Best Wisconsin Modular Home You Never Knew Existed! [Tour]

Sep 18, 2022

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The “Evergreen” by Terrace Homes

This Wisconsin modular home we are touring today is known as the “Evergreen” by Terrace Homes.

The “Evergreen” is one of Terrace Homes best modular homes on display at their stunning model center in Friendship, Wisconsin. With a down right homey feel and large open concept living, you are sure to fall in love!

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We visited Terrace Homes in Friendship, Wisconsin and this modular home was my favorite. And they had some winners! Terrace Homes, however, only builds homes in WI.


“Evergreen” – Floor Plan And Price

Modular home in Wisconsin floor plan

The “Evergreen” by Terrace Homes Features:

  • 1400 square feet of space
  • Two bedrooms
    • Master bedroom: 12ft 4in X 13ft 3in
    • Second bedroom: 11ft 10in X 13ft 3in
  • 2 bathrooms
  • Open Concept
  • Stone Fireplace
  • Wrap around porch
  • Approximate Starting Price: $274,000


Exterior of the Best Modular Home in Wisconsin

The outside of this spectacular Wisconsin modular home has all the rustic charm a person could ask for. There is a large covered porch that wraps around half of this ranch style beauty. To the far right of the porch there are two sliding glass doors that lead out onto this amazing outdoor living space form both the living room and dining room. Here you will also find the backside of an incredible stone fireplace rising up from the base of the porch.

Modular home in Wisconsin exterior

Following the “Evergreen’s” rustic wood siding around to the back of the home, there are several windows, along with a back door. The doorway leads out from the mud room and offers the perfect spot to add a garage and extend the overall foot print and storage space of the home.


Stepping Inside The Best Modular Home in Wisconsin

This is by far one of my favorite modular homes in Wisconsin that I had the opportunity to tour and when you step inside you know why. That rustic charm from the outside carries in to the inside with a beautiful open concept and soaring vaulted ceilings.

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Just inside the doorway is a lovely banister and stairwell that leads down to the basement. I have kiddos, so would use the basement (finished off obviously) for two additional bedrooms. Then there is also a coat closet just to the left of the front door.


Living Room

The living room sits just to the right of the front door and is a really large space. It has plenty of room for several furniture arrangements and plenty of windows that provide additional light. To the back of the living room is a sliding glass door that provides fluid movement from indoor to outdoor living. However, the main feature that is sure to catch your attention before and thing else is the massive stone fireplace.

Modular home in Wisconsin living room

The fireplace has a large stone hearth at the base and a beautiful wood mantel. The stone work travels all the way up to the stunning vaulted ceiling that also makes itself known. I love the look and character both bring to the room, but I am putting some chairs in front of that fireplace!


Dining Room

Just past the fireplace is the dining room. Again, this is just another cozy spot within this incredible modular home! It is close enough to catch some warmth from the fireplace and (if Im feeling frisky) a little romantic glow for a nice dinner ambience.

Modular home in Wisconsin dining room

To the back of the dining room, there is also a sliding glass door, which makes it convenient to bring food in and out depending on where you plan on eating or cooking.



The kitchen sits just behind the dining room and has an extraordinarily large peninsula with a raised bar on the living room side with seats for approximately 6. On the opposite side of the peninsula the counter drops down to reveal beautiful working space or prep space as you go about cooking your meals.

Modular home in Wisconsin kitchen

To the back of the kitchen, you will find a stove and a built-in microwave sitting just above that as well as plenty of cabinets and drawers both upper and the lower that just wrap around this stunning galley kitchen. Along the back wall there is a window looking out to the backyard and just below that is a beautiful sink as well as a dishwasher and the refrigerator.


Secondary Bedroom and Bathroom

Past the kitchen and living room is a hallway that leads down to the secondary bedrooms as well as the master bedroom. However, on the right-hand side you will find an opening that leads back towards the back doorway.

Modular home in Wisconsin mud room

And while you think that this would be the perfect laundry room, it is merely just a mud room (I will show you where the laundry room is in just a minute). You will find though, it has a nice built-in to sit down kick your shoes off and hang up your coats.

Across the whole from that sitting on the front side of the house looking out onto the porch is the first bedroom. The bedroom is a generous size measuring in at approximately 11ft 10in X 13ft 3in with plenty of room for a few different pieces of furniture.

Modular home in Wisconsin bedroom

You could even turn this into an office if you are looking to use this home to downsize. Along the sidewall there is also a nice step in closet with bifold doors with ample storage room. 

Slightly past this bedroom and back on the other side of the hallway, is the first full bathroom. This bathroom features a single vanity with plenty of counter space as well as a toilet and a shower and tub combo.

Modular home in Wisconsin bathroom

Then behind the door you will also find a lovely linen closet with plenty of room for all your towels and shower necessities. 


Master Suite

All the way at the end of the hall you will find the door that leads into the master bedroom. The master bedroom sits towards the left side of the house with plenty of windows along several of the walls. The master bedroom it measures in at approximately 12ft 4in X 13ft 3in so you can get a large king size bed in here as well as dressers and end tables. 

Modular home in Wisconsin master bedroom

Moving into the on suite you will find a large double vanity with beautiful countertops and plenty of shelving. In here I love the little open storage shelves with the wine rack look to it perfect for putting towels and washcloths and stuff like that.

Opposite the vanity you do have an open closet with plenty of shelves to hang your clothes or place your folded clothes. Interestingly enough, they did have a stackable washer and dryer in the closet also. I like this a whole lot, especially if you are the only ones in the house. You can go take a shower, put your clothes right there in the laundry and be done with it. You do not have to go anywhere else.

Modular home in Wisconsin master bathroom

Then finally, all the way at the back of the on suite you will come to the water closet which houses both your toilet and a standalone shower. In here you will also find another floor to ceiling linen cabinet so just a little bit of extra storage space to top it all off. 


Final Thoughts

I love everything about this Wisconsin modular home! From the wrap around porch to the vaulted ceiling and fireplace it has all the charm I could ever want!

Let us know your thoughts on this beautiful home down in the comments! Thank you for dropping by and we look forward to seeing your beautiful face in the next one!

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