3 Bedroom Prefab Home OF 2023 (You Wont Believe This One!)

Aug 17, 2022

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The “Homestead 19” by Phoenix Haus


The “Homestead 19” by Phoenix Haus is probably one of the coolest prefab homes I have ever seen. Not only does it have a unique look but it is also a passive house.


What is a passive house?

A passive house is a home built to a set of energy-efficient standards. This helps to limit the home’s overall ecological footprint and ultimately reduce the home’s energy consumption. Traits of most all passive house designs include: 1.) well-insulated walls 2.) water-tight design 3.) no conditioned air.

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I had the opportunity to tour this model while on a filming trip to Colorado. This particular model is an Airbnb in Mesa, Colorado. Its nice, because you have the opportunity to stay in it before you make the decision to have it built.

If you are interested in this home, Phoenix Haus builds prefab homes in several states including CO, ID, UT, and WY.


Phoenix Haus Prefab Homes Floor Plan and Pricing Info


phoenix haus floor plan

The “Homestead 19” by Phoenix Haus Features:

  • 1900 square feet of space
  • Three bedrooms 
    • Master bedroom: 12ft 0in X 11ft 0in  
    • Second bedroom: 10ft 0in X 10ft 0in
    • Third bedroom: 10ft 0in X 10ft 0in
  • Passive Home Construction
  • Stunning Kitchen w/ Pantry
  • Vaulted Ceilings w/ Loft
  • Approximate Prefab Homes Starting Price: $593,000 including est. site prep


Phoenix Haus “Homestead 19” Exterior


Oh my! The outside of the “Homestead 19” is so unique and absolutely spectacular! It has a distinct rustic charm, that in some sense, resembles an old barn. The long, vertical siding with its blue tint, gives this home a fun look that leads you astray as to what may be waiting inside.


phoenix haus


On the front side of this Phoenix Haus home, several windows along with a covered walkway lead up to the front door. To the left is a single garage door with a lovely modern look. It’s a pretty unique combo and one that I haven’t seen in any other prefab homes so far.


phoenix haus alternate exterior


Working your way around to the back of the home you will notice several windows along the side proving tons of natural light into all the main living spaces. Upon arriving around back, there is one GIGANTIC window looking out over the kitchen sink and a door leading out from the kitchen.

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Modern Prefab Homes Interior


Living Room


Stepping inside of the “Homestead 19” you are immediately greeted by the living room. Of course, that may not be the first thing you notice. That’s because the inside of the home features an exceptional open floor design with a soaring vaulted ceiling. Where at the peak is a massive exposed wood beam running the length of the home.


phoenix haus living room


The living room though features several windows that open in or fold back to help provide this home with cool airflow. There is also a large space for a magnitude of furniture types and configurations in order to take advantage of the (hopefully) incredible views you’ll have.

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Kitchen and Dining Room


Past the living room, you easily flow into the kitchen and dining room. The dining room is separated from the living room by a small partition wall. This partition wall also acts as the backrest for part of the “L” shaped bench that surrounds the dining room table.


phoenix haus dining room


Right next to the dining room is the kitchen. It sits at the back of the home and has quite a few cool designs. The first is the island. It has room for 2 maybe 3 stools and a large counter surface, perfect for prepping food or standing around eating goat cheese and crackers. Which is exactly what we did! Then on the opposite side of the island are a number of drawers with plenty of slide-outs.


phoenix haus kitchen


Along the back wall is the main kitchen counter. Here you will find that great big window sitting above the sink, as well as, a dishwasher. As you follow the counter around there is a stove sitting at a 45-degree angle in the corner of the kitchen. It definitely helped give the kitchen a unique look. Then next to that is space for the refrigerator.

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On the opposite side of the kitchen is a row of cabinets. There is a heap of storage space in them and it makes a perfect pantry. At the end of this row of cabinets lies the back door, leading out into whatever amazing outdoor space you ended up creating.


Master Suite


Just off the kitchen is the master suite sitting towards the back of the home. This is a beautiful room with a nice window looking out into the backyard and a large step-in closet for your clothes. It has plenty of space for a large bed and a dresser and measures approximately 12ft 0in X 11ft 0in.


phoenix haus master bedroom


The en-suite sits right next to the doorway into the room. It features a single floating vanity, a toilet, and a walk-in shower. The walk-in shower is very nice, with a beautiful tile surround going all the way up to the ceiling. 


phoenix haus master bathroom

Secondary Bedrooms and Bath


Moving back up towards the front of the home, you will find the first of the two secondary bedrooms. They both sit up at the front of the house and are stacked on top of each other. The one on the main floor has a great big window looking out into the front of the house and has plenty of room for a nice-sized bed and a couple of night stands. It also has a step-in closet and access to the secondary bathroom from within the bedroom. 


phoenix haus bedroom


Next to this first bedroom is the second full bath. While you can enter it from the first bedroom, you can also access it from the living room. This bathroom features a single floating vanity, a toilet, and a shower and tub combo. 

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Next to the bathroom, just off the living room, you will find a set of stairs. The stairs lead up to the second bedroom as well as the loft area. The bedroom up here is open and has an easily accessible closet right at the entrance to the bedroom. This bedroom measures approximately 10ft 0in X 10ft 0in, which is the same size as the one below it.

In this room, however, there is a large vaulted ceiling with an exposed wood beam. There is a small square window looking out the front of the house and an open cut-out looking down into the living room. One of my favorite parts about this is the cut-out has two beautiful sliding barn doors that can close to offer a little bit more privacy in the room. 




Now, since we are still checking out the upstairs, we will go toward the back of the home. Here, you will find the loft area. This loft overlooks the dining room and kitchen and is the perfect spot for either a game room or an office.


phoenix haus loft


Since it was set up as an Airbnb, it did have a bunk bed, which would also be a good idea. This room also has a vaulted ceiling with beautiful views and a large, exposed wood beam. As well as a window looking out into the back of the home. 


Utility and Garage


Heading back downstairs and turning the corner, you will find a small hallway that leads toward the garage. Under the stairwell are the washer and dryer hookups. I find this nice because they’re conveniently tucked away. Then next to that is the water heater. Through the doorway is a single-car garage, with plenty of room for extra storage.


phoenix haus laundry room


And now we find ourselves at the end of yet another incredible home! Prefab homes like the “Homestead 19” by Phoenix Haus are why I enjoy touring homes so much! You just never know what lies in store through the next door. Let us know what you think about it in the comments.

Thank you so much for taking the time to tour the home with us! We hope you have a fantastic day and look forward to seeing your beautiful face in the next one!

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