One Of The Most Unique Modular Home Floor Plans I’ve Seen

Nov 4, 2022

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Heckaman Homes Most Unique Modular Home Floor Plans

When it comes to modular homes, there are a lot of floor plans to choose from. But no one does it quite like Heckaman Homes modular home floor plans. With most models having at least one unique feature, their homes are sure to stand out from the rest.

Whether you’re looking for extra living space or simply want a home that’s different from the rest, Heckaman Homes modular home floor plans are definitely worth considering.

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I had the opportunity to tour this model (the Bridgeport) while on a filming trip in Indiana. This particular model is in Nappanee, Indiana at Heckaman Home’s manufacturing facility.

Heckaman Homes builds some truly remarkable modular homes and this one, while older, still stands the test of time.

Oh! Did I mention they have tons of selections to outfit all their homes? Well they do! So remember that as we walk through this home and let us know what you’d keep and what you’d change.

If you are interested in this home, Heckaman Homes can be found in: Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, and Wisconsin.


The Bridgeport – Modular Home Pricing and Floor Plan

heckaman homes modular home floor plans

The “Bridgeport” by Heckaman Homes Features:

  • 1652 square feet of space
  • Three bedrooms
    • Master bedroom: 16ft 7in X 13ft 3in
    • Second bedroom: 13ft 0in X 11ft 3in
    • Third bedroom: 13ft 3in X 9ft 3in
  • 2 bathroom
  • Semi Open Concept
  • Large Master Suite
  • Two Car Garage
  • Approximate Starting Price: $181,000
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Modular Home Exterior Features

The outside of this cute Heckaman homes floor plan has a beautiful front elevation, with a nice two car garage sitting off to the right-hand side. It is accented by a cute little gable that sits just up above it. On the left-hand side of the home there are two windows looking into both secondary bedrooms, each also have small gables sitting over the top of them. In between these two sides of the home is a recessed front entryway that leads into a beautiful foyer.

heckaman homes modular home floor plans exterior

As you move around to the back of the home, you will notice a nice sliding glass door coming out of the dining room. Here would be a perfect place to build a nice porch or patio area to expand the overall living space of the home.

As you continue to move around the back of the home, you will see several more windows, coming out of both the living room and master bedroom. 


Modular Home Floor Plan’s Interior Features

As you step inside of this unique modular home, you are immediately greeted with a beautiful foyer. The foyer has nice views catching glimpses of both the living room as well as the dining room.

Within the foyer you will also find a nice coat closet and plenty of space to add additional cabinetry or other decorative items. 


The Kitchen

Unique to most of the modular home floor plans that we have toured in the past, this one is different. As you pass through the foyer, on the right-hand side, and kind of around the corner, you are greeted by the kitchen.

The kitchen is also accessible through the garage, which is attached to the front of the home. I really like this and think it is super handy because if you are wanting to bring groceries in from the garage, you come straight into the kitchen. This design just makes it super easy to unload and put away all the groceries.

heckaman homes modular home floor plans kitchen

There is also a heap of cabinetry here within the kitchen. It all starts with the island which stands between both the kitchen and the dining room. Within the island there is a dishwasher, a sink and a couple of pan cabinets, all on the kitchen side. On the dining room side, there is a raised bar with several spaces for some stools, making a nice little place to sit and enjoy your breakfast. 

Along the exterior wall, on the right-hand side of the kitchen, is a nice little counter space with plenty of more cabinets down under the countertop. And all that sits right below a window looking out into the side yard. Next to that is a nice-sized pantry with plenty of shelving and ample space for all your food.

On the backside of the kitchen, to the right-hand side of the garage door, you will find the stove as well as a built-in microwave sitting just above it. Here, the counter and cabinets kind of wrap around in an “L” shape, before meeting the partition wall that separates the kitchen from the foyer. 


