Champion Modular Homes #1 BIGGEST Kitchen EVER!

Sep 3, 2022

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Champion Modular Homes #1 BIGGEST Kitchen EVER!

Today’s home tour is Champion Modular Homes “Summit 2868” model. Champion Redman Homes is one of the largest builders of modular and manufactured homes in the United States and have a ton of unique floor plans.

The one thing I love about the model in this home tour today is the variety of options that are available to choose from. Whether it is a fourth bedroom, a larger master bathroom with soaking tub, or replacing the study for a family room, it is all possible.

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We recently visited Huron Modular Homes in Port Huron, Michigan that had one of these beautiful models available for us to tour. If you are interested in the model in this modular home tour, it is available in several other states. Champion-Redman Modular Homes can be found in CA, CO, IA, IN, KS, KY, MI, MN, MO, MT, NE, ND, NV, PA, SD, UT and WY.

Champion Modular Homes home tour floor plan

The “Summit 2868 by Champion Redman Homes Features:

  • 1813 square feet of space
  • Three bedrooms
    • Master bedroom: 14ft 2in X 12ft 9in
    • Second bedroom: 10ft 0in X 12ft 2in
    • Third bedroom: 9ft 10in X 12ft 9in
  • 3 bathrooms
  • Study
  • Large Master Suite
  • Approximate Price: $205,000


Champion Modular Homes “Summit 2868” Exterior

The outside of Champion Modular Homes beautiful summit model has an incredible amount of charm to it. On the front of the home, there are two nice accents on either side of the entryway. They incorporates this beautiful white vinyl siding and two gables with shake siding.

Champion Modular Homes home tour exterior

There are also several windows here on the front of the home which help provide a whole bunch of natural light into this modular home. This particular model also has a beautiful slate blue vinyl siding that wraps all the way around it.

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Moving around to the side of this modular home, you will find a doorway that leads out of the utility room. Here would be a great spot to add a garage if you wanted to, giving this home a little bit more curb appeal.

Then at the back of the home, you will find several more windows along with a nice sliding glass door coming out of the dining room. 


 Stepping Inside Of Champion Modular Homes “Summit 2868”

Stepping inside of champion modular homes summit model, you are immediately greeted with a lovely little foyer and a beautiful accent wall. Now, while there is not actually a coat closet here in the foyer, just around the corner, on the backside of this accent wall, there is a coat closet. But, the coat closet is unique and adds a nice warm welcoming factor to the home. 


 The Living Room

To the right of the foyer, it opens into the beautiful living room. Here you will find two great big windows looking out towards the front of the home, as well as, a nice built-in along the back wall.

Champion Modular Homes home tour living room

This built-in features several shelves as well as a small sliding barn door that opens to reveal the TV and it encloses another built-in right next to that. Below the TV built-in, there is a beautiful gas fireplace that is another feature that adds a little extra touch of coziness to this modular home. 


 The Kitchen

Just off the living room, you easily transition into the kitchen. The kitchen features a gigantic island, mostly used for seating. There are two sections to this island. The larger section can fit two seats on either side of that and also has built-in right next to it.

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Then the island drops down a little bit to allow for more seating. This section of the island I would imagine to be more of like a breakfast bar, but the countertop does dive off the side in this beautiful waterfall style. 

Champion Modular Homes home tour kitchen

Along the back wall of the kitchen, you have a whole mess of cabinetry. To the left hand-side there is a stove and range hood along with a beautiful glass tile backsplash. There are also plenty of upper and lower cabinets.

On the back wall, there is a nice under mount sink sitting just below a beautiful window and a dishwasher. Next to that you have a wall of cabinets, where you’ll find a built-in microwave and an appliance garage along with several more cabinets and drawers. Then finally, the refrigerator. 

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Not to be left out, in between these two counter spaces, you will also find a large corner pantry. It is big enough for all the food that your little heart could ever desire… or at least enough for a week or two.


The Dining Room

Just to the right of the kitchen, as you are looking towards the back of the house, is the dining room. The dining room is a nice space and has plenty of room for a nice sized dining room table, as well as, a hutch or buffet type table.

Champion Modular Homes home tour dining room

It also has a beautiful sliding glass door that, I would hope would eventually lead out onto some type of back porch or patio. 


The Study

Just off the dining room you will find a hallway that leads back down towards the secondary bedrooms. First however, to the left, sitting on the backside of the home, you will come to a beautiful study. Now the study has a whole bunch of cabinets and built-in’s in here and it is perfectly situated for an office.

Champion Modular Homes home tour study

However, this model does have the option to turn this study into a den or another living space. That is just going to be up to your preferences and your needs.


Secondary Bedrooms and Bathrooms

On the opposite side of the hall, towards the front of the home, you enter the first of the two bedrooms. This one I believe is slightly larger than the other one, measuring in at approximately 10ft 0in X 12ft 2in. It does have a beautiful window as well as a closet.

Champion Modular Homes home tour jack and jill bathroom

Within the bedroom you will also find access into a Jack and Jill bathroom, which separates this room from the other. The bathroom does have a water closet, which houses both the toilet and a beautiful shower and tub combo. Then just before you get to the other bedroom, There is a double vanity with some nice vanity lights. 

Champion Modular Homes home tour bedroom

Moving through the bathroom, into the second bedroom, again like I said, this one is going to be slightly smaller measuring in at approximately 9ft 10in X 12ft 9in. Still a nice size though, and it also sits up towards the front of the house with a big window as well as a nice big closet. 

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Across the hall from these two bedrooms, you will notice the third full bathroom. This one was a shock to me, but very glad to see that this home does have three bathrooms. This one does have a single vanity, a toilet and a shower and tub combo. 


 The Laundry Room

All the way at the end of the hall, you will enter the utility room. The utility room has that side door, that could lead out into your future garage or a carport or even just a set of stairs that go down to the driveway. You will also find in here, a closet that stores both the furnace and the water heater.

Champion Modular Homes home tour laundry room

Beyond that is the washer and dryer hookups and some nice shelves. Then all the way in the back corner of the utility room is another small counter space, which it is perfect for folding clothes and storing all your laundry essentials. 


 The Master Bedroom

Back across the house, just in between the kitchen and the living room, you will find the doorway that leads into the master bedroom. The master bedroom also sits up towards the front of the house with two great big windows that provide plenty of natural light.

Champion Modular Homes home tour master bedroom

The room is quite spacious measuring in at approximately 14ft 2in X 12ft 9in. There is plenty of space in here for large king size bed, a dresser and some nightstands. 


 The Master Bathroom

Just off the master bedroom, you will find the en-suite, which again has several different variations that you can choose from, including having a nice soaking tub. However, in this model, as soon as you walk in on the left-hand side, there are windows and a nice little bench with some built-ins underneath of it. If you did opt for the tub, this is where that would sit.

Champion Modular Homes home tour master bathroom

Along the back wall you will find a double vanity with some nice vanity lights. Just to the right of that, is a beautiful walk-in shower with a nice tile surround. All the way at the back of the en-suite, is the walk-in closet, which also has several nice built-ins, as well as, plenty of shelves for storing and hanging clothes.


Final Thoughts On This Champion Modular Homes Model

This was a surprising home tour thanks to the amazing floor plan that Champion Modular Homes designed. I enjoyed it. Let us know what you think and which options you would choose in the comments.

Thank you so much for taking the time to tour this model by Champion Modular Homes. We hope you have a fantastic day and look forward to seeing your beautiful face in the next one!