Bonnavilla Modular Homes “Sequoia” Floor Plan | Home Tour

Sep 5, 2022

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Introducing BonnaVilla Modular Homes “Sequoia” Home Tour

The “Sequoia” by BonnaVilla Modular Homes, is part of their line of high-end, luxury modular homes in the BelleVista series like the “Ironwood” we recently featured. The homes in this series are designed to be both beautiful and functional, with spacious floor plans and top-of-the-line features. If you’re looking for an amazing new home, the “Sequoia” floor plan is a must see.

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I had the opportunity to tour this model while on a filming trip to Colorado. This particular model is in Calhan, Colorado at Accolade Homes. BonnaVilla Homes have quickly become one of my favorite modular home builders. They have a whole bunch of designs that are easily customizable to fit your needs. They have some of the more unique floor plans of any modular home builder I have toured.

If you are interested in this home, BonnaVilla Modular Homes can be found in: CO, KS, NE and SD.

BonnaVilla Modular Homes “Sequoia” Floor Plan

Bonnavilla Modular Homes home tour floor plan

The “Sequoia” by BonnaVilla Modular Homes Features:

  • 2255 square feet of space
  • Three bedrooms
    • Master bedroom: 15ft 10in X 14ft 0in
    • Second bedroom: 13ft 0in X 11ft 7in
    • Third bedroom: 13ft 0in X 14ft 0in
  • 2 bathroom
  • Living Room w/ tray Ceiling
  • Fireplace
  • Stunning Kitchen w/ Walk-in Pantry
  • Approximate Price: $257,000
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BonnaVilla Modular Homes “Sequoia” Exterior

The outside of this beautiful modular home is done up in several distinct types of siding. There are two accent pieces that are a soft yellow board and batten that contrast nicely with a smart LVP siding which is red and goes all the way around the home.

Bonnavilla Modular Homes home tour exterior

On the front of the home, you also have two beautiful gables and white framed windows. I love this home because it resembles the colors of our brand and if we were to be a home this would be the home that we would be 😃.

Now, as you work your way around to the back of the home, you will find a whole heap more windows and a nice sliding glass door leading out from the dining room.Then on the end of the house, you will find a doorway that leads out from the utility room.

Bonnavilla Modular Homes home tour exterior alternate

In Bonnavilla’s rendering, they show this home with a 2 car garage placed over here next to this door. So that is neat, and it gives the home just a little bit more curb appeal. 


 BonnaVillas Modular Homes “Sequoia” Interior

Stepping inside of the home, you immediately enter this beautiful, almost encapsulating foyer. It has a nice arched doorway leading into the main living areas and a cute little arched cut out window, peering into the living room. 


 The Living Room

Now the main living room sits up towards the front of the house with several windows that provide plenty of natural right into the room. Along the back wall, it also features a wonderful fireplace with a nice tile surround. Up above the fireplace you will find a beautiful wood mantle and down below I like that there is a raised hearth. I like it because you have extra space to put different decorations.

Bonnavilla Modular Homes home tour living room

On either side of the fireplace are two incredible accent walls with nice built-in cabinets sitting just below them. Then as far as the living room itself, it is a large living room with plenty of opportunities to arrange furniture in several ways. 


 The Kitchen

From the living room, you easily transition into the kitchen. And let me tell you what, this kitchen is gorgeous! First, in the middle you have this beautiful crescent shaped island with a raised bar. I has plenty of seats for up to six.

Then on the kitchen side of the island, the countertop drops down with plenty of work surface and a convenient prep sink. The prep sink is unique and not something that we have seen very much of on the island in modular homes. 

Bonnavilla Modular Homes home tour kitchen

Along the back wall is the main counter surface, which is in the shape of an “L”. Here you will find a beautiful sink sitting just below a great big window that provides tremendous views out the back of the home. There is also a nice dishwasher and plenty of cabinets and shelves, both uppers and lowers. Then there is also room for a large refrigerator.

On the far wall, you will notice an exquisite range hood which I am just absolutely in love with! Just below that is the range itself with a nice tile backsplash as well as a pot filler.

Then sitting in between the two separate counters is a large walk-in pantry with nice wood shelves and plenty of room for enough food to feed an army. 


 The Dining Room

Just to the left of the kitchen, is the dining room. In here, there is plenty of space for a large dining room table and a nice built-in or buffet style table which they did have in this home.

Bonnavilla Modular Homes home tour dining room

Behind the table, on the back wall is the sliding glass door that could lead out onto a future back porch. Now they did not have one in here, but I think a beautiful light fixture hanging down over the top of your dining room table would just be the nicest touch for this space. 


 The Den

Past the dining room, you enter the second living area. We will just call this one the den. This is the gateway to all the secondary bedrooms, as well as, the utility room at the end of the house.

Bonnavilla Modular Homes home tour den

The den has two windows up against the back wall that help provide light into the area. It is another big space with plenty of room for multiple different furniture arrangements. 


 Secondary Bedrooms and Bathroom

Beyond that, you come to the first bedroom, on the left, sitting up towards the front of the home. This room has a beautiful window looking out the front and is quite large. It measures in at approximately 13ft 0in X 14ft 0in and has plenty of room for a large bed, several nightstands and a nice dresser. 

Bonnavilla Modular Homes home tour bedroom

Working your way further down the hallway, sitting in between this bedroom and the next bedroom, is a nice linen closet. Then you enter the second bedroom which again is another nice sized bedroom sitting up towards the front of the house. It is approximately the same size measuring in at 13ft 0in X 11ft 7in. 

Bonnavilla Modular Homes home tour bathroom

Across the hall from the two bedrooms, you come to the first full bathroom. This bathroom features a single vanity with a toilet and shower and tub combo. 


 The Utility Room

All the way at the end of the hall, you will come to the utility room which has a nice coat closet and a closet that houses the furnace. In here you will also find washer and dryer hookups along with some nice shelves. Then finally, a small counter in the back corner with a nice washbasin. 


 The Master Bedroom

Back across the house, sitting in between the foyer and the kitchen, is the entryway into the master bedroom. This room also sits up towards the front of the house and has two beautiful windows on the front.

Bonnavilla Modular Homes home tour master bedroom

Then along the side wall, are transom windows that is it just over a uniquely designed bulkhead. The room is quite expansive measuring in an approximately 15ft 10in X 14ft 0in with plenty of room for several nightstands, a dresser and a large king size bed. 


 The Master Bathroom

Within the master bedroom, you do have access into the en-suite. Here you will find a uniquely designed bathroom with one single vanity on one end of the bathroom and one single vanity on the opposite end of the bathroom.

Sitting between them is a closet on one side and a closet on the other divided by beautiful soaking tub. This layout is the neatest! Opposite the tub, there is a beautiful walk-in shower with a tile surround and sitting just next to that is the door to the water closet which houses is the toilet. 


Final Thoughts On The “Sequoia” Home Tour

There is so much I love about this home from the fireplace to the range hood in the kitchen to the master bathroom design… It is one of my favorites. Let us know your thoughts on this amazing home tour of BonnaVilla Modular Homes “Sequoia” floor plan in the comments.

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Thank you so much for taking the time to go on through this home tour with us. We hope you have a fantastic day and look forward to Seeing your beautiful face in the next one!


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