One Of The BEST Small Modular Homes For 2023!

Oct 29, 2022

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The “Lakeshore” One Of The Best Small Modular Homes EVER!

When you think of the perfect home, what comes to mind?

For many people, it’s a spacious and luxurious house with plenty of room for all their belongings.

But what if you don’t need or want that much space?

What if you’re happy with a smaller home that still offers all the amenities you need?

If that sounds like you, then the Lakeshore is definitely worth checking out! With its charming design and ample features, this small modular home is one of the best around.

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We visited Terrace Homes in Friendship, Wisconsin and this small modular home really got me excited. The covered front porch and the simplistic design were absolutely perfect! Terrace Homes, however, only builds modular homes in WI.


This Small Modular Homes Price and Floor Plan

best Small Modular Homes floor plan

The “Lakeshore” by Terrace Homes Features:

  • 900 square feet of space
  • Two bedrooms
    • First bedroom: 10ft 7in X 10ft 6in
    • Second bedroom: 11ft 0in X 9ft 10in
  • 1 bathroom
  • Open Concept
  • Large Back Deck covered and uncovered
  • Covered Front Porch
  • Optional Two Car Garage
  • Approximate Starting Price: $203,000
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Small Modular Home Exterior

The outside of this compact modular home is absolutely beautiful. At the front of the house, there is a very nice covered front porch with plenty of windows looking into both the living room and one of the bedrooms.

best Small Modular Homes exterior

As you work your way around to the side of the home, you will notice several more windows coming out of both bedrooms. Then on the opposite side of the home there is a doorway that leads out into either an optional garage or porch.

On the front of the home there is a nice big gable sitting up over the top of the front porch with nice brownish vinyl siding that wraps all the way around the home. 

Small Modular Home Interior

As you step inside of this small modular home, you are greeted with a nice open concept, with views of the kitchen, dining room and the living room. 

The Living Room

The living room sits on the front side of the home and is the first area you are met with upon opening the door. To the left of the main entrance is another door that opens to reveal a coat closet.

best Small Modular Homes

On the opposite side of the living room there are two windows, one looking out into the side yard and one looking out onto the front porch. While this is a smaller modular home, the living room itself is quite large. It has plenty of room for a whole bunch of different types of furniture that can also be arranged in several ways. 

The Dining Room

Just past the living room, you will enter the dining room and kitchen space. The dining room perfectly separates the living room from the kitchen and offers plenty of space for a nice-sized dining room table.

best Small Modular Homes dining room

Side note: the table that they had inside of this model I really, really liked. It had a nice rustic look to it almost reminiscent of a large wooden ironing board if an ironing board was that big, but I liked it.

On the side wall, there is a window that helps to provide a little bit of natural light into the dining room itself. Then on the opposite side of the dining room is an open stairwell with a nice bannister. This stairwell would lead down into the basement. 

The Kitchen

Behind the dining room you will find the kitchen. The kitchen is also quite spacious for the overall size of this modular home. In the middle it features a large island with two additional spaces for seats on the dining room side. On the kitchen side it has plenty of storage space in the form of cabinets. 

The kitchen is laid out in an “L” shape and features a large number of both upper and lower cabinets. Definitely not lacking for storage space in this kitchen.

best Small Modular Homes kitchen

On the left-hand side, you will find the stove with a built-in microwave sitting just above it. Then along the back wall sitting just below the window looking out into the backyard is the sink. Next to the sink is a space for your dishwasher and justice beyond that is the refrigerator.

Along the side wall, next to the refrigerator, is the doorway that would lead out on to either your back porch or into your garage. 

Now I did not notice it until I turned the corner, but the home does also have a nice pantry. The pantry sits on the same side as the stove and just opposite the stairwell down into the basement in the hallway. 

The Two Bedrooms

Moving towards the far side of the home you will find both of the two bedrooms as well as the bathroom. Now this home does not have a single master bedroom. Instead there is one bedroom that sits on the front side of the house and one bedroom that sits on the backside of the house and they both share the bathroom. They are both approximately the same size however very slightly in their dimensions.

best Small Modular Homes bedroom

The bedroom on the front side of the house measures in at approximately 10ft 7in X 10ft 6in. It has a nice big window looking out onto the front porch as well as a closet sitting along the side wall. 

The back bedroom measures in at approximately 11ft 0in X 9ft 10in and has basically the same features as the front room, including a window that looks out into the backyard and a closet along the interior wall.

Both of these bedrooms have ample space for several different pieces of furniture. You can definitely fit a queen-size bed in here and still have plenty space for both a dresser and a couple of nightstands. 

 The Bathroom

Sitting in between the two bedrooms is the bathroom. Now you can only enter the bathroom through the hallway. So, you do not have to worry about anyone barging in on you like if you were to have a Jack and Jill type bathroom.

best Small Modular Homes bathroom

Now the bathroom does feature a large single vanity, a toilet and a nice step in shower. There is also a great built-in for your linens that sits right behind the door that leads into the bathroom. 


Final Thoughts

The “Lakeshore” is one of the best small modular homes on the market today. Its design, construction, and features are top-notch, making it a great choice for anyone looking for a quality home that can be easily customized to their needs. If you’re in the market for a new home, be sure to check out the Lakeshore!

Let us know what you think down in the comments. Thank you for stopping by to tour this home with us! Have a fantastic day and we will see your beautiful face in the next one!

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