Expertly Designed Modular Home That Has Everyone Talking!

Jun 5, 2022

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Fantastic Modular Home by Future Homes


Future Homes is a full-service modular home builder that is ready to assist you every step of the way during the home-building process. From designing the home to financing, to land preparation they have experts in every field, ready to guide you and help with the process. The “Meadowview” model is the perfect example as to why Future Homes is among the best at what they do.


Modular Home Floor Plan


modular home floor plan

The “Meadowview” modular home by Future Homes Contains:

  • 1924 square feet
  • Three Bedrooms
    • Master Bedroom:14ft X 16’3″
    • Second Bedroom:14ft 3in X 11ft 9in
    • Third Bedroom:14ft 3in X 12ft 9in
  • Two Bathrooms
  • Utility Room
  • Walk-in closets in all bedrooms
  • Optional front porch


Modular Exterior


The “Meadowview” is a single-story ranch-style modular home. The exterior design of this home is very eye-catching. It is split with two different siding styles at the top and bottom with a white dividing trim running horizontally down the center of the home.

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The bottom half is horizontal vinyl siding, while the top half is vertical board and batten. It really gives the home a unique look! There is an option for a front porch on this home and the model does have it. It’s a really nice option to add on because front porches add a very inviting feel to a home which is key in my opinion.


modular home exterior


Speaking of the front porch, let’s head on up. The porch is a really nice size and has plenty of room for a few rocking chairs and a nice little table. A perfect place to enjoy a lazy Sunday afternoon!


Modular Home Interior


Entering into the home, you are greeted with a small foyer area with a coat closet and space for an entry table or hall tree. The foyer area opens up to a great open floor plan common area where you can find the dining room, living room, and kitchen.

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Dining Room


The dining room is immediately to the left after entering the home and coming through the foyer. It is a pretty large area and there is definitely plenty of room for a six or eight-person dining room table. The front of the room has two large windows letting lots of natural sunlight flow into the home.


modular home dining room


On the back wall, there is a cutout area that is perfect for a small hutch or buffet table. I really like the design of the cutout. It gives the room more depth and character than just a normal wall.


Living Room


The next stop on the tour is the living room. I love the living room in this home! It is a huge room that is very open and not only are there big windows all along the back wall. There is a double sliding glass door. It really makes the room bright and cheerful because of all the sunlight shining in.


modular home living room


The living room also has a lovely gas fireplace with a cutout mantle above that is perfect for a flat-screen TV. My favorite part of the room though is the ceiling. I love, love, love the coffered ceiling with the recessed lighting. I think it adds so much to a room with such little effort.

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From the living room, the island is the first stop in the kitchen. It is a long island with room for three or four stools on the side facing the living room. The other side of the island is lined with cabinets and drawers. The main part of the kitchen is also quite long and is an L shape. It is lined with cabinets and drawers on both the top and bottom. There is no lack of storage or counter space in this kitchen!


modular home kitchen


The sink and dishwasher are located on the small side of the “L” with a nice window above looking into the backyard. The larger side of the “L” shaped kitchen is home to the stove with overhead range microwave and refrigerator. There is also a little counter space next to the refrigerator that is perfect for a little coffee bar with cabinets above and below! Just past the kitchen, there is a pantry closet with shelving from top to bottom.

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Guest Bedrooms/Bathroom


Heading back across the home, past the living room there is a hallway that leads to the two guest bedrooms and bathroom. The bathroom is the first stop down the hallway. There is a single vanity to the left when you come into the room. It does have a good amount of counter space and a large mirror above. Next to the vanity is the toilet and then at the back of the room is a shower/tub combo. There is also a nice little linen closet in the bathroom opposite the vanity.


modular home bedroom 1


Across the hall from the bathroom is the first of the two bedrooms. This one is a really nice size and has two windows on the far wall for natural light. There is also a walk-in closet in the corner of the room with shelving all the way around.


modular home bedroom 2


The next bedroom is actually a little bit larger than the second one. It is designed the same as the second bedroom with the large windows on the far side of the room and the walk-in closet, it’s just a slightly larger room. It looks as though the closet is also a little larger than the one in the second bedroom as well.

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Utility Room


The utility room in this home is surprisingly large. I am not sure why it is so surprising, but I think once you see it you will agree. Coming into the room, there is a counter area to the left next to the washer/dryer hookups. There is also shelving above the washer and dryer. At the back of the room, a door leads to the backyard and a utility closet with a water heater and furnace. There is plenty of space in this room to add a hall tree and a freezer chest if that is something you are interested in.


Master Suite


The master bedroom is definitely the winner of the bedrooms! It is quite larger than all of the other rooms with plenty of room for a king-size bed as well as all of your other bedroom furniture. The walk-in closet though is the real winner of the room. It is a ginormous closet!

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I love that there is a window in the closet. There is also shelving along the whole room as well as a cutout with shelving for shoes. That’s where it got me, I’m not going to lie, the shoe wall! I guess you could use it for other things, but I mean…shoes!


modular home master bedroom


The final stop in this tour is the master bathroom. To the right when you first walk in there is a huge double vanity. Not only is there a ton of counter space, but there is also a divider set of drawers between the two vanities. Across from the vanities is the water closet and at the back of the room is a beautiful walk-in shower. There is so much room in this shower, it’s unbelievable. The tiling is really pretty and goes all the way up to the ceiling and there is a bench at the far end of the shower.


modular home master bathroom


Thank you for touring this home with me and I hope that you enjoyed it as much as I did:)

What did you think of the “Meadowview” Modular Home by Future Homes? I really liked the design of the home, but what did you think of it? What would you change for your own home?

Thanks again and as always….We’ll see you in the next one!:)