Diyanni Homes “Oakside” Floor Plan Is An Absolute Show Stopper!

Jan 25, 2022

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Diyanni Homes “Oakside”


The Oakside by Diyanni Homes is the ideal family home. With instant curb appeal, this spacious modern home has everything a growing family could want.  Diyanni Homes build high-quality custom site-built homes and are available in OH and KY.


Diyanni Homes “Oakside” Floor Plan & Price


floor plan

The Oakside by Diyanni Homes comes with:  

  • 3410 square feet of space 
  • Four Bedrooms  
    • Master Bedroom 15ft 6in X 20ft (310 square foot) 
    • 1st Bedroom 15ft X 12ft (186 square feet) 
    • 2nd Bedroom 12ft X 15ft 6in (186 square feet) 
    • 3rd Bedroom 14ft X 14ft 6in (203 square feet) 
  • Three and a half bathrooms  
  • 2 story
  • Three car garage  
  • Laundry room  
  • Office/ Study Room  
  • Back garden deck 
  • Optional basement with an additional 1500 square foot 
  • Starting Approx Price: $575,000 
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The Exterior


As you pull up outside the Oakside, the first thing you notice is its curbside appeal. A large welcoming presence, your eyes are instantly drawn to the home’s porch, and its beautiful smooth columns. 


Oakside by diyanni homes exterior


Its multiple gabled roof and rustic board and batten pattern and stonework only add to its charm. It would be a welcome addition to any neighborhood. 


The Interior


Upon entering through Oakside’s grand door, you will find yourself in the comforting warmth of the home’s foyer. Its wood flooring, hanging lamps, and white crown molding are just a taste of what the rest of the house has to offer.  To the right is a coat closet ready and waiting to store your coat after you get home from a busy day at the office.  

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Office Space


Speaking of offices, if you’re more of a work-from-home person, the Oakside has you covered. Just off the foyer is a home office space. Complete with plenty of bookshelves and storage space, the office is perfectly designed to show off your doctorates, workbooks, and showcase your numerous diplomas.  

The room exudes professionalism with its black crown molding. Have the big corner office you always dreamed of right in the comfort of your own home.  


Master Bedroom


Of all the stunning features that the Oakside offers, it is the home’s master bedroom that steals the prize for ‘best room in the house.’ With its 310 square feet of space, this bedroom allows you to enjoy the beauty of your surroundings with its floor-to-ceiling windows.

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The bedroom also connects to the home’s backyard deck, so you can enjoy watching the world pass you by. The master bedroom comes with a walk-in closet, including handy wood shelving to house your ever-growing shoe collection.   

The room comes with a wonderfully spacious en-suite. The bathroom is bathed in natural light courtesy of its modern design features, tall ceilings, and multiple windows. The garden bathtub adds to this ambiance. So does the walk-in shower, with its two waterfall showerheads and stone tile flooring.   


oakside diyanni homes bathroom


If that wasn’t enough, the bedroom comes with its own wet bar. Yes, that’s not a misprint. Its own wet bar. Perfect for a romantic date night, the bar comes with a wine rack and wonderfully designed frosted glass cabinets.  

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The Great Room


This spacious room effortlessly combines kitchen and living space. The enormous floor-to-ceiling windows bathe the room in natural light and give the room an elegant modern feel. An equally lengthy wall-to-ceiling electric fireplace, with its stone surround, acts as a cozy spot of warmth. While this area is very open, it is big enough to house a couch while maintaining that open-plan feel.  


diyanni homes living room


Naturally leading into the kitchen portion of the room, this section of the great room is as modern and stylish as the previous one. The cooking area comes complete with a microwave and oven combo, as well as a gas stovetop.

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There is plenty of cupboard space underneath the kitchen island. There is even a nifty wine fridge to accompany the kitchen’s fridge freezer.  

If you’re an avid cook that has a pantry bursting with herbs and spices, then you will love the pantry located just to the side of the kitchen.  


diyanni homes gourmet kitchen


The grand room blends into a small cubby space moving from the kitchen area. Conveniently placed beside the garage, it’s a great spot to house all the kids’ shoes and coats in preparation for the weekday school run. The space also has easy access to the laundry room.   

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The Laundry Room


This laundry room not only comes with the standard washer and dryer hook-ups. It also comes with a pet shower. If you want to house down your doggo after a nice long walk, Diyanni Homes has you covered.  


The Garage


With its high ceilings and enough space to house three cars, this garbage can house anything from a family mini-van to a classic sports car.  




Like with most Diyanni Homes, the Oakside comes with the option of an additional 1500 square feet of space in the form of a basement. This space is yours to do with as you see fit. There is ample room for two extra bedrooms and a bathroom. But the choice is yours. The only limitation is your imagination.  


First Bedroom and Second Bedroom


These 186-square-foot rooms offer ample space for a double bed and are lined with soft carpeting. With no furnishing, both rooms are blank slates waiting for someone to come along and add their personal touch.  

Each bedroom comes with its own walk-in closet and is conveniently attached to a Jack and Jill bathroom. The bathroom comes with a double vanity, linen closet as well as a water closet with a toilet and shower bathtub combo.   

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Third Bedroom


If you have an angsty teen in your home demanding personal space and solitude, then this is the room for them. The 203 square foot room offers ample space for a bed and office desk.  

The room’s massive walk-in closet offers plenty of space to house their wardrobe, and their own personal bathroom, complete with toilet and shower and bath combo, offers that extra layer of privacy that teenagers always crave. 


Final Thoughts on Diyanni Homes “Oakside”


The Oakside by Diyanni Homes is a stunningly beautiful home with curb appeal galore on the outside and an ultra-luxurious interior. You will feel nice and cozy in this home, yet ready to host at a moment’s notice. We absolutely love this home! What do you think about it?

Anyway, thank you so much for dropping by! We hope you have a fantastic day and we’ll see you in the next one!