Modern Farmhouse Decor: How to Achieve a Rustic Aesthetic

Mar 22, 2023

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What Is Modern Farmhouse Decor?

You may have heard people talk about modern farmhouse decor, but what exactly is it? This trendy home design style is a beautiful meshing of vintage and modern.

Modern farmhouse decor is all about neutral colors, simple lines, and mixing the old and new.

If you want a cozy feel that is somehow simplistic yet complex, read on to learn about this style.


Modern Farmhouse Decor Basics


Modern Farmhouse Decor Basics


To achieve this design style, you need to understand some basic principles.

The modern farmhouse style is about bringing the outdoors inside. It has some elements of rustic design to it, but it is also about clean lines and simplicity. Neutral colors create this look.

This aesthetic differs from the traditional farmhouse style. It doesn’t rely solely on antiquities but marries the old with the new. Antiques abound, but they are functional and partnered with modern decor.

Industrial design aesthetics share some elements with the modern farmhouse design. Mixing exposed woods and industrial metals marks both aesthetics. They both also emphasize the idea of “less is more” and practical furnishings.

Yet, industrial designs have darker elements and palettes. Modern farmhouse decor is all about bright and white.

To sum up, the key concepts of the modern farmhouse design are the following:

  • Neutral colors
  • Clean and bright spaces
  • Mixing vintage with modern decor


How to Style Your Home with Modern Farmhouse Decor


Modern farmhouse decor


Now, you may be wondering how to incorporate modern farmhouse decor into your home. Don’t worry. There are plenty of ways to add a touch of bright, rustic decor to your home without a complete remodel. Consider the tips below.


#1 Simple is best


Simple modern farmhouse sliding barn door


A modern farmhouse home avoids clutter. You want your space to look clean and organized. Do not overcrowd tables and shelves with knickknacks. Use small decor pieces to make big impacts. It’s all about balance.

You can create vignettes in the home with carefully curated decor.

Try styling your mantle by sitting some botanical prints on it. Then, add some antique-looking milk jugs filled with faux plant sprigs to add height and contrast. This will give you a simple yet powerful display in your living area.

But, you will also want to have pieces that are functional. For a stylish yet functional decor idea, consider using these rustic trays. You can place these on your coffee table to house items you need like the TV remote. You can pair these practical items with decor pieces such as these metal cloche candles.


#2 Bring the outdoors inside


Plants as modern farmhouse decor


This design style also uses nature as a way of bringing pops of color into the home. The beauty of the outdoors makes the home look and feel more inviting.

Rustic materials such as jute, stone, and wood are perfect for modern farmhouse decor.

You can also add faux plants (or real ones) to the home to complete the look.

For inspiration, consider this 3 buckets rustic farmhouse centerpiece. This would be a great starting point in a dining room.

Another idea is to use a wicker basket to store blankets or other daily-use items you may have.

You could also incorporate more stone into your decor. Try out these luxurious river stone bath accessories.


#3 Neutrals colors as a base


Neutrals colors home decor


Beiges, whites, creams, and light grays are perfect color choices for this design style. You can choose to paint your walls with these colors. You can also add neutral-colored furnishings to your home.

With so many neutrals placed together in the same room, you may worry it will look boring. Don’t forget to layer colors and textures to create interest.

Instead of painting your wall white, consider doing shiplap. This is a wood board planking you can put up instead of basic drywall.

Consider a beige rug under a grey, aged wood dining table. White chairs will marry the darker grey and the beige together.

There are plenty of ways to mix and match your neutral colors to create a cozy, comfortable living space.


#4 Use your home’s natural materials


Rustic home with exposed beams


Exposed beams and reclaimed barn wood are two examples of rustic materials you can use. You can pull out your ceiling to expose the beams above. Or, add beams to your existing ceiling to create this look.

You can use reclaimed barn wood shelves to display decor, books, or everyday items.

If you have a brick fireplace surround, you can limewash it to give it a brighter feel. Nicks and dings on old furniture can find a new life with this decor style.

Having items that look dented or rusted actually adds character to your pieces. If you want to achieve this look without years of wear and tear, try painting some of your furniture. You can get crackle paint that you can apply over your existing paint to create an aged look.


#5 Mix materials to add texture


The secret to elevating your modern farmhouse style is to layer different materials. Consider mixing and matching vintage with modern decor. Also, use wood, stone, and antler as natural elements. Then, pair them with jute, shiplap, and linen throughout the house in varying places.

Don’t forget that industrial metal pairs well with the rustic look of this decor. Consider industrial metal pulls on your unfinished wood cabinets.

Another idea you could try is to style a bedroom this way. Start with an industrial metal frame bed, linen bedding, and a wooden bench at the end of the bed.

Mixing and matching these materials will create interest in the home.


#6 Mix the old and the new


Antique charm modern farmhouse


This is a good chance for you to go to estate sales, thrift shops, and yard sales. Buy up some of those old baskets, cutting boards, trays, and signs. You can repurpose old window frames and doors for decor, as well. These will give your home an antique charm.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for secondhand, there are many vintage recreations you can buy. For example, these rustic, galvanized drum end tables look antique. They also offer modern storage solutions for your home.

You can also mix modern couches with antique coffee and end tables. If you love to DIY your decor. The modern farmhouse style is a great opportunity for you to take old materials and turn them into new, functional decor.

A little paint and styling can go a long way in changing the look of a piece. Chalk paint is a favorite of many DIYers for redoing old furniture. It comes in a variety of colors. You can also use a base coat of a darker color and dry brush a lighter color like white over it to give it an aged appearance.

Just don’t forget to allow some modern pieces into your decor, like these adorable soap dispensers.




Modern farmhouse design is all about bright spaces that look cozy and functional. To add this decor to your home, opt for neutral colors. Mix and match materials and integrate old and new decor pieces together.

Your home doesn’t need a full remodel to create a homey, rustic feel. Try out some of our styling tips to achieve your dream home decor.

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