Boxabl – The Revolution Of Modular Homes

Nov 25, 2022

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What is Boxabl?

We often talk about how cool, efficient, and unique the designs of many model homes are across the country. What gets talked about less often, however, is model homes that can be called truly revolutionary.

Enter Boxabl! Boxabl is modular home company that you can unfold and set up almost as easily as unfolding a flat-packed box ready for use.

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It boasts a complete set-up literally ‘right out of the box’, priding itself on simplicity and ease that sets it apart from other tiny homes.

boxabl models

Its real selling point is the collapsibility of the whole house if required (set up is advertised as taking less than an hour). Yet with a solid building designed to withstand much once all the sides and roof are connected and locked into place.

Not only does Boxabl pioneer an all-in-one box design in their base house ‘Casita’, but claims that all its models are bug, water, wind, fire, and mold resistant.

Boxabls can be connected to each other to create even bigger modular space. Its website promises future modules on top of the base ‘Casita’, allowing you to expand your Boxabl house and add additional rooms.

Boxabl Floor Plans and Price

Boxabl floor plans

The ‘Casita’ by Boxabl contains:

  • 375 square feet
  • Fully open plan house of 19.5ft x 19.5ft
  • Ceilings are 9ft 6in
  • 8ft high doors and windows
  • Walk-in bathroom
  • Full-size kitchen with double-door fridge
  • Wide plank composite flooring, a washer/dryer, heating, and air conditioning units, and USB charging ports at almost all power outlets.
  • Plumbing, electric, and HVAC are included in Boxabl as standard, with insulation technology and dimmable LED lighting to help keep utility costs affordable.
  • Deposits for waitlist early access currently start at $5000, with a full release date still to be announced. Each Module is Approx: $50,000


Boxabl’s Exterior

The exterior of the Boxabl is grey with a matte appearance. Once fully assembled, has a pitched roof overhead with a darker grey eco-friendly roof paneling. As noted, the walls measure 9ft 6in high, with 8ft windows and 8ft secure glass doors at opposite ends. This helps allow as much natural light as possible while keeping your home safe and secure.

The ‘Casita’ – Boxabl’s Base Model

As mentioned, the Casita is a 375ft square open plan living space with a walk-in bathroom. A sliding glass door separates the bathroom from the rest of the space, with a low wall with built-in storage separating the living room and bedroom areas. The bathroom contains a shower, bathtub, sink, storage drawers, and a large mirror. The shaker-style kitchen is fully equipped, including a fridge, microwave, oven, and breakfast bar that can comfortably seat 2 people.

Additional Models

As well as their base ‘Casita’ model, Boxabl also promises additional boxes which can be added on and interconnected to expand your home.

boxabl models (1)

Each of these models unfolds and sets up exactly the same way as the original. Which allows your tiny home to provide you with more space without having to sell or upgrade the whole unit. Instead, each box/room can be connected to the next to expand the floor plan of your space.

The ‘Kitchen’

The add-on Kitchen Boxabl runs to the same dimensions as the ‘Casita’, as do all the additional modules that Boxabl offers. It includes all the amenities that the ‘Casita’ kitchen does, but with more storage space. It has a kitchen island and a bigger dining area to accommodate your whole family.

The ‘Master Bedroom’ Boxabl

Boxabl’s ‘Master Bedroom’ add-on comes with an ensuite bathroom with double sinks and an extra deep shower/bathtub. The bedroom has a walk-in closet and enough space to comfortably fit a queen-sized bed.

The ‘Two Bedroom’ Boxabl

The two-bedroom Boxabl is perfect for kids, with 2 large windows in each room. This module also features a walk-in closet for each room, and a jack-and-jill bathroom containing twin sinks and an oversized shower/bathtub. Each room is big enough to fit a queen-sized bed or even a set of bunk beds! This means that the rooms and beds can change as your kids grow and change.

 The ‘Stairs’ Boxabl

The ‘Stairs’ module is designed to be a sitting room area, complete with an electric fireplace beneath a TV mount. It has a set of stairs(from which its name refers) will allow you to extend your Boxabl upwards as well as outwards. The ‘Stairs’ also includes a toilet/powder room underneath the stairs, meaning no space goes to waste. The computer-generated design images suggest a cozy, homey feel.

The ‘Imagine’ Boxabl

Boxabl’s ‘Imagine’ is, essentially, an empty room and comes with the same white walls, large windows, and pale flooring as all the other Boxabl models. This design allows you to create a space that is completely unique and specific to you and what you need most from your modular housing.

Suggestions on the Boxabl website include turning the space into a playroom or a man cave. This is a true blank canvas for you to utilize and decorate as you see fit. The fun is in creating whatever best suits your needs.


How Can You Get One?

If you’re interested in getting your own custom-made Boxabl unit then head over to their website today! You’ll find all kinds of information about their products as well as ordering instructions and pricing information.

They even have financing options available so that you can spread out the cost over time if needed. So what are you waiting for? Get your own piece of the future today with Boxabl!


Final Thoughts On Boxabl

What truly makes Boxabl revolutionary is not just its modular and unfoldable design! It is that its the latest trend for those looking for tiny, affordable housing. Boxabl’s quick set-up time, element-proof materials, and fully equipped, foldable design makes it the perfect solution for crisis housing.

It would make ideal crisis housing for those recovering from displacement due to natural disasters, medical emergencies, or other tragedies that cause people to become displaced and lose their homes.

Boxabl has definitely thought ahead! With designs for its house to be used as a quarantine or medical facility and even offering a fully adapted wheelchair-friendly version of ‘Casita. This model comes complete with drive-in sinks, a drive-in breakfast bar and a deep shower/bathtub with accessibility features.

Boxabl has clearly thought through the ideal tiny home in terms of cost, transportation, set-up, usability, and design. This type of housing could be a solution to not only housing disasters but also a potential long-term solution to housing shortages across the country.