The “Palisade 1923” Modern Farmhouse Home Tour

Sep 1, 2022

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Saddle Tree Homes Modern Farmhouse Home Tour

Today’s modern farmhouse home tour is the “Palisade 1923” by Saddletree Homes and it does not disappoint! From the moment you step inside, you are greeted by a spacious and open layout with plenty of natural light. The living room flows seamlessly into the kitchen, which features high-end appliances and plenty of counter space.

The bedrooms are all spacious and feature ample closet space. The bathrooms are luxurious, with marble countertops and spa-like showers. And the best part is that all of these details come standard in every Saddletree Home. So whether you choose the “Palisade 1923” or another floor plan, you can be sure that your home will be beautiful inside and out.

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We recently visited Saddletree Homes “Ranch” in Colorado Springs, Colorado that had one of these beautiful models available for us to tour. If you are interested in this home, it is available in CO.

Modern Farmhouse Home Tour floor plan

The “Palisade 1923 by Saddletree Homes Features:

  • 1923 square feet of space (main level)
  • 3212 total finished square feet (this model)
  • Four bedrooms
    • Master bedroom: 15ft 5in X 15ft 1in
    • Second bedroom: 14ft 2in X 12ft 11in
    • Third bedroom: 14ft 0in X 13ft 4in
    • Junior Suite: 13ft 4in X 16ft 9in
  • Office Space
  • Luxury Master Bathroom
  • Three Car Garage
  • Balcony
  • Open Concept Great Room
  • Large Kitchen w/ pantry
  • Approximate Price: $999,000


Modern Farmhouse Exterior

As we begin this modern farmhouse home tour you will immediately notice the exterior. The outside of this stunning modern farmhouse is decadent. On the front of the home, you do have three stalls that lead into the garage. Then next to that you do have a recessed entryway into the front of the home.

modern farmhouse exterior

There are plenty of windows and a nice dormer up on top of the roof also. As far as the siding this home, it does have a beautiful white board and batten siding, which is almost expected from a modern farmhouse style home. It also has beautiful black frame windows and some nice shutters going around the exterior also.

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As you work your way around to the side of the home, you will notice that the elevation changes to reveal the basement level of this home. Here they did finish it off. They added three additional bedrooms downstairs, but we will get to that momentarily.

To the back of the home you do have a walkout basement, as well as, a beautiful porch that leads from both the great room and out from the master bedroom. Then on the far side of the home, again, there are several more windows peering out a couple of the other bedrooms and bathrooms. Again, just help provide so much natural light into this home. 


Modern Farmhouse Interior

As you enter the home through the front door, you are immediately greeted with a beautiful foyer with views back towards the great room. It  just ever so slightly hints at both, the kitchen and the living room. Right off the foyer there is an office that sits up towards the front of the home. I love this office because it has these beautiful, exposed beams that kind of float overhead. It also has several windows around it that flood the room with light.

Modern Farmhouse Home Tour foyer

The room itself is a good size, so even if you did not want to use it as an office it does meet all the requirements for a bedroom. Just outside of that you do have the first full bathroom. Here you will have a single vanity, as well as, a toilet and a shower and tub combo. Then, just outside of that, is the coat closet. 

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 Modern Farmhouse Dining Room

Moving through the foyer, it opens into the beautiful great room. To the right, there is a beautiful stairway that leads down to the lower level. Then right next to that you have this incredible dining room space. I love the table they went with in this modern farmhouse! It is very a rustic dining room table. It has the bench on one side and then four other chairs sitting around the table.

Modern Farmhouse Home Tour dining room

Then hanging just above the dining room table, is a beautiful light fixture. It just gives this space a nice little touch. 

 Modern Farmhouse Living Room

Sitting next to the dining room, is my favorite part of this whole home, which is the living room. Here, there are more exposed beams up in the ceiling, which just add to that whole rustic farmhouse feel. Even though this home is so far from rustic.

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The interior it is very modern, but with a subtle splash of a more traditional farmhouse vibe.

Modern Farmhouse living room Home Tour

This modern farmhouse living room has so much to offer! First, it has a beautiful stone fireplace with the fireplace insert, a large mantle, and sitting directly next to the fireplace is the TV. It is a pretty unique feature. I have not really seen that in any home tour I have done. But it frees up all the mantle space, which is important so you can add all that extra modern farmhouse decor up there!

