How to Achieve Industrial Home Decor Style on a Budget

Mar 30, 2023

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Industrial Home Decor Style on a Budget


My mind runs wild at the thought of buying an elegant and contemporary loft. The kind with an open-concept floor plan and plenty of space to create. And then filling it with all of the industrial home decor and furniture I can find.

Thankfully, finding industrial lights, furniture, and decor and achieving this industrial style can be done with the tightest of budgets and a splash of creativity.

Maybe not the whole “buying a contemporary loft out of the blue” part, but that’s ok. I can work with the home I have and I’m (almost) certain you can too.

With a couple of thrift store finds, upcycling our neighbor’s roadside furniture, and adding some industrial-style lighting, we can give our homes the industrial look of our wildest dreams.


Thrift Store Finds and Facebook Marketplace


Thiftstore finds for home decor


Some people view secondhand shops, yard sales, and flea markets as nothing more than dumps for people’s unwanted belongings. While others see them as treasure chests full of goodies.

In my personal experience, thrift stores are like time machines; they can transport you back several decades. Delivering the long-sought-after treasure you’ve been seeking.

I personally think that the phrase, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” should be displayed in front of all thrift shops.

And with the age of the internet, we can even find these treasures on Facebook Marketplace (or apps like OfferUp.)

When it comes to finding the right industrial home decor and furniture at a thrifty price, we’ll need a few rules though.

First, we will need to keep a list of looks and materials in mind. We will need a general vision for our space already created. And lastly, we will need to be patient in our pursuit.

This way the perfect items for design will start jumping out as we browse the local Goodwill.

What differentiates industrial interior design from other styles is the heavy use of metal and wood and the more unfinished look.

The exposed pipes, beams, walls, and floors also keep things raw. Like the commonly-used exposed brick, which adds texture and character to a space.

With this in mind, here are some items you should keep an eye out for when exploring your local thrift store or Goodwill.


Industrial Home Decor


Industrial home decor


Those who don’t like a lot of clutter in their living space appreciate industrial design for its simplicity. The sleek, orderly aesthetic of an industrial setting is easy to achieve too.


Bins & Baskets


It’s easy to store things out of sight in available metal bins and wooden baskets. That’s one of my favorite aspects of the industrial look; its simplicity.

Leaving flowering plants as the only decor in view if we’re crafty enough.

Luckily, you can typically find a whole section of baskets at Goodwill to look through.


Faux Plants


While you may not find real plants at the thrift store, you can find some lively fake plants to bring home.

You can aim for all different shapes and sizes to bring depth to your space too.




A textured rug can liven up a space decorated in an industrial design too. They help soften the space and add some visual appeal.


Metal & Wood

Metal and wood home decor


Industrial furniture is made with a lot of rough wood and exposed metal. You can find these pieces mixed in with almost any style of furniture.

So if you find a quality table or chair at your local thrift store, take it home and see how you can incorporate it.

When I first started designing my home, I found the perfect metal chairs to go with my wood table. It was a fantastic industrial-style option for our dining room.

What’s better is the entire dining room table set only cost me $100 on Facebook Marketplace.

You’ve probably seen these metal chairs at other people’s houses or at your local cafe too. It looks like even Amazon sells them for a decent price.

So, next time you’re strolling through the thrift store and find something in dark wood or metal (or both!), imagine it in an industrial setting. Maybe it’s just the piece your home needs to be complete!


Industrial Style Lighting


Usually, industrial-style lights are made of steel and wood with dark colors. These lights typically aren’t finished or have slight damage too.

Some common design elements are exposed bulbs, metal domes, and wired cages.

By adding touches of these industrial-style lights to your home, you are destined to create an eye-catching space.


Exposed Bulbs


Exposed light bulbs for industrial home decor


Exposed bulbs, like Edison bulbs, are unrivaled when it comes to industrial lighting.

The kitchen is a great place to hang these too. Pendant lighting can use exposed bulbs and give any room an industrial look.

While you can check your local stores for some deals, you can also find Edison bulbs on amazon for a fair price.


