How Long Does it Take to Build a Modular Home? 

Jan 6, 2022

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Modular homes are not a new concept—there have been prefabricated log homes available since the 70s—but they have really been gaining ground in terms of popularity in the last decade, especially as home prices continue to rise. But what is a modular home and how long does it take to build one? 

A standard, family-size modular home can be put together on the property site in about a month. Now, that doesn’t include anything else about the construction of the home, just how long it is put together on site.  

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Here is a rough timeline of the individual processes that go on in getting a modular home set up and ready to move in:  

  • Design Process: 4 weeks 
  • Prepping the site: 1 week 
  • Laying the foundation: 2 weeks 
  • Constructing the modules: 1-2 week(s) 
  • Putting it together on-site: 4 weeks 

modular homes built in factory

Put all of that together and it really doesn’t seem like a terribly long time. The problem is, these timelines are fluid. Logistics of moving the modules, any material shortages, or backlog of the builder, all play a factor in the amount of time it takes to go from zero to move in ready.

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Yes, modular homes are designed to be quickly assembled much faster than a traditionally built home. However, it may take between 4-6 months to fully build a modular home. However, think of it like this: would it really take you four weeks to sit down with an expert and design your modular home? Maybe or maybe not. 

The Physical Work 

The knee-jerk reaction to announcing a timeframe on prepping the site is “1 week.” The problem is, that sounds great for a wide-open field that’s generally flat and doesn’t require any trees to be cut down.  

But what if the site you picked out is heavily wooded? That changes things. Laying the foundation is a matter of setting up the molds and pouring the concrete for the foundation of your house. Quite often, it doesn’t take anywhere near two weeks, however, weather affects everything.  

The difference between pouring concrete on a humid, overcast day and pouring it on a dry, sunny day is like cold and hot or black and white.  

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When it comes to constructing the modules, that really doesn’t take too long. The prefabrication processes is incredibly efficient and streamlined to meet building codes. All of it is done in a factory, where everything is already calculated and measured. Couple that with an indoor, temperature controlled environment. This cuts down on so many weather related delays.

setting up modular home on site

Putting it together on-site, after it is delivered, should take about a month. You have to factor certain things in, such as weather and workdays. Also, who is going to be putting the pieces together, you or a professional crew.

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A lot of the things that end up taking so long in any type of home construction are the intangibles. Things that are difficult to account for, such as materials, because you cannot predict them. 

However, for the most part, modular homes are constructed much faster than standard construction.  

All Things Considered 

You will be able to move into your modular home much faster than if you build a traditionally constructed home. Modular homes are extremely popular now. All due to how much they cut costs and how quickly they are completed.