Schumacher Homes Beverly II Shines In EXCLUSIVE Home Tour

Feb 6, 2022

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This spacious three-bedroom single-story home melds comfort and freedom to offer a space that will please all the family. Thanks to its wide-open living space, this is the perfect home for any budding host or hostess.    

schumacher homes beverly 2 floor plan

The Schumacher Homes Beverly II comes with:  

  • 2428 square feet of space  
  • Three Bedrooms 
    • Master bedroom  
    • Second bedroom ( 144 square feet)  
    • Third bedroom (154 square feet) 
  • Two and a half baths (238 square feet) 
  • Enclosed overhanging back porch  
  • Living area/kitchen place 
  • Laundry Room  
  • Two car garage  
  • Starting price: $358,913* 

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When you walk up to the Schumacher Homes Beverly II, you will instantly be hit with the home’s curb appeal. The home’s lovely steep archway will be the first thing to grab your eyes.

site built homes

The stonewall running across the home’s foundation is another little detail, and the home’s shake and shingle sliding really pops against the white guttering and window paneling. The Beverly II exudes a warm and homely glow that naturally draws you inside.  

Living Space 

This warmth continues on the inside. With its off-white and grey decor, this pristine living room shines bright, contrasting nicely against the rich nuttiness of the room’s vinyl plank floor. Take some extra time to admire the craftsmanship of the coffered ceiling. Another added layer of the room’s modern feel.  

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The living space offers plenty of functionality and customization. Upon entering the room through the front door, to the right, is a large space perfect from a home office. If you prefer reading for pleasure rather than work, you could quickly turn this space into a cozy reading nook with a couple of bookcases and a comfy reading chair.  

Schumacher Homes Beverly II dining room

To the left is the room’s exquisite dining area. This section of the room radiates class with its single wallpapered wall. Chandelier light fixtures bathe the room’s eight-seater dining table in a warm glow. It is perfect for hosting a classy cocktail party dinner.   


The Kitchen

Transitioning to the kitchen portion of the living space, the area comes with an oversized island for serving up breakfast. Again the midnight black cabinets really are a bold contrast against the white tones of the room.  

Schumacher Homes Beverly II kitchen

This kitchen comes complete with an oven, microwave, fridge freezer combo, gas stovetop, and dishwasher. The kitchen’s farmhouse sink is deep and wide enough to clean the dishes if you prefer using some elbow grease. A kitchen space that any chef would be happy to call their own.  

Schumacher Homes Beverly II fireplace

Opposite the kitchen is the room’s main living space. Following the same bright modern design of the rest of the room, a gorgeous yielded fire adorned the wall with its beautiful crown molding. This would be a great spot to hang a TV, making it the go-to place to gather the family and have some much-needed bonding time.     

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If you are looking for a spot to entertain guests during the summer season, look no further than the Schumacher Homes Beverly II’s wonderful back porch. 

Schumacher Homes Beverly II porch

This sizeable communal area hangs on stilts overlooking the home’s backyard and beyond. Fully shielded from pesky insects, the porch comes fully screened. Spend long, hot summer nights wrapped in conversation with friends and enjoy the setting sun from the comfort of your back porch.  

Second Bedroom  

This 144 square foot bedroom would be a perfect spot for the princess of the house. The room has a rustic charm with its floral pull-down blinds and a striped back wall that any young girl would love.  

Schumacher Homes Beverly II bedroom 2

The bedroom comes complete with plenty of closet space. It is furnished with a double bed, nightstand, and armchair to catch up on homework or read a book.  

First Bathroom  

The first bathroom continues to share the same feeling of luxury as the rest of the house. It comes with the same glowing white decor. It has all your standard amenities, including a shower bath combo, toilet, and basin, complete with vanity mirror and lighting.  

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Third Bedroom  

This slightly larger bedroom would make a good spot for a guest bedroom or safe zone for a rowdy teenager. With 154 square feet of space, this room comes with plenty of space for a book cabinet or shelving area to house a vinyl collection. Like the rest of the bedrooms on offer, this room comes with plenty of closet space.  

Schumacher Homes Beverly II bedroom 1

The bedroom comes fully furnished with a work desk and chair, a clothes cabinet, and the added touch of a coat hanger.  

Master Bedroom  

Now for the room that every homeowner wants to know about, the master bedroom. With 238 square feet of space, the Beverly II fully delivers with its master bedroom.  

Schumacher Homes Beverly II master bedroom

The room has a unique design with its beautiful accented walls and ceiling. The room fits that same modern decor that permeates the whole home. The bedroom comes with a large walk-in closet, metal shelving lopping around the room provides a handy hanging space and overhead storage.  

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This feeling of luxury the bedroom radiates continues into the master bathroom. The en-suite has a spa-day feel with its crisp fresh aesthetic, a feel that is accentuated all the more by the double circular vanity mirrors and lighting.  

Schumacher Homes Beverly II bathroom

The modern spa feel is also reflected in the room’s fixtures. The bathtub overlooks the window for an excellent view. But don’t worry, the elevated position of the room still maintains your personal privacy. Then there is the shower. A beautifully tiled walk-in shower gives the impression of a sauna with its long bench and mosaic patterned floor.      

* Starting price for Schumacher Homes Beverly II may vary depending on your location