I’ve Never Seen A 3 Bedroom Modern Modular Farmhouse Like This!

Dec 19, 2021

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The “Red Rooster” Is The Coolest Modern Modular FarmHouse I’ve Seen!

This modern modular farmhouse is the “Red Rooster” by Beracah Homes in Delaware. This stunning home was originally designed for the owner of Beracah Homes’ mother. It is a combination of two of their most popular designs, one of which is the “Hayshaker”. It was meant to be a different twist on the modern farmhouse design with white board-and-batten siding and a red roof and red accents (thus the name Red Rooster).
Beracah Homes is a regional modular home builder that services a very small portion of the country. They do, however, have some exceptional homes that I thoroughly enjoy touring. Beracah Homes is headquartered in Greenwood, Delaware, and have 3 models available to tour. The build on the Delmarva peninsula which includes Delaware, Eastern Maryland, and the North Eastern region of Virginia.
modern modular farmhouse floor plan

The “Red Rooster” by Beracah Homes includes:  

  • 3148 square feet  
  • Three bedrooms 
    • Master bedroom: 15ft 0in X 13ft  0in
    • Second bedroom: 14ft 0in X 9ft 5in
    • Third bedroom: 11ft 4in X 10ft  5in
  • Three and a half bathrooms  
  • Junior Suite  
  • Fireplace 
  • Pantry Closet 
  • 2-Car Garage
  • Approximate Price As Toured: $700,000* (ballpark)

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Modern Modular Farmhouse Home Exterior


Originally the exterior of this home was meant to completely throw the typical modern farmhouse design out the window. Of course, it did more than that. The red and white version of this modern modular farmhouse is absolutely amazing and by far the coolest design I have ever seen!


modern modular farm house red rooster

Source: beracahhomes.comBeing as I live in Delaware, this version is at the tippy top of the list! I Love it.


The version we are taking a look at today is the exact same floor plan, the owner just decided they wanted a different exterior package. No matter what package you go with the features will be the same, so I will just discuss those.

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Firstly, curb appeal! I mean wow! No matter what you decided on the massive front porch and cute dormers bring this home to life. To the left of the home is a two-car garage with a beautiful gable up above. Windows are absolutely everywhere and it all comes together to make the front of this home super charming.


modern modular farmhouse exterior


Traveling around to the back of the home you are greeted with a lovely covered porch and a number of windows coming from both the sitting/morning room, kitchen, and half bath. Then to wrap up the outside there is a doorway coming from the backside of the garage so you can easily grab any games or yard tools you may need.


Modern Modular Farmhouse Interior Design


Living Room


Stepping inside this incredible modern modular farmhouse, you will immediately find beautiful views of the entire downstairs living space in an open-concept layout. To the right is a nice coat closet. To the right, you open up into the living room.


modern modular farmhouse fireplace


It is a nice big space with two windows sitting along the front wall looking out onto the porch. The centerpiece though is an incredible brick fireplace with a wood mantle and brick hearth. On either side of the fireplace are two large built-ins. They have 2 sets of cabinets on the bottom and bookshelves that span all the way up to the ceiling.


Kitchen and Dining Room


From the living room, you enter the kitchen. The craftsmanship and detail here are off the charts. The owner spent a lot of time picking out some of the nicest finishes I have ever seen, including the site-built homes I’ve toured.

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In the middle of the kitchen is a nice big island. It has plenty of cabinets and drawers on the kitchen side and a couple of spots for stools on the dining room side. The countertop is nice and spacious with plenty of usable workspaces.


modern modular farmhouse kitchen


The main counter of the kitchen is in the shape of an “L”. On one side you have your gas stove, with your refrigerator to the left and your range hood and cabinets mounted just above it. Along the back wall you have your sink, sitting just below the window, looking out into the backyard. On either side of that, there are two pull-out dishwashers! On the far right-hand side of the kitchen, you will find an oven with a microwave mounted just above it.  

Moving into the dining room area you have a great big space for a large table. There is a beautiful light fixture hanging down over the top of it and back behind it, if you wanted, space for a cabinet or buffet. 


Utility Room and Garage


Sitting in between the living room and the kitchen is a hallway. On the left-hand side, the first door that you come to is a coat closet. The coat closet has really nice wood shelves and plenty of room for all types of storage.

Next to that, you will enter your utility room. Here, you will find washer and dryer hookups, as well as, a utility closet where you can store all types of cleaning supplies. The utility room also boasts a nice deep washbasin with several cabinets mounted above it. There is also a great big window looking out towards the front of the home. 

