7 Best Home Builders In Alabama

Dec 4, 2022

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Alabama Home Builders

Alabama is a southern state with ties to American history. It features many historic landmarks, including a number of tributes to the Civil Rights Movement. The housing market in Alabama has had its struggles but not quite to the degree of some of the other states.

Given that Alabama is one of the “healthier” housing markets, this is a great choice of locale for your new custom home. Alabama has quite a few builders for you to choose from. Here is a list of the best home builders in Alabama.


Alabama’s Housing Market

Alabama has several good real estate markets to choose from. Overall, Huntsville is the best choice for purchasing a home at the moment.

The housing market in Alabama isn’t great right now but it certainly isn’t terrible either. There was an increase in home price which led to a decline in home sales by 17.9% in the last year. However, the number of homes for sale increased.


Home Costs

Zillow lists the average home price at $216,108 in Alabama. This is a 15.2% increase from the previous year.


Projected Housing Market Trends in Alabama

Alabama’s population didn’t change much according to the 2021 U.S. Census. It is likely that median home values will continue to rise. However, the housing market in Alabama is expected to remain relatively affordable and quite active. Now is a good time to seek out the best home builders in Alabama.


7 Best Home Builders in Alabama

With the housing market in Alabama at a healthy pace, you’re probably thinking about investing in Alabama real estate soon. You’re probably also thinking about investing in a custom home since the median home prices are still rising. If you don’t know where to start, we’ve compiled a list of the best home builders in Alabama for you:


1. America’s Home Place

America’s Home Place is a popular name throughout several different states. They have four locations spread throughout Eastern Alabama. With over 50 years of experience in the custom home building industry, America’s Home Place is a reliable source for your custom dream home.

This company acknowledges the difference between a house and somewhere you can proudly call home. For the most part, they provide family style houses. Throughout the project, you’ll have both a Sales Manager and Project Manager to guide you.

We toured one of there many display models including – This Alabama Home is the Best Modern Farmhouse I’ve Seen!


2. Brian T. Armstrong Construction, Inc.

Brian T. Armstrong Construction, Inc. is somewhat new as a company but their founder, Brian Armstrong, has significant field experience. This company builds small to midsize homes that can support a variety of households. They focus mainly on Baldwin County.

Brian T. Armstrong Construction, Inc. offers three distinct services. You’re probably most interested in their new home construction. However, for those of you who already own homes, this company provides remodeling services. They also do site work on land plots.


3. Francis Bryant

Founded in 1960, Francis Bryant offers unique luxury homes throughout Alabama. They build in a variety of settings as well, including lakesides, country areas, and urban cities. In addition to residential projects, Francis Bryant also builds boutique commercial locations as well.

Francis Bryant focuses heavily on craftsmanship as an art. They work with the best construction professionals to ensure that each home last for generations. This agency has a unique approach to many of their home building techniques as detailed on their website.


4. Legacy Homes

Legacy Homes is based in Northern Alabama. Together, their four founders have over 100 years of combined home building experience. They have several new home communities with prebuilt homes available for purchase.

Legacy Homes has a signature process, System 7™, that guides them through the home building process to ensure perfect every time. One really awesome thing about this company is their Legacy L.O.V.E.S. program. This offers support to various charities in the local area.


5. Signature Homes

Signature Homes was founded in 1999. They serve the Birmingham area in Alabama and also have a location in Nashville. This company has four communities with various home styles and amenities. They also have an exclusive 55 and older community for those looking to retire in peace and quiet.

Signature Homes is more community-based than other home builders in Alabama. They have contributed to a large number of residential communities over the year. They describe their product as “livable luxury”. Signature Homes is also a heavy contributor to charity and other community projects.


6. Stone Martin Builders

Stone Martin Builders is spread throughout 20 cities in Alabama. They offer new custom-built homes as well as prebuilt homes in one of their many prestigious communities. This company offers midsize family style homes, and they have over 60 base home plans for you to choose from.

Stone Martin Builders not only offers custom homes, but their customization extends into the outdoor area as well. They have a number of outdoor amenities available for you to choose from. A cool feature about their website is that you can design your custom home online.


7. WSC Distinctive Builders LLC

WSC Distinctive Builders LLC is a family-owned company that’s been around for several decades. They provide custom home on Lake Martin and throughout Central Alabama. Their style could be described as luxury rustic, almost like a modern twist on a colonial-era mansion.

WSC Distinctive Builders LLC also specializes in “outdoor living”. They offer a number of outdoor projects, including lakeside recreation areas, outdoor kitchen and dining areas, and outdoor fireplaces. They provide seawalls, decks, piers, and floating docks as well.


Final Thoughts

Alabama is a great place to settle down for pretty much any household. You get your pick of spacious countryside, bustling urban dwellings, or lakeside retreats. It is one of the better choices for real estate investment in America right now.

Because home prices are still increasing, you may be interested in getting a new home built for you rather than finding one that’s already listed for sale. As you can see, there are plenty of the best home builders in Alabama to pick from, each with their own unique specialty.