Al Fresco Dining at Home: 10 Ways to Revamp Your Outdoor Space

Feb 6, 2023

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Al Fresco Dining Takes Center Stage

When the sun is out, and winter weather is just a thing of the past, al fresco dining takes center stage. People naturally flock to the outdoors in the spring and summer months for backyard barbecues, s’mores on the bonfire, and quality time with family and friends.

Investing in an outdoor space tends to increase the amount of time you spend outside. The more time you spend outside in your new space, the greater the return on your investment. If you’re ready to take at-home al fresco dining to a new level, here are 10 Ways to Revamp Your Outdoor Space.


10 Ways to Revamp Your Outdoor Space


1. Invest in Patio Furniture

Investing in patio furniture may seem like an obvious first step to revamping your outdoor living space. However, investing in patio furniture really means taking the time to select pieces that are durable and will last.

We all know the struggle of purchasing items that only last a season before completely falling apart. Investing in pieces that are less trendy and more durable saves future headaches.

An outdoor dining table is a must-have for al fresco dining. Outdoor features like a fire pit are also a great investment because they offer space to come together as a family.

They also add convenient warmth on cooler nights that allow you to still enjoy the outdoors comfortably.


2. Prioritize Landscaping

The last thing you want is to invite guests over for a cookout if your yard is a mess. Prioritize landscaping by pulling weeds, mulching, and refreshing flower beds with seasonal blooms.

Landscaping works to provide both functionality and style.

Planting Emerald Green arborvitae trees provides privacy from nosey neighbors. They grow up to 15 feet tall and also help provide convenient shade on hot summer days.


3. Build a Patio

If you have an open yard but aren’t sure how to make it conducive to family living, it’s time to build a patio. On top of providing seamless outdoor living space, patios also add value to your home. When it comes to patios, there are a few different popular surfaces.

Different Patio Surfaces

Flagstone: Flagstone patios offer a distinct look that is also extremely durable. They are very aesthetically pleasing and provide versatility in design since they come in different types, sizes, and shapes.

Concrete: Concrete patios are often a go-to budget-friendly patio option. As a whole, concrete is durable, easy to clean, and gives you arguably the best bang for your buck.

Bricks: Bricks are another patio surface that, like flagstone, add a distinct look. While a brick patio is a larger investment, reclaimed bricks offer a solution that is easier on your wallet.


4. Install Lighting

No one wants to end the party early just because it’s dark outside. Installing outdoor lighting ensures the party can go on all night.

If you have a pergola or overhead awning, bistro lights are an aesthetically pleasing way to affordably light up the space.

Tiki torches are another affordable way to install lighting. In addition to offering a fun aesthetic, you can also purchase citronella tiki torches to ward off mosquitoes and other bugs.


5. Add Decor To Your Outdoor Space

Adding outdoor decor like a patio rug, throw blanket, and pillows elevates the space and helps it feel more like an extension of your home. Opt for items that are specifically created for outdoor use.

Outdoor patio rugs, for example, are created with long-lasting materials like polypropylene, polyester, or nylon. These materials are optimized to withstand elements in the spring and summer months.

If you live in a climate with harsher winter months, rugs should be rolled up and stored inside during the off-season to preserve their quality.


6. Create an Outdoor Kitchen

Creating an outdoor kitchen is a fool-proof way to revamp your outdoor space for al fresco dining. This can be as simple as investing in a grill, or as extensive as investing in a fully equipped outdoor kitchen.

The “Connie’s Making it Rain” model by Raleigh Custom Homes beautifully showcases a full outdoor oasis complete with a fully equipped outdoor kitchen, dining area, fire feature, and pool.

Installing an outdoor pizza oven is another popular way to create an outdoor kitchen.

It also adds a unique touch to your home if you ever decide to sell. Plus, who can say no to delicious homemade pizzas?


7. Add a Water or Fire Feature To Your Outdoor Space

Adding a fire or water feature to your outdoor space provides an attraction for people to come together. These features could include an outdoor fireplace, an in-ground swimming pool, or even an intricate water feature.

However, this addition doesn’t have to be as robust as an outdoor pool or built-in outdoor fireplace.

A modern fountain or portable fire pit adds similar flair on a budget. Surround the fire pit or water feature with comfortable chairs, pillows, and throw blankets.


8. Plant a Garden

Planting a fruit and vegetable garden not only provides fresh produce and spices but also adds a unique flair to your home. If you live in climate zones 8-11, citrus trees add a fun backyard aesthetic, especially for young kids.

If you’re in a cooler climate, many opt for a small apple orchard instead. If citrus or apple trees aren’t of interest, planting a garden of vegetables is a wonderful alternative.

When you hear the word garden, the notion of needing acres of land may fall into question.

However, planting a vegetable garden doesn’t have to take up a lot of space. Raised garden beds for example come in all shapes and sizes and allow you to plant a garden with ease.


9. Optimize it for Outdoor Games

Optimizing your backyard for outdoor games ensures your home is the summer go-to. Imagine a backyard putting green, croquet court, or even just an open lawn for corn hole.

Having a backyard optimized for summer games makes hosting get-togethers that much easier.


10. Add Heat Lamps To Your Outdoor Space

Adding heat lamps to your outdoor space extends al fresco dining well into the fall season. Extending the time you get to enjoy your outdoor space directly benefits your personal return on investment.

Stand-alone patio heaters get the job done on a budget. However, if you’re looking to make a large investment permanent overhead heaters are also an option.

Regardless if you select portable heat lamps or permanent ones, the investment is well worth it to enjoy extra time outside in the fall season. Add a few outdoor blankets, and you’ll have an outdoor dining area to rival any you’ve seen before.


Final Thoughts on Revamping Your Outdoor Space

Investing in your outdoor space is a great investment for your home. By adding functionality such as an outdoor kitchen, fire pit, or a durable patio, you are ensuring a significant return on your investment.

Plus, revamping your outdoor space helps to create a seamless indoor-outdoor flow, especially in the summertime. Get ready for backyard barbecues, s’mores on the bonfire, and great memories!