Genius Modular Home with Prices That Are Getting More Affordable

Sep 20, 2022

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The “Abby” by Terrace Homes

This Wisconsin modular home we are touring today is known as the “Abby” by Terrace Homes.

The “Abby” is one of Terrace Homes glorious modular homes on display in Friendship, Wisconsin at their beautiful 9 home model center. For a modular home with prices and design like this, it is sure to make it to the top of your list. We love the exterior look of this modular home, with its pistachio vinyl siding and large back deck. The home has a cute homey charm about it that is second to none.

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We visited Terrace Homes in Friendship, Wisconsin and once we saw this modular home with prices that we found reasonable, that was it! I fell in love. Honestly though, i kind of fell in love with all of them! They just have a tremendous amount of unique designs on display. Terrace Homes, however, only builds homes in WI.

“Abby” – Genius Modular Home With Prices and Floor Plan

modular home with prices floor plan

The “Abby” by Terrace Homes Features:

  • 1882 square feet of space
  • Three bedrooms
    • Master bedroom: 14ft 0in X 12ft 0in
    • Second bedroom: 12ft 0in X 11ft 0in
    • Third bedroom: 12ft 0in X 12ft 0in
  • 2 bathrooms
  • Open Concept
  • 4 Seasons Room
  • Pocket Office
  • Approximate Starting Price: $312,000
  • Approximate As Toured Price: $458,000

Wisconsin Modular Home Exterior

The outside of the Abbey has a beautiful cottage feel with an amazing pistachio colored vinyl siding that wraps all the way around the home. On the front of the house there is a beautiful double gable just up above two windows looking into the first bedroom/flex room.

modular home with prices

Then just above that, there are two awnings with a nice red tin roof. Also, on the front of the house, down towards the bottom, you will find a beautiful stone facade and a two car garage off to the right-hand side.

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Moving around to the back of the home, there is an optional back deck that you could have built if you wanted to. It has a nice wrap around bench plenty of space for entertaining. Back here you also find a large bump out that houses the four seasons room. I love this space just because it seems like so much fun and the perfect spot for a family to hang out (no matter the season lol). 

Wisconsin Modular Home Interior

As you step through the front door of this beautiful modular home, you are greeted with a nice spacious foyer. Immediately to the left as you walk into the foyer, there are two French doors that open to reveal the first of the three bedrooms, but it can also be used as a flex room. As we have toured it was used as an office space, but it does have a nice big window up towards the front of the room and a closet on the backside of the room. So, it does meet the egress and closet requirements that do make it a bedroom. 

modular home with prices flex room

Further down the foyer there is a coat closet to the left-hand side. Then opposite that, there is a doorway that leads both down to the basement and into the first entrance from the two-car garage. 


At the end of the foyer, the home opens into a beautiful open living space, which features the living room, dining room and the kitchen. 

Starting in the kitchen, there is a large center island that separates the kitchen and dining room spaces. The island is extremely large and has plenty of room for seven seats. Sitting within the island, you will also find a beautiful stainless sink looking out over the dining room and out onto the back porch. There are plenty of cabinets and a nice dishwasher within the island also.

modular home with prices kitchen

On the opposite side of the kitchen, you will find a gas stove and a nice built-in microwave sitting just above that. To one end you of the counter there are several cabinets and all the way at the other end of the counter, you will find a spot for the refrigerator. Again, there are several cabinets and drawers on this side too. So plenty of room for tons of storage and then you even have a little bit of extra space for decorating up above the top cabinets. 

Mud Room and Laundry Room

At the end of the kitchen, you will find an arched doorway that leads back towards the mud room and the laundry room. The mud room has a nice little bench with a couple of cubbies just below it. It is the perfect spot were you can sit down and kick your shoes off and drop your keys on the table sitting just to the side of it.

modular home with prices mud room

Here you will also find the second doorway out into your two-car garage. Then opposite that, you will enter the laundry room. The laundry room is separated from the mud room by a beautiful pocket door. Here you will find washer and dryer hookups and a nice folding table.

Dining Room

Moving back out towards the dining room, you will be surrounded by a ton of windows and convenient access out onto the back porch. There is a lovely light fixture hanging down over a massive kitchen table.

modular home with prices dining room

Definitely something you would need, because with the house like this, you are going to be certainly going to be hosting and entertaining.  

Pocket Office

Just beyond the dining room is a small pocket office. it has tons of cabinets as well as a nice transom window sitting up over the desk area. This is a great space if you are working from home as well as needing space for the kids to do their homework. You know that is of away from distractions so they can focus on what needs to be done. 

Four Seasons Room

On the opposite side of the dining room, you will find another set of French doors that lead out into the four seasons room. I love this space because you have a beautiful wooden slatted ceiling and a nice tile floor, with windows that go all the way around the room.

modular home with prices four seasons room

Personally, the only thing that would need to be added is a nice little fireplace to just give it an extra little cozy touch. Especially in those frosty winter months!

Living Room

Next to the four seasons room, you find a massive living room. This space has tons of room for a whole bunch of different furniture layout options. In the far corner you could put your TV if you wanted or even another gas or electric fireplace. But of course, all of that is up to you.

modular home with prices living room

I do love the fact that you can socialize from every square inch of this open living space. Whether you are in the living room, dining room, kitchen or the four seasons room.

The other thing I love about the living room, is back along the back wall, you will find a large dry bar. It has a nice wine refrigerator as well as plenty of counter space and tons of cabinets and drawers. 

Master Suite

Sitting in between the dry bar and the living room is another doorway that leads to a hallway. This hallway houses both the master bedroom, as well as, one of the secondary bedrooms and a bathroom. To the right of the hallway, sitting at the back of the home, you will enter the master bedroom.

modular home with prices master bedroom

The master bedroom measures in at approximately 14ft 0in X 12ft 0in, and has plenty of space for a large king size bed, a nice dresser and several nightstands. On the far wall you will find a doorway that leads into the walk-in closet, which has plenty of room for all your clothes. 

Sitting on the front side of the master bedroom you will find the entrance into the en-suite. The en-suite has a fun layout with a large double vanity and a cabinet going all the way up to the ceiling. Next to the vanity you will find a beautiful walk-in shower with a zero threshold.

modular home with prices master bathroom

It has a nice stone shower tray as well as a tile surround that goes all the way up to the ceiling. Then tucked ever so out of the way around the corner you will find the toilet. 

Secondary Bedroom and Bathroom

Back into the hallway and going left, you will find the second full bathroom. It has a single vanity with a large linen closet. Then at the back of the bathroom, through a pocket door, you will find the water closet which houses the shower and tub combo, as well as, the toilet. 

All the way at the front of the home, you will come to the third bedroom. This bedroom measures in at approximately 12ft 0in X 11ft 0in, with a large window sitting up on the front side of the home and a closet sitting to the left, as you walk in.

modular home with prices bedroom

Now, I did absolutely love the accent wall in this bedroom. It looked super charming and absolutely added so much character to this cottage-esk, ranch style home. 

Final Thoughts

The “Abby” is a stunning modular home with prices that, for what all you get, are definitely better than most. Obviously prices are relevant to location and may be cheaper or more expensive to build this same type of home in other parts of the country. But from an aesthetic perspective… we LOVE It! Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

As Always thank you so much for touring this beautiful modular home and we look forward to seeing your beautiful face in the next one!

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