Choosing the Right Industrial Home Decor Accessories [Explained]

Apr 8, 2023

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Choosing the Right Industrial Home Decor Accessories


The industrial home decor design style is a modern look. It utilizes metals, concrete, brick, and natural fibers. This design style emphasizes simplicity, functionality, and class. It is a beautiful design style with so much fun and potential.

However, it can be tricky to pair the lovely raw materials and mechanical look of this design style. You may be curious about how to choose the right accessories.

You want to make sure you don’t overwhelm a space, but you also want it to scream: “industrial home decor.”

To choose the right industrial home decor accessories, focus on simplicity. Consider the functionality of the piece. Also, don’t be afraid to shop for vintage items. Mixing materials will complete the look.

Read on to find inspiration for industrial home decor accessories to your home style.


How do I choose the right industrial home decor?


Open-concept dining area with accent light


The principle of industrial home decor design is to use functional raw materials. Sprinkle in a mix of vintage and modern items to complete the look.


Think about functionality


Accessories in the industrial home decor design style should have a purpose. This style shouldn’t overwhelm a space with an overflow of accent items. Instead, focus on using fewer items more purposefully.

Also, choosing items that can be both useful and beautiful is another great way to style this type of decor.


Old and new combined


Industrial home decor imitates the industrial revolution. Pieces with rusted, antique metal make it look older. Distressed wood makes a piece looks well-used. To create the perfect look, you want to have a balance between vintage items and new items.


Mix materials


Raw materials are another cornerstone of the industrial home decor style. Copper, steel, bronze, gold, and other metals are commonly used. They give the home that industrial feel. Exposed brick and cement also give your home that old-time factory look.

The metals and hard, exposed brick can be rough textures. To smooth out the rough, hard materials, try adding touches of natural fibers. Faux furs, linens, wool, and jute great pairings with these harder materials.

You will also want to bring in some greenery. The industrial home decor style can look sterile. So, be sure to add pops of color to contrast the bare-bones look. Faux or real plants are great accents to this design style.


Inspiration for the best industrial home decor accessories


Let’s look at some ways you can add the best industrial home decor accessories to your home for the biggest impact.


Vintage signage


Vintage signs accentuate the industrial home decor design. They give your home the look of an old building, advertising the newest and best products your can buy. These signs are usually made from metal and have rusty edges. They can also sport bright colors such as yellow and red. These look fantastic alongside the darker color palette of this design style.

To find vintage signs, try your local yard sales, thrift shops, and estate auctions. These usually have wear and tear characteristics of the industrial home decor style. You can often get these vintage signs at an affordable price if you can find them secondhand.

However, if you want to buy one outright, there are other options for getting vintage signage. You can find a wide variety of knockoff vintage signs online.

There are many ways you could style this accessory, but one cute way is to jazz up your entertainment room. There are a lot of vintage signs advertising movie theatres. You could get this gorgeous, large theatre sign to mount to the wall. Then, add some vintage-looking movie posters to complete the look.


Wire baskets


Industrial home decor accessories


Another stylish accent piece is wire baskets. These are both beautiful and functional. There are so many different shapes and sizes you can get. You can use large wire baskets as laundry hampers in a bathroom.

Small wire baskets also look great holding small items on a coffee or entryway table. They can even be used as an end table for an industrial home decor piece in your living room.

You can use a wire basket to store blankets. You can even buy wire basket shelves to store potatoes and onions in a kitchen. They could also work for towels and washcloths in a bathroom.

With the great versatility of these wire baskets, you can mix and match them. You can create the perfect look while also remaining functional.


Metal sculptures


An accessory that stands out is metal sculptures. You can get these as wall hangings or as standalone pieces. Either way, they can be used as feature pieces.

If you want a bold, large piece that instantly draws the eye, this abstract metal sculpture is it. It looks like floating sails with pops of red and gold. It would be perfect in an entryway as the welcoming piece to your home.

You could hang this geometric metal wall art in a kitchen or dining room for added interest to the walls.

For a smaller metal sculpture, you can style a bedroom side table. Try this romantic kiss couple statuette. It is made of cast iron.




Decorative gears for industrial home accessories


Nothing says industrialism like gears. Gears remind you of clocks and machines. They are also made of metals, sometimes shiny and flashy. Other times the metal is dull and rusted. Either way, gears make a great addition to your industrial home decor style.

There are several ways to style gears in your home. You can go for a classic gear wall art like this vintage gear wheel. These look lovely in a living room area behind the sofa or along a large wall.

If you want your gears to be more subtle, try these gear bookends on a pipe shelf. This would look fantastic in a study or a reading nook.

You can also style a modern clock design with exposed gears. These large pieces work well in dining rooms or living spaces.


Geometric Shapes


Geometric home accessories


Think about geometric shapes. These shapes add interest and texture to your industrial home decor.

You can add geometric shapes to the design in so many ways. Consider adding mirrors with unusual shapes, such as this diamond-shaped one. This would look great in an entryway. It could also work as a replacement for the construction-grade vanity mirrors in a bathroom.

This geometric-style TV stand is a great addition to a living space. It has a dark palette characteristic of the industrial design style. It also adds visual appeal with various geometric shapes.

Finally, this geometric rings ceiling fan is an absolute beauty. It would look fantastic in any industrial-styled living space.




Choosing the right industrial home decor accessories doesn’t have to be a challenge. Think about the functionality of a piece both in design and usage. Style accessories that use raw materials. Mix a variety of vintage pieces with new pieces.

In addition, seek out vintage signage and wire baskets. Other fun accessories for this design style are metal sculptures, gears, and pieces with geometric shapes.

Remember to have fun with it and sprinkle in a bit of your own personality.

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