Now the living room is large and spacious. It has plenty of room for several furniture arrangements, so definitely get in there let me know what you think and what you would do with the living room! Behind that, there are several windows and the sliding glass door that leads out onto the beautiful balcony. There are some picturesque views of the mountains (at least in this model) which just warmed my soul. (I love love love mountains!)

 Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

Opposite the living room and dining room, there is the kitchen. The kitchen features a great big, oversized countertop with plenty of seating on the living room side. Enough for about four or five seats.

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On the opposite side of the island, you will find a sink mounted in the island that allows you to look back out into the living room and socialize and talk. There are also several cabinets and drawers down below it. When it comes to counter space and cabinet space, the main section of the kitchen has it going on.

Modern Farmhouse Home Tour kitchen

To the left there is a beautiful countertop with the refrigerator. In-between that counter and the back counter with the range and the range hood, you will find a beautiful corner pantry. it is big and has plenty of room for a whole heap ton of food. As far as the lighting here in the kitchen, there are plenty of recessed lights and three great big pendant lights hanging down over the top of the island. 

 Master Bedroom

Then, next to the kitchen you do have access into the master bedroom. This bedroom is stunning! It has plenty of windows going all the way around it and is exceptionally large. It measures in at approximately 15ft 5in X 15ft 1in, so you have enough room for a large king size bed, as well as, some dressers and some night stands.

Modern Farmhouse Home Tour master bedroom

Now in this model, they did have this cute bed with some nice cast iron wheels. I thought it looked nice! Just another touch of rustic theme going with the whole modern farmhouse look. But I liked it. Then again, like I mentioned earlier, you do have access out onto the beautiful balcony from within the master bedroom. So you can go out there, grab a cup of coffee, sit and relax. 

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 Master Bathroom

On the opposite side of the bedroom, you do have the entryway into the en-suite. Now this stunning bathroom features a large floating double vanity ,a beautiful soaking tub and a nice walk-in shower with tile surround. The shower also has a 0 threshold entrance, so there is no stepping over and it is handicap accessible.

Modern Farmhouse Home Tour master bathroom

Then you also have a water closet, which is tucked off towards the back of the bathroom. Just past that, you open into this magnanimous walk-in closet. This thing is so large you will need a map to navigate. It has plenty of shelving, as well as, spaces for shoes and hanging racks and all types of stuff. 

 Laundry Room

Then through the closet, you enter the laundry room. Here you will find washer dryer hookups, some counter space for folding and some shelves for storing all your laundry essentials. Then you also have the doorway that leads out into your three-car garage. 

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 Modern Farmhouse Home Tour Of Basement

Travelling down the stairs, this is such a fun space. There is a large living area down here with plenty of room for all types of games or socializing. Whatever the case may be. But the way that they had it set up in this model, is as another living room/ den area with a nice little TV mounted on the wall.

Modern Farmhouse Home Tour den

Next to that, right before you went out onto the walkout patio area, there was a nice little sitting table. More like a high top table at a restaurant. Behind the table, along the back wall there is a wet bar with plenty of space. The peninsula has a raised bar and then nice cabinetry as well as counter space to display all your spirits and decorations along the back wall. 

 Secondary Bedrooms and Bathroom

Down here you also have three additional bedrooms. Two of which, sit over here near the bar. One towards the back of the home and one on the side of the home. Both of which are great big rooms measuring in at approximately 14ft 2in X 12ft 11in. They have plenty of room for large beds, as well as, several dressers. They also have walk-in closets.

Modern Farmhouse Home Tour bedroom

Across the hall from these two bedrooms, is a third full bathroom with single vanity and a shower and tub combo. 

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 Modern Farmhouse Home Tour features a Junior Suite!

On the opposite side of this lower level, to the left of the stairwell, you will walk into the junior suite or the second suite. This one is almost larger than the master bedroom itself measuring in at approximately 13ft 4in X 16ft 9in.

Modern Farmhouse Home Tour junior suite

Honestly, this is the room that I want for myself! It does have enough space for a large king size bed, a sitting area, several dressers and of course nightstands. And then attached to this bedroom, it also has its own en-suite, which features another single vanity, as well as, a beautiful shower and tub combo with the tile surround. 


Concluding This Modern Farmhouse Home Tour

Hey thank you so much for stopping in and checking out this modern farmhouse tour! It is by far the largest one I have ever toured and I love so many things out it! What are your thoughts? Anyway, we hope you have a fantastic day and look forward to seeing your beautiful face in the next one!