The Dining Room

From the kitchen you transition into the dining room. The dining room has tremendous amounts of space for a large dining room table as well as plenty of cabinets or buffet style tables to showcase all your finer dinnerware.

heckaman homes modular home floor plans dining room

At the back of the dining room, you will find the sliding glass door that could lead out onto a back porch. This would be nice, so you can choose whether to eat inside or outside. I would personally get rid of the carpet in the dining room! Just too easily stained imo.


The Living Room

To the left of the dining room, you will find the living room. The living room is another great big space with plenty of room for several different furniture arrangements. I even think it would look good with something like a nice gas or electric fireplace in the far corner of the space. There are also two great big windows looking out into the backyard which help provide a bunch of natural light into the living room itself.

heckaman homes modular home floor plans living room

Another unique thing about the living room is that while it is opposite the home from the kitchen, it is still within talking distance. So if you wanted to host a party or just socialize with friends and family you still have that accessibility.

While I would not call this an open concept, it certainly fits into the semi open concept category. But let me know what you think about it down in the comments.


The Utility Room

Just off the living room, on the far-left hand side of the home, you start to work your way towards the bedrooms. However, before you get to any bedrooms the first door that you come to on the left is the utility room.

heckaman homes modular home floor plans utility room

The utility room is nicely positioned near all the bedrooms and features plenty of cabinetry, as well as, the washer and dryer hookups and a nice deep wash basin.

Here within the utility room, you will also find the furnace if you decided to put this home on a crawl space type foundation. However, if you did opt for the basement on this modular home, then you would have the option to put the furnace down there and save a little extra space within the utility room. 


The Master Bedroom

Across the hall from the utility room, you will find the master bedroom. The master bedroom sits on the backside of the home measuring approximately 16ft 7in X 13ft 3in. It has plenty of space for a large king-size bed as well as a number of other pieces of furniture including nightstands and dressers.

heckaman homes modular home floor plans master bedroom

There are also two great big windows that help provide additional light within the room itself. Which is nice in this model since they decided to go with darker toned accent walls.

On the front side of the master bedroom, you will find 2 doors. One door leads into a giant walk-in closet with plenty of shelves. While the second door leads into the ensuite. 


The Master Bathroom

The ensuite is a nice size and features a large double vanity with some nice vanity lights and great big mirrors. At the back of the ensuite you will find the toilet as well as a large shower and tub combo with some nice tub jets down in the bottom.

heckaman homes modular home floor plans master bathroom

I thought that was a super cool feature if you did want to sit down and take a bath! You got the little jacuzzi jets!


The Secondary Bedrooms and Bath

Continuing down the hall from the master bedroom you will come to the second full bathroom on the right-hand side of the hallway. This bathroom features a single vanity with a medicine cabinet mirror as well as a toilet and a shower and tub combo. Unfortunately, there are no jets in this tub. 

heckaman homes modular home floor plans bathroom

After that you will find the doors that lead to both secondary bedrooms. As toured, the bedroom on the left-hand side is the larger of the two measuring in at approximately 13ft 0in X 11ft 3in. It has plenty of room for a nice-sized bed, as well as, a dresser and a couple of nightstands. It also has a large window looking out into the front of the home and a great big walk-in closet. 

heckaman homes modular home floor plans bedroom

The bedroom on the right-hand side is smaller, measuring approximately 13ft 3in X 9ft 3in. However, it also sits on the front side of the home, and it does have plenty of room for a smaller bed, a full or even some bunk beds. It does have a closet sitting at the backside of the bedroom, which is a nice size. Overall, I think this would make a fantastic kids’ room. If you did not have kids, then an office or as it was set up when we toured it, a small den. 


Final Thoughts

Heckaman Homes is the perfect place to find your dream modular home. With a variety of unique modular home floor plans, you’re sure to find the perfect one for you and your family. Each Heckaman Home comes with beautiful exterior features that will make your home stand out from the rest.

Well the end has finally come! Let us know what you think in the comments. Thank you so much for taking the time to tour this beautiful modular home floor plan. We hope you have a fantastic day and look forward to seeing your beautiful face in the next one!

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