bathroom remodel, a new toilet is a must. Not only can you get a more energy and water-efficient toilet, but you can also add style with a new throne.

You can get a one-piece toilet that eliminates the height of a typical toilet. This will give you more space in your small bathroom.

There are also some toilets with more rounded features to create a soft look. You can also get toilets with starker corners and lines.

Even on a budget, replacing an old toilet is relatively affordable.


#3 Freshen up with paint

An easy way to make a big impact with a small bathroom remodel is to paint the walls and cabinetry.

Small bathrooms can feel dull and lifeless, but with fresh paint, you can liven them up.

If you want to go for a clean look, you can go for a bright white. Then, contrast it with accents with bold colors. Black and white small bathroom remodels are classic.

You could also go for a more daring look such as a bright yellow or coral. These colors can make a big impact. They draw the eye and need softer accents to dial them back.

Or, you can go somewhere between with a pastel color such as powder blue or mint green. These colors create softness and make the bathroom look delicate and homey.

You can also use paint to contrast your walls and cabinetry. This could be a way to skip replacing the vanity, but still, give your small bathroom remodel a fresh look.


#4 Liven up lighting

When you have a small bathroom, lighting is important. Small bathrooms can feel dark, especially if they don’t have windows or are oddly shaped.

Add unique bathroom fixtures to your small bathroom remodel to make a big impact.

The better your lighting, the more spacious and inviting your bathroom will appear.

You can hang a chandelier in a small bathroom remodel for added ceiling interest, like this one.

Also, the lights over your vanity need an update. Try out this crystal-strand vanity light fixture for your small bathroom remodel.


#5 Store necessities with style

Towels, toilet paper, and other toiletries are essential. They are what make a bathroom functional, but they are also ugly. So, in your small bathroom remodel, consider adding stylish ways to store these items.

A stylish bathroom cabinet, such as this one, is great if you can fit it into your small bathroom remodel.

You can also create recesses to store items. You can add a built-in medicine cabinet or a recessed shelf near the bathtub. Here you can store your toiletries in style.

Upgrade your vanity with one with more storage options. This will create more space for essentials.


#6 Add decorative tile

You can use tile to create a clean look, to add luxury, or to tie the the room together. You can even join your floor tile with your wall tile in a small bathroom remodel.

The good news is that you usually don’t have to spend a ton to retile a small bathroom. The smaller space means fewer tiles, which means you can splurge on nicer materials. Marble tiles create an expensive look.

Subway tile is a clean and elegant. Glazed tiles are becoming more popular, and they come in a variety of colors that pop. If you want to make a big impact, you can even buy decorative tiles with interesting shapes.

For inspiration, take a look at these daisy mosaic tiles. In a small bathroom remodel, these tiles would make a big impact.


#7 Create a focal point

Small bathrooms often seem unfocused. This is why you should add a focal point to your small bathroom remodel.

bathroom remodel focal point sunburst mirror

You can do this with a feature piece like an expensive and unique bathtub. You can create interest with a patterned wall or interesting tile work.

Another way to add a focal point is to use artwork or a framed mirror in your small bathroom remodel.

The same as the tub, manufacturer-grade mirrors are boring and lack interest.

A focal point in your small bathroom remodel could also be a pedestal sink. These look classy and add space to a small bathroom.


#8 Embellish with small details

You cannot forget about the small details when doing a small bathroom remodel. To make a big impact, mix materials to create layers and add texture to your design.

For instance, you can upgrade handles, faucets, and towel racks to modernize your space. You can also make them more functional.

Think about the way you store everyday items, such as makeup or hand soap. A cute soap dispenser such as this one can go a long way to make a big impact in your small bathroom.


#9 Create softness with fabrics

Curtains, rugs, and towels are also integral parts of a small bathroom remodel. If you change the whole look yet your towels are old and worn, it will bring the look down.

Fresh, color-coordinating towels and elegant fabric shower curtains can tie the space together. You can get monogramed towels and curtains for an expensive look. Or, you can go for a softer, homier look with patterned designs.

Add contrast with bright colored towels and curtains.

Don’t forget a bathroom rug! When you get out of the shower or tub, a soft rug is essential. It also can add texture or a pop of color to your small bathroom remodel. You can get fuzzy rugs, patterned, or simple memory foam.



With these 9 small bathroom remodel ideas, you can make a big impact.

Don’t lament at your small space, instead embrace it and make it your own. Changing the bathtub, mirror, and toilet go a long way in making the space modern and unique. Then, use lighting and a focal point to create the style you want.

It is important to be mindful of how you store your everyday essentials. The small details will tie the room together.

A small bathroom remodel doesn’t have to be daunting. It can be fun and exciting. Take these inspirations and plan out your next bathroom remodel in style.

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