One Of The Best Unibilt Homes Has To Offer!

Feb 9, 2022

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Step Into the “Monticello” by D&W Homes


Deep in the heart of Henderson, West Virginia, hidden amongst the blue ridge mountains and country roads, is this gorgeous two-story model, built by D&W Homes. The Monticello 1 A, with its stunning classical design, is one of the best Unibilt homes has to offer. 


Unibilt homes monticello 1st flor plan

1st level

Unibilt homes monticello 2nd floor plan

2nd level


The Unibilt Monticello from D&W Homes contains:  

  • 2270 square feet of space  
  • Three bedrooms  
    • Master bedroom: 12ft 11in X 15ft 5in (199 square feet) 
    • Second bedroom: 12ft 11in X 15ft (194 square feet) 
    • Third Bedroom: 12ft 11in X 14ft (181 square feet) 
  • Two and a half bathrooms  
  • Living room  
  • Dining room 
  • Utility room  

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Home Exterior

The Monticello 1 A has instant curb appeal. With its classic white vinyl siding, gabled roof, and green vinyl roofing, the home conjures images of a quiet prairie home overlooking a wide-open plane.  


unibilt homes monticello exterior


The home’s porch acts as a huge welcoming mat. Its long white columns draw you towards its entrance. The large porch is perfect for a rocking chair or hanging swing. There would be no better place in the house to sit back, relax and enjoy the glorious sunshine of a summer’s day.  




The entryway continues the classic feel of the home’s exterior with its wood panel flooring. It is here where you will find a coat closet and the home’s half bath. Which comes with a pedestal basin that continues the home’s classic feel.  



Living Space


Upon entering the home, you are immediately hit with a warmth that the Monticello naturally exudes. The bright tones of pistachio green and white brighten the room, aided by a wide set of windows that provide a strong natural light source.  


unibilt homes livingroom


Adding to the warm cozy feel of the room are the multiple couches. They are the perfect spot to snuggle close to a loved one or gather the family for some quality time. A wooden wardrobe and shelving add to the rustic charm of the living room.  


Dining Area


Going through a large doorway, you enter the home’s kitchen and dining area. The hardwood table with its beautifully crafted curves shows how Unibilt homes love to add extra flourishes to their homes.


unibilt homes dining room


You get a fantastic view of the back garden through a set of sliding doors. The space is an excellent spot for a quiet family meal or special occasion, lit by the warm glow of a chandelier fixture that hangs overhead.  

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The Kitchen


On the opposite side of the room is the Monticello’s kitchen. The room is nicely divided by a transition from the dining space’s carpet into the kitchen’s smooth marble-pattern tiles. With its oak-colored cupboards and cabinets, the kitchen has a strong wood cabin feel.  


unibilt homes kitchen


An island sits in the center of the room and is the perfect spot to read the morning paper or place a little statement piece like a fruit bowl or vase of fresh flowers.  

There is plenty of counter space, with the kitchen’s numerous laminate worktops. If you are busy washing dishes in the kitchen’s double sink, why not take the time to admire the view from the crank-open windows that overlook it.

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This gorgeously designed kitchen is the perfect combination of form and function. The kitchen comes with your standard amenities, including a dishwasher and space for a stovetop, oven, and fridge freezer.  


Utility Room


Nestled neatly around the corner from the foyer is the utility room. The space comes with a washer and dryer hook-up. It provides access to all the essential home necessities, including a water heater, furnace, and electric panel.  


Master Bedroom


Leading on from there, you come to the master bedroom. You are hit with the room’s soft and delicate aura as you enter.  


unibilt homes master bedroom


he walls are accented by a floral pattern that runs the perimeter of the bedroom. A regal mirror lined with a gorgeous oak-colored frame adorns an equally stunning and rustic chest of drawers. As the only bedroom on the home’s ground floor, it gives some much-needed space between you and the kids. Unibilt Homes knows how to please parents.   

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If the bedroom wasn’t enough to sell you on the Monticello, the walk-in closet certainly will. This huge walk-in comes with plenty of wire shelving for convenient overhead storage. A closet that any self-respecting fashion lover would love to have.  

Following on from the bedroom, you come to the master en-suite. The room continues the cozy charm that can be felt throughout the house. The bright white color scheme of the room is accentuated by the large window that bathes the space with natural light. 

There is a huge makeup vanity for the women of the house to help you prep for a romantic restaurant dinner or a night out on the two. The bathroom also comes with an oval bathtub and shower combo. A linen closet provides space to house all those fancy fresh towels for when the in-laws visit.  

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Second Bathroom


Another oval bath and shower combo can be found tucked into the left side of the room. On the other side of the room, you will find the toilet along with a vanity mirror and cabinetry.  

The bathroom even comes with a handy medicine cabinet to store your skincare and beauty products.  


Second Floor


The space has a much more modern feel than the rest of the home. The landing acts as a wonderful communal living space and stands out with its vibrantly colored furniture and navy walls.


unibilt homes 2 story


There is also a work desk, an excellent spot for the kids to do their homework. The space also comes with a closet, which could be a treasure trove of kids’ toys and action figures.  


Second Bedroom


The spacious room is excellent for any child and has a beautiful rustic charm. The oak wood chest of drawers and mirrors adds to this charm. While the double bed’s metal frame is a particularly unique feature of the room.  


unibilt homes guest bedroom


Like the rest of the bedrooms in the Monticello, the room comes with a massive walk-in closet. Regardless of who stays here, they will never run out of space to store their clothes.   

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Third Bedroom


The third and final bedroom, much in the vein of the rest of the home, offers privacy with rural allure. The bedroom has a generous amount of space. It comes fully furnished with a chest of drawers and the perfect bookshelf and writing desk tucked into the corner of the room. If you have an avid reader or budding poet in the house, this is the room for them.  

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