Nies Homes 5 Bedroom Home Design | The Stratford (Full Tour)

Dec 20, 2022

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Nies Homes Award-Winning 5-Bedroom Home Design

Everyone has peculiar needs when it comes to finding the ideal home. Some people want a home with a lot of space, while others need one with sufficient rooms. What about if you wanted both?

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Then, this Stratford 5-bedroom single-family house will be perfect for you. It has ample garage space, a nice kitchen, five bathrooms, and five bedrooms, with an amazing front view in a serene environment. So if you’re in the market for this type of house, you need to check Nies Homes.

Nies Homes offer great and affordable homes that stand out from others. Situated in Bristol, the 3,881 sq. ft home is perfect for large families. Let’s take a look at the interior and exterior of this spacious 5-bedroom house.


Nies Homes “Stratford” Floor Plan & Price

nies homes stratford floor plan basement (1)

This home is the “Stratford” by Nies Homes and features:

  • 3881 Square Feet
  • 4/5 Bedrooms
    • Master Bedroom: 15ft 0in X 14ft 0in
    • 2nd Bedroom: 13ft 0in X 12ft 0in
    • 3rd Bedroom (flex room/ office): 12ft 0in X 10ft 0in
    • 4th Bedroom (basement): 14ft 0in X 12ft 10in
    • 5th Bedroom (basement): 12ft 0in X 13ft 0in
  • 4.5 Bathrooms
  • Stunning Kitchen
  • Covered back deck
  • Beautiful fireplace
  • Luxurious Master Suite
  • 3 Car Garage
  • Approximate Price At Time Of Tour is between $848,000 as toured
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Exterior View of the 5-Bedroom House

The exterior of this spacious Stratford model home is quite charming. It is embedded in a dominant white color with a black corrugated roofing sheet. The structure of the entire building shares a stark resemblance with old houses built in the 1800s American counties but with a more modern look.

nies homes stratford floor plan exterior

The windows and patio on the front side overlook a pathway, a closed garage, and a green area where one can sit and chill out in the evening. The green area can accommodate up to six people with chairs and a table.

Moving towards the right side, you will notice more windows that peer out the rooms. The good thing about the design is you don’t have to worry about the sun ray penetrating the room, especially if you don’t have plans to install blinds.

The main windows are built with shades to prevent this, so your room stays cool all the time, regardless of the sun’s intensity.


Interior Design of the 5-Bedroom House

Entering through the front door, the first sight that captivates you is the all-white spacious living room that screams peace, royalty, and at the same time, gentility. Who wouldn’t want to have a home that possesses all those qualities?

Speaking of the door, it is all glass, which further adds aestheticism to the building. The door is transparent, so someone can easily espy the inside. However, that’s not a problem, as you can tint the glass more from the inside. For me, this house is the closest thing to a semi-paradise.

The flooring is excellent and matches the exquisiteness of the walls. The sliding tinted windows are well-positioned to reduce the amount of heat that escapes or cold that enters your home throughout the year. You can see who’s coming to your house from afar without the person noticing.


The Dining Room

The dining room is the open space on your right or left, depending on where you stand. Again, it is well-positioned; it is closer to the kitchen and close enough to the bedrooms as you walk further inside. So you don’t need to walk long distances to have breakfast, lunch, or dinner with your family.

nies homes stratford floor plan dining room

You get a natural light backdrop from the tinted windows, giving you that family dining experience. You can make the dining space pop even better by adorning the walls with wedding picture frames, high school and college sports championships, pictures of your kids growing up, etc.


The Kitchen

The kitchen is next when you walk further down the hallway. If you love making homemade meals, this kitchen will serve you right. Measuring up to 10 feet, the kitchen is large enough to have the rest of the family cheering you on while you cook.

nies homes stratford floor plan kitchen

It also comes with plenty of counter space and countertops. You could invite your friends to join you in the kitchen for chit-chat while cooking, and you won’t feel congested.

The beautiful cabinetry has tons of drawers to keep kitchen utensils and a pantry for other foodstuffs. You get sufficient space to keep your refrigerator and any other kitchen essential you have in mind.

You could eat in the kitchen or set up auxiliary dining there since the kitchen is vast and has a countertop.

Let’s take you to the rooms to look closely at what they offer.


The Living Room

Just off the Kitchen is a gorgeous living room. In the middle sits a stunning fireplace with floating cabinet shelves on either side. This living room is offset from the kitchen and dining room making it more of a hearth room, which justifies the coziness and warmth the room gives off.

nies homes stratford floor plan living room

From here you can access the large, covered back porch which has plenty of room for outdoor entertainment.


The Bedrooms

Across from the kitchen are the bedrooms. The first bedroom is spacious, painted white with wardrobes to complement its color. The bedroom has an en-suite bathroom which is adorned with golden accents.

nies homes stratford floor plan master bedroom

The bathroom is nice, with a large bathtub and a toilet seat. The following three rooms share the same style as the first. Each is en-suite and has a closet to store your clothes.

nies homes stratford floor plan master bathroom

The main bedroom is the master bedroom. This is the room that no one wants to leave, and it wouldn’t come as a surprise if you become nostalgic. This is the biggest bedroom in the house that makes you feel like a king. What does this room offer?

Besides being spacious, this bedroom offers the typical things in the bedroom. It has a giant wardrobe for storing clothes, a bed, and a nice bathroom. What sets this bedroom apart from the rest is that you can convert the room into an entertainment center.

You could retouch the room to have a television and a home theater and entertain yourself all day long. You could set up a mini bar to spice up your entertainment lifestyle.

If you are in no mood to be groovy, you could use the extra space to set up a reading section with a mini library.


The Basement

Not every home has an finished basement. Fortunately, this one does. Are you a fan of having your little lair? Then, the basement could be your own Batman cave. If you have kids, the attic could also be one of their favorite spots in the house.

nies homes stratford floor plan basement

The basement is one of the most beautiful parts of the home. If you have longed to have a home with one, here you have it.


Final Thoughts on the 5-Bedroom House

You would need more space or a large house to accommodate everyone as a family. This Stratford model home from Nies Homes serves all the purposes you need. The exterior is magnificent, and the interior is exquisite.

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