Organize Your Way to a Stunning Kitchen: 10 Simple Tips

Mar 3, 2023

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10 Tips for a Stylish and Organized Kitchen


The kitchen is one of the most lived-in rooms in the home. So many things happen in this room: cooking, eating, hanging out, and much more. It can be hard to keep a clean and organized kitchen.

For an organized kitchen, declutter your junk. Use all available space on walls and in unexpected areas. Then, add decorative storage bins to tie the look together.

There are several areas in the kitchen that become more cluttered than others. Tackle these first to get control of your space. But, organization doesn’t have to be without personality.

If you want to have a stylish organized kitchen, these 10 tips will help you to clear away the clutter in style.


How to have an organized kitchen and keep it stylish


#1 Keep your countertops clear


Keep your countertops clear


The first step to an organized kitchen is to clear your countertops. All objects seem to land on countertops–appliances, random utensils, and your kid’s homework.

How do you control the clutter?

Take everything off of your countertops. Give them a good wipe-down, and marvel at how much space you have.

Now, you will need to make some decisions about what stays on the countertops and what goes. Focus on items you use all the time.

Create a space in your organized kitchen for items that land on your countertops. You could set aside a drawer for utensils. Or, try out a decorative utensil holder, which is pretty and functional.

For the appliance dilemma, we’ll get to that in a later tip. As for now, only put the appliances you use daily onto your countertops. This will keep your organized kitchen looking clutter-free.


#2 Get your drawers organized


It’s no secret. Most people have a junk drawer. It can seem impossible to find a way to get it under control, but it is possible.

You have to take everything out of the junk drawer and all your other drawers to get an organized kitchen.

As with the countertops, now is the time to go through your stuff and decide what is useful and what is not. Put your items into categories.

Decide what you want to place into each drawer. Some kitchens have lots of drawers, others only one or two. If you don’t have many drawers, you’ll want to use them wisely.

For instance, an organized kitchen needs a clean, clutter-free silverware drawer. To keep your silverware in order, try out this silverware tray. The bamboo looks nice while also being sustainable.

You can also create your own storage shapes with these adjustable drawer dividers.

Kitchen organization starts with small details for big impacts.


#3 Use the back of your cabinet doors


Cabinet door storage rack


If you have a small kitchen or lots of stuff, you will want to use all available space for storage. For example, the back of your kitchen cabinet doors is great storage space.

Once again, it’s probably been a while, so go ahead and clean out your cabinets. Sort and declutter to have your organized kitchen.

Now, you can place some hooks on the back of your cabinet doors for extra storage. There are even entire organization baskets like these you can hang on your cabinet doors.

You can store cleaners, tin foil and cling film, or any number of essential items behind these doors.

Another stylish way to an organized kitchen is to hang your measuring cups and spoons.

Use the back of high-up cabinet doors. This will make it more convenient when you are cooking. Place adhesive hooks onto the back of the door to achieve this look.

Finally, you can even buy spice racks that hang onto the back of cabinet doors. Spices can take up a lot of space and can fall over a spill inside a cabinet.

Yet, using an adhesive spice rack is a way to clear up that clutter for an organized kitchen.

Note: Make sure your cabinets can close when mapping out what you put on the back of your cabinet doors.


#4 Create fridge organization with bins


Fridges are another messy spot in your kitchen. Especially if you have a small refrigerator, it may be hard to get the sauces and produce under control.

Clear bins work wonders for creating an organized kitchen refrigerator. You can buy sets of these clear bins that contain larger and smaller sizes. There is even a soda can dispenser bin.

Now, you can put groups of items together. They will be easy for your family to pull out of the fridge and grab something to go. This should reduce messes and spills.

These clear bins in your organized kitchen refrigerator look modern and high-end.


#5 Tackle the plastic storage mess


Organized plastic storage containers


Plastic storage containers seem to grow every year. Lids get scattered. Now, you can’t find the one that fits your container. Every time you open up your cabinet, the plastic containers fall out. It can be a nightmare.

Not for an organized kitchen, though. You can take control of the clutter. Start by getting out all your plastic containers and matching the lids. If some of stained, smell, or don’t have a match, discard them.

Next, add a lid organizer to your cabinet. This will help you to keep track of the lids. Then, stack your plastic storage containers by size beside the lids. This will make it easy to access both.

If you want, you could also start over and get stackable plastic storage containers. These lock into each other to keep lids and containers together.

No more plastic mess in your organized kitchen.


#6 Add shelves for extra storage


Kitchen design with floating shelves


Sometimes you need more storage space. If you have a blank wall or the side of a cabinet, consider adding open storage with shelves. This will be a stylish way to an organized kitchen.

Floating shelves look great and allow you to store some of your more attractive items. These get your clutter off your countertops but within reach.

The ends of cabinetry are often left blank. You can add corner shelves here to display teapots or other decorative items. This will create a stylish, organized kitchen.


#7 Hang up mugs


Organized kitchen mug storage


Mugs are personal and cute. It can be easy to get a collection of them. But, they can quickly overrun a kitchen cabinet.

To get your mugs up and out of the way in your organized kitchen, try hanging them up. You can mount hooks underneath your cabinets to hang them on.

You can also slide hooks onto the shelves inside your cabinets so that you can get your mugs organized.

If you have some available wall space, you can create an entire coffee or tea bar by hanging your mugs on wall hooks.

These ideas will help you have a more organized kitchen.


#8 Hideaway large appliances


Some appliances you use every day. Others not so much. You don’t want to get rid of them, but they take up counter space or look messy on a shelf.

Well, for an organized kitchen, try out sliding drawers in your lower kitchen cabinets. These install easily and help you keep your appliances out of sight but within reach.


#9 Solve the pantry problem with labels and bins


Organized pantry


If you have a pantry in your kitchen, you will want to get it under control, too.

Sort and declutter. Get rid of any food that is out of date. Consider donating items you don’t plan to eat before they go out of date.

You can make your pantry stylish with storage bins and labels. This not only creates an organized kitchen but also helps you and your family get to your food better.

You can use clear bins, like the ones for your fridge, or you can go for baskets.

You can get ready-made labels or write them yourself. This is an opportunity to customize your organized kitchen to your style.


#10 Find functional decor


The last tip for an organized kitchen is to create style by adding functional decor.

As an example, this fruit basket not only looks beautiful but gives you a place to put your fruit. This would look great with a rustic aesthetic.

You can also buy antique-looking utensils and hang them up. They are useful and beautiful.

Cutting boards are another decorative item that is also functional.

These small touches will elevate your organized kitchen, making it more stylish.




Getting an organized kitchen that is stylish is easy. Use all available space and get creative with storage. Declutter and sort items by function. Finally, find pieces that are functional and beautiful.

Try out these 10 tips in your space to get a stylish and more organized kitchen.

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