DIY Home Decor: 7 Projects to Upgrade Your Space on a Budget

Feb 23, 2023

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7 DIY Projects to Upgrade Your Home on a Budget


Looking to upgrade your space on a budget? Do you like to DIY, but you don’t want a project that will be overwhelming to complete?

If you are handy with a hammer, nails, and a paintbrush, we have some DIY home decor ideas to renovate your space for less.

Read on to find out how you can bring new life to your space by doing it yourself.


How to upgrade your space on a budget


It can be fun to DIY home decor. You not only refresh your space, but you also get a wonderful sense of accomplishment. Every time you walk by, you can think “I did that.” DIY home decor projects don’t have to be overly difficult or expensive.

We have compiled 7 projects that make the biggest impact on your style, not your wallet. These seven beginner-friendly projects will help you to upgrade your space in a weekend.


#1 Create a faux brick wall using paint


Create a faux brick wall using paint


One simple way to upgrade your space on a budget is to use paint. Paint is versatile. It can be used to create the look of expensive materials.

You can make faux brick with paint in a couple of different ways. Before beginning the project, choose your paint color. For example, you may want to go for a more traditional brick red or a more unique color choice.

Try to have a few shades of this color to create the effect of dark and light spaces. Now, here is where you can choose your method.

1st method: You can apply painter’s tape to create stripes along the wall you wish to paint. (The background should be white to simulate the look of grout).

Then, place the painter’s tape in a brick pattern. Next, apply spackling on the wall with a trowel and let it dry. Finally, paint over the spackled wall and lift up the painter’s tape to reveal a faux brick wall.

2nd method: You can buy a textured brick paint roller, like this one, or a stencil like this one.

Now, you can use the stencil or the paint roller to create the appearance of brick. Roll the textured paint roller in the paint and carefully roll it across your wall. Or, tape up the stencil and use a paintbrush to apply the paint.

Both of these items require a steady hand, patience, and the ability to line up your roller or stencil to create a seamless look.

You can even get a large household sponge. Soak it in paint and press it onto the wall in a brick pattern. You would still want to make sure your place painter’s tape horizontally to create a level grout look.


#2 Paint your countertops to look like marble


Paint your countertops to look like marble

Marble countertops are beautiful. They bring elegance and a sleek finish to any room, but they can be quite expensive.

If you want to achieve the same look on a budget, try out this DIY home decor upgrade.

You can actually buy a marble countertop painting kit. They come in several colors. This paint works on Formica, laminate, Corian, butcher block, and ceramic tile.

The kit includes detailed instructions on how to achieve the marble look. This will upgrade your kitchen or bathroom space on a budget.


#3 Build your own cabinet door trim



Build your own cabinet door trim


Most construction-grade cabinet doors are flat-faced. If you want to upgrade your space, you can DIY cabinet molding for cheap.

You can use a quarter-round to build a frame on the front of your cabinet door.

To achieve this, measure your cabinet door and draw an outline of where you’d like to place your trim. Make sure it is level. Then, you can use a quarter-round cutter.

This device will help you cut the wood into pieces for this DIY home decor project. It even has options for different angles, so you can create a perfect square.

Then, attach the trim to your cabinet and paint it to match. Voila! Your cabinets look expensive for a budget price.


#4 Construct your own barn doors


Construct your own barn doors


Sliding barn doors are a wonderful addition to any rustic chic room. Yet, it can be costly to buy and install them.

Create your own barn doors with this DIY home decor tip. Get the hardware to hang a barn door. Then, use your existing door.

Take your door off the hinges, and patch the holes in the wall from the hinge hardware using spackling. Patch the holes in the door using a wood plaster.

Paint your door with a solid color. Then, dry brush over it with white to create an aged appearance. Or, if it’s wooden, you can stain the door to make it look antique.

Finally, hang the door using the hardware. This will upgrade your home space immediately.


#5 Upgrade lamps and vases with textured spray paint


Upgrade lamps and vases with textured spray paint

A smaller DIY home decor project you can do to upgrade your home space on a budget is to spray paint small objects. Spruce up your lamps and vases with textured spray paint.

You can get a variety of stone-textured spray paints. This is an affordable way to upgrade something you already have. The spray paint is easy to apply and takes very little prep work.

These DIY home decor stone lamps and vases will give your space a sophisticated look.


#6 Use crates to build a bookshelf



Use crates to build a bookshelf

Bookshelves are a great place to store books, decor, and indoor plants. But, they can be a bit pricey. If you are looking for a simple DIY home decor project, try nailing wooden crates together to create a shelf.

You can get a bulk pack of wooden crates for less than it would cost to buy and ship a large shelf. Then, simply configure the crates in whatever arrangement you would like. Nail them together. You can paint or stain the crates to elevate the look.

This is an easy way to upgrade a space on a budget.


#7 Add a frame to your construction-grade bathroom mirror


Our last tip for a DIY home decor project is to take that construction-grade bathroom mirror and make it look brand new.

If you have a circular saw and you can easily create a frame for your existing mirror. Get some wood for the frame, such as a framing moulding. Then, measure your mirror. Create a mark for the angles.

Cut the angles. Then, use nails and wood glue to attach them together. Now, you can hang your frame around your bathroom mirror. You can do this with nails or glue, as well. Make sure it is securely on.

A frame adds to your mirror and instantly upgrades the space, and it’s a lot cheaper than replacing the mirror.




These 7 projects are great ways to upgrade your space on a budget. Most of these DIY home decor projects would take you a weekend to complete. They are easy and doable with items most people already have in their homes.

If you want to elevate your home decor but don’t have money to throw around, try out these projects. You might be surprised how different and stylish your home will look.

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