7 Best Home Builders in Florida for 2023

Nov 22, 2022

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Florida Home Builders

Despite the fact that fewer and fewer Americans are buying homes due to rising mortgage rates, Florida seems to be “bucking” that trend. Due to an increase of individuals moving to Florida and the resulting rising demand for housing, the Floridan housing market is still going strong.

So, if you are one of those many Americans looking to enjoy all the benefits that Florida has to offer, then you might find that having your own home built rather than buying an existing one is a better option.

Thankfully, Florida has some of the best home builders from luxury homes to mid-range homes. However, when it comes to finding the best home builders in Florida, it’s essential to have expert guidance for a seamless construction journey.

Florida’s real estate market is booming, and prospective homeowners need reliable professionals to bring their dreams to life. Redfin, a trusted name in the real estate industry, offers valuable insights and resources for those looking to embark on the home-building adventure.

In their article “Building a House in Florida: Expert Guidance for a Seamless Construction Journey,” they provide comprehensive information to help you navigate the complexities of constructing your dream home in the Sunshine State.


Florida’s Housing Market

Known as the “sunshine state” Florida has always been an attractive place to live. In fact, Florida has one of the hottest housing markets with Tampa, Florida leading the way as one of the most in-demand housing markets in the state.

However, Florida’s housing market isn’t invincible and, just like the rest of the United States, has seen a steep increase in mortgage payments due to increasing interest rates. Consequently, the housing market has seen a 30.5% decrease in sales in September 2022 compared to September 2021.

best home builders in florida

With that being said, Florida still has an in-demand housing market with recent housing costs in particularly popular regions shooting up to 150-300%.


Home Costs

According to Zillow, the typical median home cost in Florida is $406,876—which is a 25% increase over the previous year.

florida home prices

Project Housing Market Trends in Florida

The 2021 census data shows that Florida is at the top having the largest net domestic migration gains—220,890. This trend of record migration from other states to Florida continues to this day and has made the Floridan housing market explode with new growth.

While the U.S. and much of the world are facing an economic recession, Florida’s housing market may just be invulnerable to it and continue to grow.

This makes Florida one of the best places in the U.S. to invest in real estate as home prices will only continue to increase as demand increases.


7 Best Home Builders in Florida

On that note, you may be looking for a quality home builder in Florida to build a home for yourself or for business/investing purposes. Whatever it is, here are the seven best home builders in Florida:

1. Aurora Builders7 Best Home Builders florida

Aurora Builders operates out of northeast Florida and offer both custom home building and remodeling services. The company takes a unique business approach where they intentionally keep a low volume of projects at a time so that they can focus on delivering the best customer satisfaction around. They also have expertise in building high-performance homes—homes that consume little energy.

On top of that, Aurora Builders offers design assistance to ensure that the planning process all the way to the building stage goes smoothly.

2. Richmond American Homes

Richmond American Homes operates throughout Florida with a concentration in central and northeast Florida. The company was founded in 1972 and distinguishes itself from the competition by offering in-depth personalized homes. Much more, the personalization process is complimentary and does include design assistance.

So, if you are looking for a home builder that allows and encourages personalization, then Richmond American Homes is a great option.

3. John Cannon Homes

John Cannon Homes is a luxury home builder based in southwest Florida. They are known for specializing in a variety of home styles with some notable ones being Spanish Colonial, Italian Med, and Mizner. They have been in business for over 30 years and have won many awards for their model homes.

John Cannon Homes also offers home customization options and are able to bring your ideas to reality in the home-building process.

4. Centex

Centex operates in central Florida and prides itself on building quality, modern-day homes. They also ensure that each home is energy efficient and provides multiple warranties including a 10-yr Limited Structural Warranty and 5-year water infiltration (leak) protection.

They have over 70 years of experience in the home-building business and pride themselves on providing a quality and safe home to live in.

5. E2 Homes

E2 Homes operates out of Central Florida and primarily builds higher-end modern homes. They also focus on building high-performance green homes. The company offers many services such as custom home-building as well as renovations and additions, among others.

So, if you are looking for a high-end modern home, then E2 Homes is one of the best home-building businesses in Central Florida for you.

6. Dixon Kazek Morrison Custom Homes

Dixon Kazek Morrison Custom Homes primarily operates throughout the Emerald Coast. They specialize in luxury homes and are experienced in a variety of luxury home styles. They are willing to bring your own custom luxury home designs to life and will partner with you throughout the design and building process.

Considering that custom luxury home builders are primarily based in Central Florida, Dixon Kazek Morrison Custom Homes is a great and convenient option for those looking to live on the Emerald Coast.

7. Ross Built Construction

Ross Built Construction operates in Florida’s mid-western region. They are a custom home-builder that primarily specializes in luxury homes. They also do not require a home plan upfront. Instead, they have a portfolio of architects that can bring your “dream” to life.

Ross Built Construction is an award-winning custom home builder and has around 20 years of experience in the home-building industry.


Final Thoughts

All in all, Florida is a great place to live and invest in property. While the U.S. is in an economic recession, the Floridian housing market has managed to remain strong as more and more people flood into the state.

7 best home builders in florida

As a result, existing homes for sale can be hard to come by; however, hiring a home builder can solve that problem. So, if you are planning to move to Florida and like the idea of building your own home, then there are plenty of great home-building companies to choose from.