Cage Lighting


Caged lighting


Another common type of modern industrial lighting is the cage lamp. With this fixture, the lightbulb is “caged” by a framework of metal bars.

The metal will tie the lamps to the rest of the dark and moody elements of the home. All while exposing your bulb too.


Large Metal Dome Lamps and Pendant Lights


Lighting fixtures with metal domes are common in factories and warehouses, so it’s no surprise we see them in many industrial-designed homes too.

You should be able to spot one at your local yard sale or thrift store. Just stay patient and keep browsing. It shouldn’t be long before the perfect option shows up.


Silver Metallic Colored Items


In most industrial spaces, you will rarely (if ever) find vibrant and bold colors. You might spot browns and dark navy blues, but it’s best to stick to metallic colors like silver, gray, and gold for a true industrial look.


Vintage & Antique Pieces


Antique and vintage design is often used as a model for creating a dreamy industrial space. If you can actually get your hands on antique items, that’s even better.

You can find older lamps, shelving, vases and so many other cool pieces that will help bring your space to life.


Distressed Leather


Distressed leather armchair


To soften the harshness of an otherwise metal-clad industrial space, distressed leather is essential. Sofas made of worn leather are a common sight in industrial-style living rooms.

What others may see as just an old leather couch at Goodwill, you will now see as a staple item for your industrial home.


Copper Cookware


Copper cookware


You will be amazed at how copper cookware can add a touch of cozy to your industrial-style kitchen. Incorporating copper cookware into your kitchen is a great way to add some personality and pops of shine to your home.

These are amazing thrift store finds that you should definitely keep on the lookout for when browsing the dishware section.


Upcycling For Industrial Furniture and Decor


Upcycling is a common term used for taking something no longer in use and giving it a second life and possibly a new function. The result is usually something more useful, valuable, and aesthetically pleasing than the original.

An outdated piece of furniture can be transformed into a one-of-a-kind showpiece in your home with just a little ingenuity, some fresh paint, and possibly new hardware.

It’s not like recycling, where you take plastic, paper, metal, or glass and break it down into their base components. Instead, upcycling is distinct from recycling because you’re not just breaking the product apart. You are turning it into something even better and now more useful.

It’s also different from the thrift store finds. In this case, you are taking on a DIY project and revamping the item. In most thrift store hauls, you simply clean the furniture or items up and they’re ready for use.

Let’s take a look at some fun upcycled industrial project ideas!


Upcycling Wood For Industrial Shelving


This is a project I have always wanted to do but have yet to make the time to complete. Although it looks so simple!

If you have some wooden planks lying around untouched, it’s time to give them some life and bring some proper organization to your space.

All you’d have to do is find some iron gas pipe flanges, elbows, and t’s (like these iron pipes from Amazon). Then you can spray paint them the color you want. Black is most typical though.

Then after you’ve measured and stained your wood, you can hang it all up on the wall.

If you’ve already got the perfect shelving in place, don’t worry. You have some other fun options for that wood.

Consider taking the wood and pipes to make a bookcase or shoe storage instead. For some really great ideas, make sure you check out Pinterest and search “DIY industrial home projects.”


Upcycling Lighting


Upcycled lighting


There are so many unique ways to upcycle items for lighting too. Just look at the picture above. Someone took a camera tripod and turned it into the perfect lamp. How fantastic is that!

This may take some additional help on Youtube or from an electrician, but the awesome industrial decor items you come up with will be worth it.


Repurposing Air Vents For Lighting


Repurposing air vents for lighting


Personally, I love this idea, especially for an industrial-style home. I’ve seen it done tastefully on the outdoor patio of a restaurant before, but it would look spectacular over a kitchen bar too.


Final Thoughts


Industrial home design will continue to be a hot topic in the interior design industry for decades to come which is great news for those of us looking to style our homes this way.

What’s even better news is that while there are popular brands around selling expensive industrial home decor items and furniture, we can still furnish and style our home affordably with these thrifty methods and a few DIY projects.