Achieving the Scandinavian Design Style for Your Bathroom

Apr 12, 2023

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10 Tips for a Scandinavian-Style Bathroom


The Scandinavian design style is a clean and cozy look. The design principles focus on minimalism and comfort. Its simplicity of it is one of its biggest appeals. The light colors, geometric shapes, and natural accents look great. This is a lovely, luxurious, modern bathroom design.

If you are looking to redecorate your bathroom in the Scandinavian design, try these 10 tips.


Scandinavian Style in the Bathroom


The best way to start with a remodel like this is to take everything out of the bathroom and start with a blank canvas. Go through your bathroom decor and personal items to decide what should stay and what should go. The first idea of Scandinavian design is clutter-free spaces.

This will get you started on creating the perfect Scandinavian bathroom design. Then, you can think about how to add in each of the 10 tips below to create the look you want in your bathroom.


#1 Opt for simplicity


Scandinavian-style bathroom


Scandinavian design style is all about simplicity. You want clean lines with few decorations. This style is about letting the natural materials shine. Your Scandinavian bathroom should look clean and functional.

Start with a shelf or medicine cabinet that is both simple and a great way to store away some of the everyday items. This will keep those items from cluttering your sink and taking away from the beauty of your new style.

This wooden Scandinavian capsule wall shelf would look great in a bathroom. It would be perfect to place lotions, hand towels, and other personal items.

Remember, if you opt for an open shelf, you still need to think about simplicity. You’ll want to only have the most important items on this shelf. Don’t over-clutter it.


#2 Style with geometric patterns


This design is all about minimalism, so you want to add pieces that are functional yet impactful. The monochromatic palette is clean and fresh, but it can be a bit dull without some variation.

To add texture to your Scandinavian bathroom, style it with geometric patterns. You only need one or two pieces, as more would be overwhelming.

One idea is to add a bathmat with a geometric design. This hand-woven cotton rug is a perfect choice. It doesn’t overdo it with design and color, but it adds a little bit of contrast to a monochromatic bathroom.

Another way you could turn your existing bathroom into a Scandinavian spa is to use geometric tile. You could add them to the floor or as a backsplash. There are loads of options like this peel-and-stick fish scale metal mosaic tile.

The repeating pattern will keep with the theme of simplicity. But, it will also bring enough variety to the bathroom to add interest.


#3 Add hints of nature


Nature is one of the main inspirations in the Scandinavian design style. The patterns in many Scandinavian textiles are based on flowers and nature. Also, many of the materials used in this design are natural. Examples are wood and natural fibers.

Since nature is a big influence, you should add some to your Scandinavian bathroom.

For simplicity, you could get some pampas grass picks and place them in a white vase. This is an easy addition to a bathroom vanity. It takes no maintenance but gives a hint of nature. You could do the same with a faux plant. This could add a little green to your Scandinavian bathroom.

If you like a challenge or love plants, add live indoor plants. Bromeliads and Dieffenbachia love the environment of a typical bathroom.


#4 Use monochromatic neutrals


Scandinavian bathroom with monochromatic neutrals


Minimalism is a must in the Scandinavian design style. So, use monochromatic neutrals in your bathroom design. Many of these bathrooms go for all-white. But, you could use beige or gray, as well.

White walls, white countertops, and even white tiles are simple, clean, and elegant. That is why they are such an important feature of this style. They look effortless.


#5 Insert wood accents


To add more natural elements to your Scandinavian bathroom design, try wood accents. This could be as simple as a wooden frame for your wall-mounted mirror.

You could add in wooden stool which is a great place to sit and apply makeup or lotion. It can be difficult to add functional furniture for kids to your design. But, this will allow the little ones access to the sink. Yet, it will blend in seamlessly to your Scandinavian bathroom design.

Also, try a wooden tray for your sink countertop to hold your soap dispensers. You could also use a tray like that on the back of your toilet to hold the essential bathroom supplies.

When opting for wood accents, lighter wood tones are best for a Scandinavian bathroom.


#6 Use natural lighting


Natural light bathroom design


With all these bright neutrals and simple lines, you want to use natural light to emphasize the other bright elements. If you have a window in your bathroom, hold off on putting up curtains. Instead, opt for letting the light stream through unfiltered.

If you have a bathroom without windows, try adding LED daylight vanity bulbs. These give off a more natural white light that simulates sunlight.

For inspiration, try out this modern woven rattan pendant light. It would look lovely hanging above your bathtub.


#7 Contrast with an accent wall


To contrast the monochromatic walls and features, add an accent wall. You could do this behind your bathtub or behind your toilet. There are several ways you could add an accent wall.

If you enjoy DIY projects, you could add geometric shapes to an accent wall. Start by painting your wall a base color. Salmon, light orange, turquoise, pink, and lavender are great accent wall color choices for a Scandinavian bathroom. Then, use these herringbone stencils to add the pattern to your wall with black paint.

You could also opt for peel-and-stick wallpaper. This modern geometric wall strip wallpaper would look cute behind a vanity.

Or, you could go for wood paneling as an accent wall. It would tie in with the other wooden accents will offering a contrast.


#8 Relax in a freestanding bathtub


Freestanding bathtub for Scandinavian design


Scandinavian-design bathrooms also often have a freestanding bathtub. The simplicity and beauty of these tubs will make your bathroom feel like a spa.

Remember that a lot of Scandinavian design is focused on minimalism and comfort. Nothing seems more luxurious than a simple, freestanding bathtub. Add a wooden bathtub tray to complete the look.

After a long day at work, you can draw a bath and soak in your cozy bathroom.


#9 Bring warmth with a wooden vanity


Wooden vanity for Scandinavian-style bathroom


A wooden vanity is a lovely way to add Scandinavian design style to your bathroom. Once again, lighter colors of wood work best. You can either coordinate all your wood accents to be the same color for a monochromatic look. Or, you could have different shades for a more eclectic look.

You can get custom-made wooden vanities. These will make your space look unique and stylish. Or, you could buy some unfinished wood vanities at your local department store.

Ones with open shelving add to the simplicity of the design, They are also a great opportunity to add some natural fiber baskets.


#10 Add pops of color


Finally, you may want to add a pop of color to your bathroom. Hand towels are the perfect places to let a little color into your minimalist bathroom.

Blues, greens, and yellows are perfect pairings with the monochromatic color palette. You can also go for bold, black accents to add some more visual interest.




With these 10 tips, adding Scandinavian style to your bathroom has never been easier! This design is all about minimalism, so simple clean lines are a must. Don’t forget to incorporate natural elements, geometric patterns, and wood accents. Also, opt for more unique bathroom features. Try a freestanding bathtub and a custom wooden vanity.

You can use these 10 ideas as inspiration as you build your Scandinavian design bathroom.

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