Clayton Homes Anniversary Single Wide Is In A Class Of Its Own!

Feb 10, 2022

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Clayton Homes Anniversary Single Wide


Fresh from Lexington, South Carolina, this uniquely designed home with its modern interior design offers a living experience few other single wides can match. The Clayton Homes anniversary single-wide is unlike any other modular home out there today.  


Clayton Homes Anniversary Single Wide Floor Plan and Price



The Clayton Homes anniversary single-wide contains: 

  • 1216 square feet of space  
  • Three bedrooms  
    • Master bedroom: 12ft 6in X 14ft 8in (183 square feet) 
    • Second bedroom: 8ft 3in X 11ft 5in (94 square feet) 
    • Third bedroom: 9ft 3in X 14ft 8in (136 square feet) 
  • Two bathrooms  
  • Living room  
  • Dining – kitchen area 
  • Utility closet 
  • Starting Price: Mid $80,000*

*This price reflects the price at the time of the tour. This may not be the price you’ll pay.

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Living Room


Entering the Anniversary Plus by Clayton Oxford Homes, you are greeted with the bright glow of natural light and the home’s unique layout. The space has a very modern feel, unlike any other single wide.

The room is well-lit, with two large picture and transom windows on one side and two large tilt-and-turn windows on the other. The room is filled with plenty of natural light. 


Clayton Homes anniversary single wide livingroom


The space is lined with smooth wood effect vinyl flooring. Its mid-tones offer a nice contrast to the lighter tones of the home’s walls and the darker tones of the furniture.  

In the vein of modern design trends, everything in the living space is built with purpose. The beautifully crafted wooden bench makes for the perfect television stand or the low coffee table, everything in the Clayton Homes anniversary single-wide has a function.   

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Amongst the wood furnishings are a soft creamy white couch and a pair of upholstered leather armchairs. The comfy chairs provide the ideal resting spot, a place to sit back, relax and forget your troubles.  


Kitchen & Dining Area


Leading from the living room, the home naturally transitions into the kitchen area. Again there is a modern feel to the space. The mid-tones of the wood effect vinyl flooring serve as a nice mid-tone between the room’s lighter and darker colors. For a slightly more urban feel, a brick pattern wall adds a little ruggedness to the room.   


Clayton Homes anniversary single wide kitchen


Much like the rest of the home, the kitchen is flooded with natural light courtesy of its many windows. A huge glass porch door bathes the room in the warm glow of the sun while doubling as the gateway into your backyard. The spot would make for a great front porch or patio. A quiet little area to enjoy summer days or the prime location for a BBQ.  

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Like any modern home, the purpose of the Clayton Homes anniversary single-wide design is functionality. The kitchen has plenty of overhead cabinetry, enough to please any budding chef or amateur baker. The softer color of the wood cabinets helps to brighten the room and accentuates the black laminated countertops.  

The beautiful black colors of the home’s appliances accent the rest of the room, including its dishwasher, induction stove, oven, and fridge freezer. There is also a massive double sink in a gorgeous glistening white. 


Utility Closet


Located just off the kitchen, this convenient utility closet was built with functionality and space-saving in mind. The unobtrusive space comes with washer and dryer hookups. It provides an easily accessible, out-of-the-way space that does not clog the rest of the kitchen or eat into the square footage of the rest of the home.  


Second Bedroom


This wide room is long enough to accommodate a decent-sized bed, with plenty of space left over to add a small work desk or reading chair. There is even a closet. The room comes with a built-in wire shelf, making it a convenient overhead storage place for housing anything from toys to formal wear.  

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This room is a blank slate and is just waiting for an eager homeowner to transform it into the bedroom of their child’s dreams. Whether you have a young daughter who loves unicorns and princesses or a brooding teenager who spends all day scrolling on their phone and blasting music. You have the power to build a room right for them.   


Third Bedroom


A little further down the hall, you will find the home’s third bedroom. Thanks to the extra room, this bedroom could easily house a double bed and is the ideal bedroom for the older sibling of the family. Much like the previous bedroom, the third bedroom offers the same level of customization. Your imagination is the only limiting factor when designing this bedroom.  

First Bathroom


The bathroom continues the two-tone style of the home. It has quartz-style countertops contrasting against the bright porcelain whites of the bathroom’s fixtures.  

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The bathroom comes with all your standard amenities, including a shower, bathtub combo, toilet, and a washbasin, complete with a vanity mirror. 


Master Bedroom


With 183 square feet, this considerably sized bedroom is one of the largest rooms in the home. For parents looking to get some much-needed space from their kids, the master suite is located on the other side of the house for added privacy.   


Clayton Homes anniversary single wide bedroom


Thanks to its ample size, there is plenty of space for a king-sized bed, with plenty of space for a chest of drawers or an ottoman for some added flair. The bedroom also has a long walk-in closet with plenty of wire-rack shelving.  

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Topping off, the master suite is the gorgeous en-suite. The bathroom has an elegant garden bathtub that you could spend hours soaking in. There is also a walk-in shower with two benches so you can rest your weary feet while getting clean.  


Clayton Homes anniversary single wide bathroom


The rooms have a fresh, clean feel not only because of the beautiful white fixtures but the well-crafted cabinetry. The room’s many wood cabinets and shelves come in a wonderfully ashy grey color that contrasts with the black quartz countertops.   


Final Thoughts On This Amazing Single Wide


Let us know what you think about this home in the comments. Thank you so much for taking the time to tour this home with us. We hope you have a fantastic day and look forward to seeing your beautiful face in the next one!

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