Infinity Homes 7 Bedroom “Austin” Is An Absolute STUNNER!

Dec 12, 2022

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The 7-Bedroom Mansion You Always Dreamed About

Everyone has that mansion they dream of and fantasize about buying one day. Yeah, you know that one I’m talking about: the house with ample garage space and enough bedrooms for the family to come over for the weekend. Well, if you’re in the market for this type of house, you have to check out this highly-rated Austin Model home. Packing everything a space addict would need, it’s the perfect setup for large families.

This house stands majestically in Pennsylvania’s Cranberry Township, and there’s only one word to describe it: serene. With a spacious porch and a picturesque front view, this house looks like a piece from a fairytale.


The “Austin” Floor Plan and Price Info

1st Floor

Infinity Custom homes Austin Model floor plan 1st floor

2nd Floor

Infinity Custom homes Austin Model floor plan 2nd floor

This home is the “Austin” by Infinity Custom Homes and features:

  • 8375 Square Feet
  • Seven Bedrooms
    • Master Bedroom: 19ft 0in X 19ft 6in
  • 6 Full Bathrooms
  • Stunning Kitchen
  • Covered Patio w/built in grill
  • Multiple fireplaces
  • Luxurious Master Suite
  • 4 Car Garage
  • Approximate Price At Time Of Tour: $2,200,000 as toured
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Exterior of Infinity Homes 7-Bedroom House

The exterior of this charming Austin model home has a dominant gray color with blue accents and trims going all around the house. On the front side of the house, a covered porch extends to both sides of the front door. This space could accommodate up to six chairs and a small table.

Infinity Custom homes Austin Model exterior

If you move towards the right side of the house, you’ll notice the windows that peer out of the dining room at the front. At the end of the right side, you have the doors to the four-car garage.

Exploring the left side of the house, you’ll discover more windows overlooking the bar at the back and the study on the left front side of the house.


Interior Design of the 7-Bedroom House by Infinity Homes

Entering the first floor through the front door, you’re welcomed into a house that screams space. Right from the door, you can see across the living room to the back of the house. The hardwood floor looks chic and screams wooden royalty.

In the living room, you have a cream-colored center rug that perfectly blends with the brown floor.


The Dining Room

The dining room is the first space on your right once you enter the house. Coming in for a meal? No need to walk any further. You also get a natural backdrop of light from the windows, giving a perfect family dining experience.

Infinity Custom homes Austin Model dining room

There is also space to adorn the wooden wall with frames that would make the dining pop better.

As you walk past the dining area, you’ll notice the switchback stairs leading to the second floor and the ones leading down to the basement.


The Kitchen

Moving past the dining room leads you into the kitchen space. If you’re a sucker for homemade meals, this kitchen has you covered. With a 10-foot rectangular island and a sunroom just off the backdrop, you could cook all day, and it feels just like the perfect dream.

Infinity Custom homes Austin Model kitchen

There’s also a wet bar beside the sunroom where you and your friends could have a few drinks while cooking in the kitchen. For preserving your drinks and snacks, you have a refrigerator and more drawers than you can use. There’s also a pantry right around the corner for storing other foodstuffs.

Infinity Custom homes Austin Model morning room

You could also move out of the sunroom and into the covered patio, where you can sit and enjoy the picturesque lawn view. It is also a perfect spot for entertaining guests and serving them delicacies from the kitchen.

Infinity Custom homes Austin Model patio

If you’re a fan of steak, you can fix up a grill in this space to prepare your smoked meat delicacies. Once you’re done with the entertainment, you can move back into the living room.


The Family Room

Is it a family reunion, and everyone wants to gather around the fireplace and reminisce about the various memories from previous homes? This fireplace is a perfect spot for that. With the designer tile accents on the wall and the shelves flanking the fireplace, this room radiates a welcoming warmth.

Infinity Custom homes Austin Model living room

Let’s go upstairs to the master bedroom and laundry room.


The 2nd Floor

Going up the previously mentioned switchback stairs to the second floor, you have four secondary bedrooms, the master bedroom, and the laundry. This floor is where the elegance of this property stands out. Want to know why? Stick with us.


Secondary Bedrooms

Walking up the switchback stairs, you enter one of the secondary bedrooms. This bedroom has blue walls with white wardrobes and accents complementing its color perfectly, and it also comes with a full bath with these majestic golden accents.

Infinity Custom homes Austin Model bedrooms

The next two bedrooms share a Hollywood-style bathroom, with one of the rooms having a bunk bed and the last bathroom having an en-suite bath. Each room comes with a closet to help store your clothes properly.


Master Bedroom

The master bedroom looks like the paradise you never want to leave. Offering you a fireplace right in front of your bed, it creates that picturesque room worthy of a king. You could refurbish the room to have a TV, providing entertainment for yourself.

Infinity Custom homes Austin Model master bedroom

If you’re not in the mood to lie down, you could use the sitting room space sectioned with the bedroom. If you prefer a natural view, the covered deck is a better choice. Imagine sitting with your favorite wine while taking in the scenery. Just beautiful!

Infinity Custom homes Austin Model master closet

You couldn’t be more wrong if you think we’re done. Let’s take a walk into the giant-sized closet that comes with this room. Walking into this space, you have more than enough room that you know what to do with.

It comes with a shoe and handbag room, an indoor gym, and all the shelves you need for any clothes.

Infinity Custom homes Austin Model master bathroom

The bathroom includes a bath with extra golden accents to give off a royal appearance.


The Laundry Room

No need to worry about hiring your dirty linens; we’ve provided a whole room for that.

Infinity Custom homes Austin Model laundry room

The laundry room makes you want to wear clothes just for the fun of washing them, and it includes all the shelves and cupboards needed to store your washing supplies.


The 3rd Floor

On the third floor, we have a space that you can make into a game room or a guest lounge. You could pack in your consoles while having a bar just to the side. Talk about full-option entertainment.


The Basement

The basement has two other guest rooms with their own en-suite bathrooms.

Infinity Custom homes Austin Model basement

There’s also a space that you could make into an underground wine cellar or a bar. With all this space, you could explore your imaginations as far as they can go.


Final Thoughts on this 7-Bedroom House

If you require more space or prefer to live in a large house, this Infinity Homes Austin Model home is an excellent choice. Offering you an open floor plan with lots of space, this magnificent property has everything you need. Apart from the adorable interior, the exterior is to die for. Another house you might like is the Cambridge Model.

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