The Best Modular Stilt House You’ve Ever Seen!

Jun 13, 2022

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Best Modular Stilt House Ever?


Future Homes is located in North Carolina along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. There are beach towns with beautiful sandy beaches for miles and miles. If anyone knows a thing or two about modular beach houses it is definitely Future Homes!

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They build everything from the perfect stilt house settled right on the beach to a cozy coastal modular home in one of the many beach towns. The “Bayside” modular stilt house is definitely the beach house of your dreams!


North Carolina Modular Stilt House Floor Plan


modular stilt house floor plan

The “Bayside” by Future Homes includes:

  • 1498 Square Feet
  • Three Bedrooms:
    • Master Bedroom:14ft 9in X 13ft 4in
    • Second Bedroom:13ft 4in X 10ft 9in
    • Third Bedroom: 13ft 4in X 11ft 2in
  • Two Bathrooms
  • Stilt Foundation
  • Front Porch
  • Utility Room
  • Mud Room

Modular Stilt House Exterior


From the instant that I saw this home, all I could think about was being at the beach. For starters, it is built on stilts which scream beachfront home. Then there is the long front staircase with white railings on either side, leading up to the porch and front door.


modular stilt house exterior


The porch has plenty of room for a few chairs or maybe even a nice swing or hammock at either end. I can just see it now, sitting on the front porch sipping coffee in the morning listening to the waves crash against the beach. What could be better?

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There are can lights along the ceiling of the porch for being outside at night, which is really nice because a lot of homes just have a single light in the middle of the porch.


Modular Stilt House Interior


Living Room


Coming into this lovely stilt house, you are greeted with a beautiful and airy open floor plan starting with the living room and then flowing into the dining room, and finally the kitchen at the back of the home.


modular stilt house living room


The living room is lined with windows providing a ton of natural light. About halfway down the exterior wall is a built-in shiplap entertainment center with shelves below. It isn’t large but creates a really nice focal point in the room. Opposite the entertainment center is a hallway leading to the two guest bedrooms and bathroom. They will be the next stop on the tour.

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Guest Bedrooms/Bathroom


The hallway off the living room has a bedroom at both ends and a full bathroom in the middle. There is access to the attic in the middle of the hallway from a dropdown access panel in the ceiling.

The first stop is to the first bedroom at the front of the home. There are two large windows overlooking the porch. The room is a really nice size and has a step-in closet with shelving all the way down.


modular stilt house bedroom


The bathroom in the middle of the hallway has a single vanity to the left when you first enter the room. The vanity has a nice amount of counter space and a set of drawers underneath as well as a cabinet. There is a full mirror above and a double vanity light. Next to the vanity is the toilet and at the back of the room is a shower/tub combo.


modular stilt house bathroom


The third and final stop down this hallway is the second guest bedroom. This bedroom is slightly larger than the one at the front of the home but does not have as many windows.

It’s perfect for the kid or guest that likes to sleep in because it definitely isn’t as bright of a room. The closet is a step-in closet and is the same size as the first bedroom. It also has shelving with a hanger rod all the way down.

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Dining Room


Heading back out into the main section of the home, the next stop after the living room is the dining room. I really like how even though it’s all one space for the living room, dining room, and kitchen there are small features that separate the rooms.


modular stilt house dining room


The dining room has coffered ceilings that go from one end of the dining room to the other. There is also a beautiful chandelier hanging in the middle of the room right above where the dining room table would be. There is also a nice storage or cleaning closet located in the dining room.




The kitchen in this beachy stilt house is probably my favorite part of the house. There is a small breakfast counter area with really nice shiplap detail at the front of the kitchen. There is enough room for two stools at the counter.

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Coming around to the inside of the kitchen, there is an “L” shaped section along the outside wall of the kitchen. This houses lots of cabinet and counter space as well as a beautiful farmhouse sink with two large windows above it and a dishwasher next to that.


modular stilt house kitchen


The other side of the kitchen has more counter and cabinet space along with the stove, microwave, and refrigerator. I really love that while it’s not the largest kitchen, the space is really maximized and there is plenty of cabinet and drawer space for storing things as well as counter space for working in the kitchen.

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Mud Room/Utility Room


At the back of the home, there is a back door leading to your optional back porch or deck. There is also a nice mud room area with a built-in hall tree for shoes and coats.


modular stilt house mud room


I love that the shiplap is used in this as well. It does a good job of tying the home together and makes it flow really well. Next to the mud room is the utility room with washer/dryer hookups and shelving above. There is also a linen or cleaning closet located in the mud room.

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Master Suite


We kind of skipped over the master suite on the first part of the walkthrough (had to save the best for last!). The master bedroom is the largest in the home. There are two windows in the bedroom, providing nice natural sunlight. In the corner is a walk-in closet with shelving all the way around and double doors leading into the closet.


modular stilt house master bedroom


The master bathroom is located off the other corner of the bedroom. Upon entering the bathroom you are greeted with a fairly large double vanity. There is plenty of counter space, a cabinet on each side below the sinks, and two sets of drawers in the middle (which is rare). Just past the vanity are the toilet and a large walk-in shower. The shower has gorgeous large tiles from floor to ceiling and a rainfall shower head in the ceiling.


modular stilt house master bathroom


I think that pretty much sums up the tour of the “Bayside” by Future Homes. What did you think of this stilt house? Is it what you envision for your future beach house?

Thank you for touring with us and as always…I’ll see you in the next one 🙂