To the right-hand side of the hallway, the first door that you’ll come to is your pantry. This sits directly across from the coat closet and has, again, more wood shelves and plenty of storage. Enough for a whole heap ton of food.

Next to the pantry, also on the right-hand side, you will come to your powder room. Or half bath, depending on what you refer to it as. It has a pedestal vanity and a toilet with a window looking out towards the backyard.

Finally, all the way at the end of this hallway, you do have the doorway that leads into your two-car garage. Which would house two cars. 


Junior Suite


On the opposite side of the house, sitting just in between the living room and dining room, is the junior suite. This is a very nice-sized room sitting up towards the front of the house with a beautiful window looking out towards the porch.

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The room itself measures 13ft 11in X 15ft  2in and has plenty of space for a king-size bed and a large dresser. One of my favorite things about this room is the beautiful wallpaper that is used on the accent wall at the back of the bedroom.


modern modular farmhouse junior suite bedroom


On the living room wall, there is a nice size step-in closet and on the wall facing toward the back of the home, you will find the en-suite. In the en-suite, there is a single vanity with a beautiful mirror and vanity lights. To the right, separated by a pocket door, you’ll enter the water closet. The water closet houses both the toilet and a shower and tub combo. 


Sitting Room


At the back of the house, just off the dining room, is a lovely sitting area. It is surrounded by big beautiful windows and accented by a wonderful tray ceiling and a chandelier light fixture.

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There is plenty of room for all types of seating arrangements, however, this room can be used for a whole number of things. Some of which could be an office space, a breakfast room, a reading nook, or whatever your imagination can come up with.


modern modular farmhouse design


To the right-hand side of this sitting room is the door that leads out onto your screened-in back porch. This space is absolutely amazing and probably one of my favorites in this whole entire house! You absolutely have your own little sanctuary looking out into, what is hopefully a big beautiful backyard! Just like this home has. 


Master Suite


Between the dining room and the sitting room is a hallway that leads down toward the master suite. As you walk down this corridor, you will have the stairs that lead up to the second floor. Just beyond that, you have a doorway that leads into a large open master walk-in closet.

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Past the closet, the corridor opens up into a magnificent master bedroom with coffered ceilings and large windows looking out into the backyard. The room is quite grand measuring approximately 15ft 7in X 15ft  2in. It has plenty of room for a large king-size bed, as well as, plenty of dressers and possibly even a little sitting space. 


modern modular farmhouse master bedroom


Just off of the master bedroom, positioned on the front side of the house, is the en-suite. This bathroom is one of the most spectacular that I’ve ever seen featuring an absolutely stunning soaking tub sitting just below a window. To make it even more spectacular, there is a magnificent chandelier hanging over the top of it. Talk about feeling super luxurious.

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To the right of the soaking tub you have a standalone shower and to the left of the soaking tub, you have the toilet. On the opposite wall, on either side of the door, there are matching vanities. Both of the vanities have plenty of cabinets and a nice built-in along the exterior walls.


2nd Floor Living Area


Moving up to the second floor, at the top of the stairs, you will find another large living space. To the left of the stairwell, There is a cozy office area as well as a game room/bonus room.


modern modular farmhouse bonus loft


Though this area could also be a fourth bedroom if you so opted to have one. Basically, that’s up to you. The owner of this home decided to go with this more of a living room/den area, just because they didn’t need the extra bedroom. 


2nd Floor Bedroom and Bath


To the right of the stairwell, you will come to your third full bathroom. It has a great big vanity, a toilet, and a shower and tub combo.

Just passed the bathroom, you come to the third bedroom, which is a great big space. It measures approximately 14ft 4in X 15ft  6in and it has a large window sitting inside of one of the great big dormers.

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Up on the second floor, every one of the dormers is actually usable space and not just some decorative aesthetic.


modern modular farmhouse bedroom


Either way, the bedroom is big enough to accommodate a large king-size bed, several dressers, and maybe even a little sitting nook also. Along the side wall, there is another doorway that leads into the space above the garage. Here you’ll have a whole heap ton of extra storage space. You could even turn the bedroom into another kind of game room or flex room and the space above the garage into a bedroom.


Final Thoughts on this Modern Modular Farmhouse


So now that you’ve seen it, I can’t wait to hear what you think about this home. Personally, I think this is one of the most exceptional modern modular farmhouse designs that I’ve ever seen. It’s definitely one to keep on the radar.

As always, thank you so much for stopping by to tour this modern modular farmhouse with us. We greatly appreciate it and we look forward to seeing your beautiful face in the next.

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