Modern Farmhouse Style: How to Marry the Old and New

Jan 9, 2023

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Modern Farmhouse Style: How to Marry the Old and New

A modern farmhouse-style home perfectly exhibits practical and rustic charm. Exposed beams, shiplap, and barn doors are just a few of the reasons we love this classic style.

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While the modern farmhouse pays homage to the classic farmhouse style, it also incorporates contemporary and trendy finishes. These modern touches help to bring the home into the 21st century.

Before discussing the modern farmhouse, let’s first establish what the farmhouse style really is.


What is the Classic Farmhouse Style?

A classic farmhouse style has an extensive history as a dependable home. The exterior of the home includes a grand covered front porch often adorned by a porch swing. The open-air porches often extend along the entire front of the home and are supported by sturdy beams. The interior of the home exudes practicality and simplicity.


Classic Farmhouse Exterior

The classic farmhouse exterior features an oversized front porch, a brick or stone chimney, and oftentimes no garage. Instead of a contrasting interior found with modern farmhouses, the classic farmhouse exterior is a bit more subdued.

“Barksdale” by Pennwest Homes

The “Barksdale” model by Pennwest Homes beautifully showcases a classic farmhouse-style home. The home features an expansive front porch, white siding, and contrasting shutters.


Classic Farmhouse Interior

A classic farmhouse interior supports simplicity, natural accents, and practicality. The kitchen is the center of living in a classic farmhouse. It is typical for a classic farmhouse kitchen to feature a moveable, wooden island and butcher block countertops.

Wide plank floors and natural stone flooring extend throughout the home with a central wood-burning fireplace. Creative touches like wrought iron hardware are also found.

Now that we’ve established what makes a classic farmhouse-style home, let’s dive into the new-and-improved modern farmhouse.


What is a Modern Farmhouse?

A modern farmhouse offers the best of both worlds when it comes to clean lines and rustic touches. The modern farmhouse style takes all your favorite characteristics of a classic farmhouse and adds elevated and contemporary finishes.

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This style of home evokes feelings of warmth and comfort while simultaneously reflecting the times. The design as a whole intends to be welcoming instead of stuffy and unattainable. The modern twist to the classic home ensures this style will be around for decades to come.


Modern Farmhouse Exterior

A modern farmhouse exterior incorporates a white, board-and-batten siding exterior with a black roof and black trim windows. This contrast helps give the home its sought-after aesthetic. Streamlined lanterns characteristically flank the front door.

“Hayshaker” by Beracah Homes

The “Hayshaker” floor plan by Beracah Homes beautifully showcases a modern farmhouse-style home. The white, board-and-batten siding contrasts with the black-framed windows, tin weathervane, and black awnings.

The interior of the home also shows modern farmhouse touches with exposed wooden trusses and sliding barn doors.

The “Napa” by Infinity Homes

The “Napa” model by Infinity Homes is another example of a modern farmhouse exterior. The same white, board-and-batten exterior is featured with black-framed windows. This time, stone accents add character to the home’s facade.

A streamlined lantern illuminates the covered front porch. Two accompanying lanterns highlight the garage doors. The interior of the “Napa” floor plan also reflects modern farmhouse finishes.

The living area in particular features rich exposed beams. Just beyond, a column separating the open-concept living and dining area is adorned with stone accents.


Modern Farmhouse Interior

Characteristics of a modern farmhouse include clean lines and an air of simplicity. Rustic wooden accents like exposed beams extend throughout the home in a cozy fashion.

A modern farmhouse is welcoming and not overdone, overly polished, or overly minimalistic. These homes impart cozy, simple, clean, and contemporary accents. A neutral color palette of earthy tones beautifully elevates the natural wooden accents.

Modern farmhouses often include reclaimed wood, sliding barn doors, and exposed beans.

“Silver Creek” by Clear Creek Homes

The “Silver Creek” model by Clear Creek Homes subtly includes classic farmhouse characteristics meshed with a modern flair. The polished kitchen island is a perfect example. While the countertops are updated quartz countertops, the island base includes white shiplap accents and turned legs.


Classic Farmhouse vs. Modern Farmhouse

Wood-paneled walls, exposed beams, and rustic accents are all characteristic of a classic farmhouse. A classic farmhouse features earthy tones and an undertone of practicality and utilitarianism.

While altogether charming, the classic farmhouse style is evolving to incorporate a more modern, polished flair.

A modern farmhouse takes all of the best classic farmhouse characteristics and elevates the style. For instance, a durable apron sink in a classic farmhouse may incorporate a wall-mounted faucet.

In a modern farmhouse, the same apron sink instead includes a contemporary pull-down kitchen faucet. The modern farmhouse still pays homage to the classic style, just with updated, modern finishes.

Two-Story Modern Farmhouse by Pennwest Homes

This two-story modern farmhouse by Pennwest Homes incorporates shiplap accent walls. The rustic accent wall effortlessly contrasts with the modern electric fireplace. The kitchen and dining area located just beyond also incorporate classic and modern finishes into the home.


How to Marry the Old and the New Farmhouse Styles

Here are six easy ways to modernize older, classic farmhouse style in a modern home. These design elements allow even a contemporary to play along without losing the classic charm.

The “Avonley” by Nies Homes

Floating Shelves. Natural wood floating shelves are a fun way to incorporate rustic elements in a modern way. Incorporate reclaimed wood floating shelves to decorate a bathroom or kitchen.

The “Avonly” model by Nies Homes beautifully highlights wooden floating shelves in the kitchen and living area. These touches effortlessly add to the modern farmhouse design.

Sliding Barn Door. Sliding barn doors are the perfect way to section off rooms in the home that require less privacy. Utilizing a sliding barn door to close off an office space adds abundant character.

Furthermore, natural wooden barn doors beautifully contrast in a home with otherwise light features.

Exposed Trusses. Exposed trusses are the perfect way to add a stylish aesthetic to a home. Inspired by the classic farmhouse style, exposed trusses are growing in popularity in modern farmhouse-style homes.

The “Vinemont” model by Schumacher Homes beautifully showcases the benefits of exposed trusses.

Farmhouse Sink. Farmhouse sinks are beautiful, spacious, and timeless. On top of adding eye-catching character to a kitchen, they’re also extremely durable. Opting for a farmhouse sink instantly adds rustic, but polished, character to a home.

Covered Front Porch. On top of imparting rustic charm, a covered front porch also increases outdoor living opportunities. The porch doesn’t have to be as extensive as classic farmhouse-style homes to add incredible value.

Wooden Trim. If done properly, decorating with wood trim around an interior entryway casing instantly provides a beautifully eclectic finish.


Final Thoughts On Marrying the Old and New

The modern farmhouse style takes the classic farmhouse characteristics and modernizes the style. With these new modern touches, the farmhouse style will be around for decades to come.

Both classic and modern farmhouses provide abundant natural light thanks to plentiful windows. Sun-filled home interiors are highly sought after and will continue to gain in popularity in new home designs.

Thankfully, it is easier than ever to incorporate classic farmhouse features with modern finishes. So, what do you think? Are you ready to say yes to a modern farmhouse?