Most Popular Modular Log Home On The Market!

Aug 3, 2022

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This Modular Log Home Is Crushing The Market!

The first modular log home we ever had the opportunity to tour on the channel is the “Frontier” by Cozy Cabins. It is a spectacular ranch style log home made up of two modular sections. This particular model includes a number of upgrades, as well as, pine and hickory everything! I Love It! There are several different sizes of the “Frontier”, including one with a three bedroom option.

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Cozy Cabins manufactures this home at their plant near New Holland, PA, and 2 other models on display. They work with several distributors, including Zook Cabins, and are capable of delivering these homes to a number of states on the eastern side of the U.S., including: IL, IN, MI, OH, PA, NC, VA, WV, MD, DE, NJ, NY, MA, CT, RI, NH, NY, VT and ME.


The “Frontier” Modular Log Home Floor Plan and Pricing

modular log home

This version of the “Frontier” by Cozy Cabins Contains:

  • 1428 square feet 
  • Two bedrooms 
    • Master bedroom: 14ft 7in X 14ft 1in  
    • Second bedroom: 10ft 6in X 14ft 8in 
  • Two bathrooms  
  • Covered Front Porch
  • Hickory Floors
  • Starting Price: $189,000 at time of tour

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Modular Log Cabin Exterior

The outside of the “Frontier” has a gorgeous log cabin look to it. They don’t use actual logs on the exterior of this home, it is a log siding, however on the corners of the home they do have actual log covering’s.

On the front of the home there are several windows with beautiful green shutters, and towards the left side of the home is a nice covered porch.

modular log home exterior

Around on the backside of the “Frontier” there is a few more windows and down towards the end a nice sliding glass door. This door leads out of the dining room and is a great spot to put a lovely back porch. A fantastic place to site enjoy the outdoors and maybe even some beautiful views. 

Modular Log Home Interior

Kitchen and Dining Room

Stepping inside of the “Frontier” you will be greeted with an amazing open floor plan. There are easy views of the living room, dining room and kitchen. Dividing the living room from the foyer is a nice partition wall, and to the right of the entryway, there is a coat closet. 

Walking straight through the foyer, you will be greeted by the kitchen. The kitchen is absolutely amazing and it has so many cabinets and drawers. The kitchen is laid out in a “L” shape with an island in the middle. There is a sink along the back wall, just below a window that looks out into the back yard. On the right side of the kitchen sits the stove and refrigerator.

modular log home kitchen

The island is probably one of my favorite things in the whole home, and it actually had quite the surprise is we were walking through it. It has several cabinets and drawers with a number of slide outs. Down towards one of the ends on the sink side is a slide out drawer microwave. It totally caught us off guard because it was the first one we had ever seen.

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If you haven’t seen them, you hit a little button and the microwave drawer pops out. You stick your food down in it, slide the drawer back in and it cooks your food. I thought that was pretty neat!

Dining Room

Just to the left of the kitchen is the dining room. It has plenty of space for a great big dining room table and back behind it it has the sliding glass door. The sliding glass door is conveniently located, allowing you to move food to and from the kitchen and porch. I think its great, especially if you have guests over.

modular log home dining room

Also right here in the dining room, in the back corner is a gas stove. it looks exactly like a wood burning stove and definitely gives this modular log home that rustic feel. 

Living Room

The living room sits just to the left of the foyer, divided by that partition wall which we spoke of earlier. It is easily accessible from both the dining room and the kitchen. It is a nice big space with two big beautiful windows, letting in a whole bunch of natural light. There is plenty of room for multiple different furniture variations, so you can definitely get it feeling as cozy as you want it to.

modular log home living room

The only thing I wish the living room actually had was a fireplace. Or, that the gas stove was moved here into the living room. That is just me though, and we all have our own separate opinions. Let me know your thoughts down in the comments. 

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Secondary Bedroom and Bathroom

From the living room, you move down the hall, back towards the bedrooms. The first door that you come to, on the right, is the access door down into the basement. Of course if you opted out of a basement and just went with the crawl space, this could just be a normal linen closet or cleaning closet or whatever you decided to be.

modular log home bathroom

On the opposite side of the hallway, you will find the first full bathroom. Here there is a large single vanity with plenty of counter space. Past that there is a linen closet sitting right next to your toilet. Then, all the way at the end of the bathroom, to the right, is a shower and tub combo.

modular log home bedroom

The first of the two bedrooms sits up towards the front of the house, on the right hand side of the hallway. This is a great big bedroom with a vaulted ceiling and it measures approximately 10ft 6in X 14ft 8in. There’s plenty of room for a king size bed in here, as well as, several different dressers. Maybe even a couple seats, if you want to set-up  a little reading corner. 

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Master Suite

At the end of the hallway you will find the master bedroom. The master bedroom measures in it approximately 14ft 7in X 14ft 1in and has a window on both the sidewall and the back wall. This room also features a large walk-in closet, as well as, and en-suite. 

modular log home master bedroom

The en-suite includes a large double vanity with two mirrors. The mirrors, conveniently act as medicine cabinets also. Beyond that, there is a toilet and a standalone shower.

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Now the one thing that I would personally like to add into this bathroom, would be a soaking tub. I think that it would just make it look really neat! Maybe extend the whole bathroom a little bit, so that there’s enough room, here in the master bathroom to accommodate it. 

modular log home master bathroom

Either way, let me know what you think about this beautiful modular log home down in the comments below. As always we appreciate you stopping by and touring this beautiful home with us. We hope you have a fantastic day and look forward to seeing your beautiful face in the next one!