I Never Knew 3 Bedroom Manufactured Homes Like This Existed!

Feb 8, 2022

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One Of The Coolest Manufactured Homes Available


A gorgeous family home with a magnificent guest bedroom that is only outshone by the sheer size of its master bedroom. The K3070A delivers class and poise with this gloriously designed home. One of the best manufactured homes in New Mexico.  


Karsten Manufactured Homes “K3070A” Floor Plan & Price


karsten manufactured Homes floor plan

The K3070A at Homes Direct contains: 

  • 2100 square feet of space  
  • Three bedrooms  
    • Master bedroom: 13ft X 18ft 2in (236 square feet) 
    • Second bedroom: 12ft 8in X 13ft (165 square feet)  
    • Third bedroom: 13ft X 16ft (208 square feet) 
  • Three bathrooms  
  • Living; dining space  
  • Utility room  
  • Starting price: $201,000 
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Karsten’s Incredible “K3070A” Manufactured Homes Exterior


From the outside, the K3070A mixes contemporary with the traditional. The detailing of its T1-11 siding and board a batten patterning lean into the conventional.


manufactured homes new mexico exterior


At the same time, the two-tone mossy green and navy blue color scheme offers a hint of modernity. The K3070A gives you the best of both worlds.  

Inside One Of Karsten’s Stunning Manufactured Homes

Living Space   


As you step into the home, you are greeted with the warm, welcoming tone of the living space. The room has a bright and vibrant feel with its stunning white walls and soft carpet floors.  The room is lit nicely by natural light, with long windows running the length of the home’s front wall. The natural light helps to accentuate the brightness of the room.  


manufactured homes new mexico livingroom


The standout feature of the space is the gorgeous built-in cabinetry. The archway carved into the side of the wall is magnificent storage space. It accents the room nicely and keeps it uncluttered with cabinetry.   

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Leaning on, you come to the home’s dining area. With its beautiful wood flooring and elegant dining table, this space adds a classic touch compared to the more modern elements that the K3070A offers. The long six-seater table gives you an excellent view of the backyard, which can be accessed through the sliding door.  

If you’re looking for a quick bite to eat rather than a sit-down meal, you’ll want to sit at the breakfast bar. One half of the kitchen island, this spot is not only an excellent place for your morning coffee but a great way to serve guests when playing host.  


The Kitchen


Looping around the bar leads into the main kitchen area, where the bar becomes the kitchen’s main island, the ideal spot for meal prep. The island is also home to a stunning double sink.


manufactured homes new mexico kitchen


A rather unique feature, thanks to its glossy midnight black color, the sink complements the rest of the kitchen’s fixtures. As with the rest of the house, the kitchen has some interesting design features. A cutout with a pair of columns looks down onto the main island. You are unlikely to see this design in any manufactured homes in New Mexico.  

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The kitchen is by far, better than any other manufactured homes in New Mexico! It comes with more cabinet space than even the most particular kitchen gadget collector or home baker needs. Its wonderful greenish-grey color helps to offset the bright decor of the home. The kitchen is fitted with your standard amenities, including a gas stovetop, oven, and fridge-freezer.  


Utility Room


The small space doesn’t eat into too much of the home’s square footage and provides the right amount of space for getting your laundry done. The room comes complete with a washer and dryer hook-up and a wood shelf for convenient overhead storage.  The utility room is also where you will find your water heater and electric box.  


First Bathroom 


Leading just off from the living space through yet another wonderfully crafted archway, you enter the K3070A’s first bathroom. Smartly designed, the bathroom’s bath/shower combo is located just to the left of the entrance. This allows some natural light into the bathroom, including a window on the back wall.  

The bathroom comes with a lovely pair of vanity mirrors as well as matching basins along with a fantastic quartz countertop. At the far end of the bathroom, you will find a linen closet, the perfect spot to tuck away an array of colorful fresh towels.   

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Second Bedroom


You will be hard-pressed to find a larger and better-designed bedroom than this in any manufactured home in New Mexico. This bedroom with 165 square feet can rival some homes’ master bedrooms with its size and beautiful interior design.  


manufactured homes new mexico guest room


The rich deep blacks of the room’s wooden nightstands and bed’s backboard contrast nicely against the brighter tones of the white crown molding and grey walls. A color scheme that significantly benefits from the natural light provided by two large windows. It is an excellent choice for a mature young adult looking for their own personal space.  

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Third Bedroom


This 208 square foot bedroom would make a lovely guest bedroom with its beautiful contrasting white and black color palette. The room oozes sophistication, the ideal style you want to have when impressing a guest.  

The room comes with its own en-suite, complete with a shower/bath combo, a basin complete with cabinet storage space underneath, a vanity mirror, and a gorgeous grey wood plank floor.  


Master Bedroom


Now for the room, you’ve all been eagerly anticipating, the master bedroom. This spectacular room radiates romance and luxury with its four-poster bed. The layout and color scheme of the room that has been felt throughout the home is present here and still offers the same sense of boldness. Spend every night of your life sleeping in the honeymoon suite of your dreams.  


manufactured homes new mexico bedroom


The room comes complete with a walk-in closet big enough to hold any fashion lover’s winter, spring, summer, and fall collections.  

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Through a glorious grey wood barn door, you’ll find the en-suite. Over an arched ceiling is the garden bathtub. The marble-effect quartz counter encases the tub. It is also surrounded by plenty of shelves to light a candle while taking a well-deserved soak.  


manufactured homes new mexico bathroom


The bathroom comes with a water closet to house the room’s toilet and a pair of basins with matching vanity mirrors. There is also another shower, complete with a brick pattern tile surround.  This is by far one of the best manufactured homes in New Mexico! I think so anyway. What do you think about this home?

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